One Planet Award Winner Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is the current President, CEO, and a member of the Board of Directors at the USHEALTH Group. Troy earned his BA Degree from the University of Central Florida. He then went on to begin his career with Allstate Insurance Company. He then moved on to the student insurance division of United Insurance Companies. He was soon named the President of United Insurance Company’s agency, UGA.

Under McQuagge’s leadership, UGA was able to achieve many single year sales records. When United Insurance Companies was purchased by private equity investors, Troy was in charge of leading all the sales and marketing efforts within the company. During his tenure as President there, the company’s sales exceeded one billion dollars and was recognized as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year, by selling Power Magazine and the Stevie Awards.

In 2010, Mr. McQuagge joined USHEALTH and set to work getting the company turned around and back on track. He started with rebuilding the company’s captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. His success in doing so, led to being named President and CEO of the entire company in 2014. During his time at the helm, the company had seen unprecedented success, tremendous growth, and profitability in the highly competitive individual health insurance market.

USHEALTH Group is an insurance holding company based out of Texas that focuses its business on innovative health coverage for self-employed people and small business owners. They work to combine their employee’s talents to market competitive and profitable insurance products. They do this while striving to provide the best customer service in the industry, in every aspect of their company.

One of the latest award that Troy McQuagge has earned is the prestigious One Planet Award. He was named the Gold Winner and CEO of the Year by the One Planet Awards. These awards go to honoring businesses and professional excellence in every industry around the world. Businesses and Organizations from all over the world are eligible to submit nominations from companies that are public or private, for profit or non-profit, large or small, well-established or new start-ups.

Mr. McQuagge says it is a great honor to be given the One Planet Award, as it is a celebrated industry and peer recognition award. He goes on to give credit to everyone that works at USHEALTH Group, as they make the company what it is. Receiving awards like the One Planet Award is a testament to the company’s continuing commitment to help solve the healthcare affordability problem in the United States by providing their customers with innovative coverage that grows as their healthcare needs grow.

The Warming Arctic

Arctic sea ice is melting at an alarming rate. Canada’s Hudson Bay, which is known as the polar bear capital of the world, was ice-free in November 2016. The landscape was green and brown, and the polar bears paced the land like they were captive in a zoo, waiting for the ice to freeze so they could hunt seals. Without ice, polar bears can’t hunt seals, and when polar bears don’t eat seals, they lose weight. Canadian scientists say that the weight of female polar bears dropped 10 percent from 1984 and 2009. Some insist that polar bears could be extinct in Hudson Bay by mid-century because of climate change.


The rise in global temperatures isn’t just affecting Hudson Bay’s polar bear colony. The warming effect is wreaking havoc on Greenland’s ice sheet, too. From 2012 to 2016, Greenland lost more than a trillion tons of ice. To put it another way: the country is slowly sinking. Vanishing sea ice also affects indigenous people in Alaska. In many arctic communities, environmental change is taking a toll on food security and transportation. Traditional ways of life are being upended by warming temperatures. In some cases, entire villages and communities have been forced to move because of climate change. They’re considered the world’s first climate immigrants. The incoming U.S. president might think climate change is a hoax or conspiracy theory, but he hasn’t been forced out of Trump Tower because of rising temperatures.

An Inspiring Businessman, Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider was born in Manhattan but is currently living in Austin, Texas. He has created himself an astounding business career in the financial services. Jeffry graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, from where over the years of Jeffry’s employment he has worked for several promising and well-known financial firms. As well, he’s gained a variety of different and very well useful skills from working with many different diverse companies. One of those skills is his wide understanding in the alternative investments space as well as creating unique bonds between his clients and coworkers.

Before starting his current job, he worked for the Paradigm Global Advisors. He started this job in 2002, during his time there he happened to develop a very valuable ability. Which was the ability to analyze managers? After gaining such extremely useful knowledge, he had decided he had had enough of working for other people. He felt as if he could own his own business, and that is exactly what he did. Jeffry Schneider, being the cunning and resourceful person that he is, used the trusting friendships he had gained over the years of working in the financial field. In doing so, he got a head start. His knowledge of the alternative investment space was one of the key factors that his business partners loved and got him to where he is today. Jeffry is a very respected man in this day and age. He has certainly built himself a wonderful legacy, and this is only the beginning.

Currently, he is the financial founder of the Ascendant Capital LLC. The Ascendant Capital is a unique investment firm that focuses on sourcing private equity, hedge funds and the most popular and leading real estates. The most growth he’s seen in his company has been over the past five years. When his company had started, he only had two employees, and now he has over thirty, and that is because of his company’s open-mindedness. Ascendant has a very wide spectrum of talent in the marketing industry as well as education and operational services. Jeffry provides an innovative approach to the financial structuring. Ascendant Capital works with a number of different networks including family offices, private banks, broker-dealers and several registered investment advisors. Jeffry has been known for his help in raising close to one billion dollars for his current company. Jeffry has also helped the company grow. He is a very resourceful individual who is keen on showing his respects to the financial business. He is not only a very smart and talented person but a kind, caring and compassionate one as well. This trait has helped his company grow exponentially. Jeffry is definitely a money-minded man, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of him giving back to the world. He is a firm believer in helping one’s fellow man and has been known for donating large sums to charities such Wonders and Worries; God Loves We Deliver and the Cherokee Home for Children.

Aside from all the business that goes on in Jeffry’s life, he has always found the time to do the things he loves, such as cooking healthy meals and staying in shape by running. He has always had a passion for running marathons. It’s not hard to tell that Jeffry’s dedication and hard work pays off in the end. This is exactly how he likes to get it, meaning to actually earn it for himself. Jeffry is and adventurer. He loves traveling and has been across South America, Asia, and Europe. Many people may not know this, but Jeffry is an ambitious individual who will achieve many great things in his life.

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Jason Halpern: Successful Real Estate Developer And Caring Philanthropist

Jason Halpern is a unique real estate developer. That’s because his niche is using innovative methods to develop landmarked building. Halpern comes by his interest in real estate development honestly. His family has been building and managing properties in New York for over 50 years. That encompasses three generations of the Halpern family. The Halpern family has been behind the construction of millions of square feet of commercial space and hundreds of residential properties in Westchester County and New York City. The family has developed a reputation for the highest quality work.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

In 2010 Jason Halpern became JMH Development’s founder and managing partner. His family background made him uniquely qualified for the job. Plus he has a love for improving communities through the use of his real estate development expertise. Part of the reason for Halpern’s success is his ability to connect with stakeholders in the communities in which he works. His guiding principle is respect for the communities in which he does his real estate development. He also has the vision and foresight to acquire and develop pioneering properties in innovative ways. It’s his passion.


The Halpern family and JMH Development currently has over $500 million invested in commercial and residential properties in New York state. They include a warehouse at 184 Kent that they are turning into 340 luxury apartment. Plus JMK Development has added 9 luxury townhouses through development work they have done in the greater Brooklyn area on a project called the Townhouses of Cobble Hill. Jason Halpern’s development expertise, vision and foresight enable him to add a special touch to the historically significant buildings on which he works.


But Jason Halpern is more than just a real estate developer. He’s also committed to helping people in the communities in which he lives and works. One cause to which he has given lots of his time and resources is Westchester Medical Center’s Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The Level I Trauma Center has the facilities, equipment and staff to handle open-heart surgery, reattaching severed limbs, treating burn victims as well as doing even the most complex emergency orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery. The center is also able to care for children, pregnant women and people with life-threatening internal injuries.


Jason Halpern and JMH Development also launched a partnership with the global non-profit charity Water. The company donates $20,000 to provide clean water for water projects in in Nepal and Ethiopia every time someone signs a contract to purchase an apartment in JMH’s residential development Three Hundred Collins located in Miami. That partnership has enabled Splash and Relief Society of Tigray to provide clean, safe water for hundreds of people living in challenging circumstances in Ethiopia and Nepal.


Todd Lubar; the real estate guru

It was his desire to help others and his passion for finance that made him pursue real estate as a career.Todd Tobby founded his real estate industry in 1995. His career, however, began as a loan originator at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In this position, he learned about mortgage banking which became an invaluable skill in his career.



While advancing his career, Todd spent most the time connecting with the other real estate professionals and renowned people in the finance industry. In 1999, his career took a significant progress when he acquired an equity position with the Legacy Financial Group. This was a move that helped him expand his lending business. His clients included other investors who were not associated with the Mortgage Bank.



It was not until 2002 that he decided to advance his real estate business. He opened his company the Legendary Properties which focused on residential properties. His company quickly obtained great success by selling over 200 properties.



Even though his real estate company was taking off, he did not ignore his financial career. In 2003, while working with the Mortgage Bank, he opened the Charter funding which was a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. With this charter funding, he was able to expand his business. He went ahead to launch the Legendary Financial which is a subsidiary of the Legendary Properties. The company’s main focus was to offer commercial lending alternatives to companies and also individuals.



In 2007 and 2008, there was a major shift in the real estate industry which affected the market negatively. This however did not deter Todd. During this period he decided to venture into other business like the commercial demolition. Through this business, he was able to obtain great contracts with the different organizations in the country. He was also involved with the recycling of the automotive scrap metals. Due to this, the company became a public traded company.



In his career, Todd’s focus has been in real estate. However, his work in the mortgage banking led him to be noticed as the top best mortgage originators in the state.

Spending Time Outdoors Is Good For Your Eyes

Today’s children are more likely to be nearsighted. A team of researchers has an explanation for this. They believe that the reason that so many children today are nearsighted is because they are not spending enough time outdoors. This is not a new idea.


Nearsightedness, which is also known as myopia, has been on the rise for several years. It is estimated that 30 percent of people will have myopia by the time that they reach adulthood. This problem is even more common in other parts of the world, such as Asia. In some parts of Asia, 95 percent of people have to wear glasses or contacts.


Previous studies have suggested that today’s children spend too much time looking at close-up objects, such as televisions and cell phones. Other studies have shown that the reason more children are being diagnosed with myopia is because they are spending less time outside. The new Canadian subject has confirmed this.


The researchers stated that a child’s chance of developing myopia drops by 14 percent for every hour that he or she spends outside. Mike Yang was the lead author of the study. He is also an optometrist. The study followed 166 students in Waterloo during the 2014 to 2015 school year. They were asked questions about the amount of time that they spent outdoors per week. Mike believes that the reason people who spend a lot of time indoors are more likely to have vision problem is because the light outside is much brighter.


South American Stonehenge Discovered in the Amazon

While razing trees to give grazing room for his cattle in October, Brazilian cattle rancher Lailson da Silva uncovered a strange arrangement of granite blocks in Amapá. An archaeological assessment of the site, discovered near the Equator and the Rego Grande, dates the structure to a point in time around one millennia ago.


While da Silva had been to the location while chasing game in his youth, back in the 1960s, he has since come to regard the site with veneration and has served as its custodian. The site, consisting of granite stones arranged in a circle, was found to contain burial urns and likely may have been used as a burial area; other assessments believe that one of the taller stones was used as a solar calendar. The theory that archeologists have narrowed down on is that Rego Grande is an area that was used for ceremonies dedicating to hunting and agriculture.


While Rego Grande’s status is still being debated, it has been marketed as the “Amazonian Stonehenge.” Recently, representatives of the Palikur, natives from Amapá and French Guiana, have stated that their ancestors were frequent inhabitants of the area. While compelling, the claims of these people are still being analyzed because of the ramifications involved in assessing the development of human societies over one-thousand years. Marian Cabral, one of the leading archeologists involved with the Rego Grande site, has commented that evidence pointing to large settlements is relatively sparse when compared to other archeological sites throughout the Amazon.


Outdoor Living Comes to the Real Estate Market

With so much time spent inside of an automobile or office, it is only natural for individuals to crave airiness. Developers are responding to requests for more spacious living by creating homes that celebrate outdoor living.


Moving the patio to the roof of a condominium is becoming more of a trend as prospective homeowners are searching for serenity in the clear blue skies after a long day of work. New developments do not offer an abundance of yard space due to efforts to accommodate for longer life expectancy rates that lead to overpopulation in some areas. Additional space on the roof provides privacy and a fresh perspective of the outdoors.


“People have an innate desire to experience nature and enjoy accessing it from inside their home,” Britnie Turner Keane, founder and CEO of Aerial Development Group, says. “On every lot, we spotlight the unique views and outdoor accesses, utilizing features such as glass garage doors, screened-in porches and rooftop decks to promote this experience.”


The sweeping trend of outdoor living spaces is no surprise as the movement comes with many benefits apart from serenity. Outdoor spaces are considered extended portions of the living quarters, which means that homeowners can charge more money when selling their property. It is one thing to have a house that bolsters a beautiful view. It is quite another incentive for such home to provide an oceanfront view that is seen from the patio.


Outdoor living spaces take ordinary homes to the exceptional level of things, which is why buyers can count on seeing more of this dynamic in the real estate market.


An Overview of White Shark Media Reviews and Handling Complaints

White Shark Media is a company focused on helping the small and medium-sized businesses achieve success through inventive strategies in search engine marketing. The marketing solutions come at a cost-effective and flat fee. This is accompanied with full transparency, administrative access to customer’s Google AdWords account and no contracts. White Shark Media’s key clients include iMarine Inc., Platinum Pro Painters Canada and A Star Movers Texas. The company focuses on service lines, industry focus (advertising & marketing, non-profit, Legal, government and real estate), client focus and SEO (on site optimization, link earning& development and local search).

White Shark Media Reviews

White Shark Media has received a number of positive reviews from its clients due to a work well done. An example is the Veterinary practice digital marketing where the client is involved in creating mobility devices for the pets. The client needed a partner in digital marketing to assist in the management of their website as well as optimizing it to increase sales through pay-per-click and SEO strategies. White Shark Media was given the opportunity to assist the client and the work is still ongoing with no plans of stopping anytime soon. The client offers a positive feedback as they are satisfied by the work done by the company. White Shark Media has helped the client get notable sales increase through great customer service. The client described White Shark Media as a company that is always available when needed and they respond fast to any issues experienced on their website. When the client needed anything new, the company got on it fast.

Platinum Pro Painters is a painting company that has two main offices in the Western and Eastern Canada. The painting company required a partner to head its digital marketing to drive new customers and leads to it. Platinum Pro Painters settled on White Shark Media to deliver SEO and pay-per-click services, and the work is ongoing with no plans of terminating the contract. The painting company praised the dedication showed by White Shark Media in the delivery of top-quality results and working hard in conjunction with its clients. They check in every month with the client to find out if everything is going on well and whether they are happy so far with the services offered.

Typical Complaints and how White Shark Media handles them

Although the company gets lots of compliments, it also has a few complaints from clients. The company owns up its mistakes and then works hard to better its services from the mistakes. The typical complaints fall under clients losing touch with their AdWords campaigns and some clients feeling the communication is not good enough. These have been handled via planned monthly status calls to all clients. Secondly, there are direct extension phone systems to enable clients communicate with their contact persons.

The Grand Canyon’s Hermit Trail Slated for Restoration

Though it boasts spectacular views of waterfalls, wildflowers and, of course, the canyon itself, Hermit Trail has been restricted to experienced backpackers for many years. Trail erosion, neglect and feral burros have taken their toll on this 10-mile rim to river trail. Originally established and maintained by ancestral Puebloans, the trail was commercially developed in 1911 by the Sant Fe Railroad to service Hermit Camp, a luxury campground that included a Fred Harvey chef. Operations ceased in 1930 when the National Park Service requested that the company focus on the more centralized Phantom Ranch.


Landslides, overgrown vegetation and stretches of trail that have been almost completely washed away have prevented all but the most experienced hikers and backpackers from enjoying this trail. This is all about to change as the Grand Canyon Association (GCA) has prioritized Hermit Trail for their fund-raising efforts in 2017. Every  donation made to the GCA from now throughout 2017 that is specifically designated for trail restoration will go toward the Hermit Trail.


The trail drops over 4,000 feet from the canyon rim trailhead to Hermit Falls at the Colorado River. The first 2.5 miles of the trail cover almost half of this elevation. The switchbacks are intense but allow you to get an up-close look at the distinctive layers of the Grand Canyon. Fossils abound in the Kaibab Limestone and the Toroweap Formation and fossilized invertebrate tracks can be seen in the Coconino Sandstone.