National Park Service Looking for Sponsors to Raise Money

Millions of people visit the National Parks each year, but park officials say that visitors fees are not enough to keep the parks open. That is why, according to a recent article on WBAL TV’s online website, the National Park service is considering selling sponsorships to help keep the parks open.




The proposal would allow sponsors to put logos on just about everything, including bathrooms, benches, and the pavement under people’s feet. For most people this would take away from the pristine beauty of the parks. People come to the parks to experience nature and get away from the crass commercialism and noise that comes with everyday life.


While their is no certainty that the proposal will get approved, it is clear that the push for corporate sponsors is a troubling one, particularly for many of the park’s regular visitors. The money from corporate sponsors could help the National Park system make some much anticipated and much needed improvements in order to ensure that none of the parks are closed to the public. Fort Hood in Baltimore, for example hopes to add a piece of the National Anthem that they are missing.



A decision like this could set a terrible precedent. Old stadiums were once great examples of classic architecture, but today, stadiums are often covered in as much advertising as possible. Many people think that this is very distracting and takes away from their enjoyment of the game. Decline in the attendance at certain sporting events certainly supports this theory to an extent. While the temporary influx of money into the National Parks System would be welcome it is very important to consider the cost.

Dumping Goldfish Into a Lake is Not Good For Anyone

Most people have heard tales of albino aligators living in the sewers of New York. The story goes that a long time ago, aligators were popular pets, or possibly a few people bought tiny gators after being told they were small lizards. Suprised by the size, the New Yorkers either flushed them down the drain or dumped them in the sewers. While almost certainly and urban ledgend, the moral of the story is the same. Invasive species that start out as pets can cause a great deal of damage.


A recent article in the Washington Post highlights just how big of a problem this has become. For example Australia has over 20 million feral cats, which are not native to Austrailia and were brough over by European settlers. They have no natural predators and are a threat to many of the native species, including 124 threatened and endangered species.


Fish are another invasive species that has been known to cause huge problems. Asian Carp, orginally brought in to help control algea in fish farms are making their way into the Great Lakes. Not only do the destroy the native vegitation and animal life, but have been known to jump up and knock boaters out of the water.


And of of course there are the aforementioned Goldfish. With few natural preditors, they can grow as large as four lbs when released in the wild, taking over and disturbing the populations of native species.


Because of the negative effect that domesticated animals can have on the ecosystem, its imporant to remember not to release a domesticated plant or animal into the wild. Instead, be mindful when choosing pets and ensure that you can care for them in the long term.


Borrowing Money for your Business

If you want to excel in business, you have to take risks at some point. In the United Kingdom, there is a huge demand for borrowing money from business owners. Not only is business growth high, but there are times when it makes to borrow money for a short term issue. Equities First is a company that has grown rapidly in recent years. Not only that, but Equities First is a company that truly cares about the lives of customers in a variety of ways. If you want to excel at what you are doing in business, working with Equities First is a great idea.

Interest Rates

One of the reasons that many companies are rushing out to borrow money is rising interest rates. Not only is this a good indicator of economic growth, but it makes things easier on companies that are willing to save money and put it away for investing. However, this also makes the cost of borrowing money higher. If you want to start thinking about investing for the future with borrowed money, Equities First can help you in this area. You can lock-in a low rate before rising interest rates come across the world. The United States Federal Reserve just raised interest rates, and many people believe that this will have a profound impact on the economy. In addition, many people are excited to see rates going up again.

Equities First

If you want to work with a company that truly cares about you, Equities First is a great option for you. There are a lot of people who are excited about all of the changes that are taking place in this area of the economy. Not only that, but Equities First is a company that can help you in a variety of ways with your business. If you want to read full article: click here. Has Designed A Cleanse With All That Your Body Needs

Did you know that your body has 25 Pounds of toxins? Can you imagine that! It is not hard to figure out why that is possible. Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by toxins. No wonder illnesses are prevalent nowadays. It is about time that you took responsibility to cleanse your body of all the toxins and what better way than using the Dherbs cleanse.

Most of the people who have used the products have reported a tremendous improvement in their body. A guest at the Steve Harvey show indicated that she had lost 5 pounds in the few days she was taking the products from Yes, the dieticians recommend a loss of 2 lbs a week. However, what you will be losing will the toxins in your body.

When you visit, you will get access to their different programs that you can join. The most beneficial program that they have is the 20-day full body cleanse.

You will have seven formulas: Six of the formulas will be in capsule form, and the seventh one is activated charcoal that you mix with water.

All seven formulas are designed to cleanse off all specific organs.

ü Formula one is for the blood and lymphatic system

ü Formula two is for the cardiovascular

ü Formula three is for the liver, spleen and gall bladder

ü Formula Four for the lungs and respiratory system

ü Formula five for your adrenals, bladder, and Kidneys

ü Formula six is for your colon and digestive tract

ü Formula seven is for eliminating the toxins and wastes

Available on Amazon, the capsules are to be taken after every two to three hours, and formula seven should be taken during bedtime.

You will be required to take a raw diet during the cleansing period. The reason is that the raw vegetables are full of nutrients. They are also alkaline in nature and, therefore, they will help you maintain your body pH. Taking raw vegetables means that you need to eliminate the dairy products, meat products, poultry and processed foods.

When you buy from the website, you will receive a guide with your purchase which will give you information on the best time to take the capsules. You will also get information on the different exercises you can engage in.

The benefits

Most of the people who have participated in this program have reported great benefits including:

v Improved skin complexion

v Regular bowel movements

v Reduced cravings

v Increased energy levels

v The regulation of the body functions

v Improved immune system

v Healthy blood circulation

The Dherbs cleanse products are not a Fad diet that promises you quick results. You will have to be disciplined to stick to the diet.  But as the Rickey Smiley Morning Show wrote in their review, you will see results if you stick to’s tips and tricks.  Read the full breakdown:

You Need Immediate Cash, and Own Stocks

If you operate a small or medium sized business, things happen at times that make it necessary to look for emergency funding. One thing you have to use as collateral, rather than your business equipment, is stocks — equities.A conventional lender is leery of equity loans, though they will eventually lend on equities. The trouble with a conventional lender is that they must have a reason to lend the money, and a proposal needs to be in force for them to even consider the loan. When they do, they will not lend a high dollar to value ratio. The interest rate will be high and the funding low.

At Equities First AU, things are done a bit differently, to the liking of the business owners who have dealt with them in the past. They are a private lender, so there is no government regulations that will interrupt the flow of business. They are a private company, so they do not answer to stock holders with a narrow field of vision.

They lend money on equities. They have a high cash to value ratio, at times sixty to eighty per cent. Their interest rate is far lower than a conventional lender as well. And, they will not demand to know what the loan is for. The equities are good for the loan, not your business. There are no long loan proposals, and you get your cash super fast. Do not waste time with a conventional lender if you want an equity loan. Go to Equities First AU.


Timothy Armour, The Face Behind Capital Group

Timothy Armour is basically a portfolio manager. Having a bachelor’s degree in economics, Timothy Armour has been able to head one of the most amazing companies in the world. He is a man who previously worked as an equity investment analyst at Capital.

It is in 2015 that Timothy Armour was then named the chairman of Capital Group. He succeeded James Rothenberg who had previously died of a heart attack. Timothy Armour was aged fifty-four at the time. Being highly skilled in active management, he was the best candidate at the time for this job. Also, his rich education background in economics added to his general qualifications.

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In his time as head of Capital Group, he has been able to devise better ways of carrying out business. Such radical changes have been spearheaded by the need for Capital Group to yield better returns to the end of every year.

During the financial crisis of 2008, investors pulled out their assets from Capital Group. To prevent this from happening again, Timothy Armour had to reduce the number of managers in the company, and replace them with sales people meant to bring in more clients. Nevertheless, Capital Group’s method of stock picking has remained rather undeterred.

For instance, Capital Group is helping Korea recover financially. In Korea today, there is a shortage of the young and energetic population. Thus, modern technology in the Korean market has in the past gone unnoticed. However, Capital Group is planning to help the government of Korea to end this nightmare by bringing these products directly to the people. It is due to Timothy Author’s ingenuity that the institution has been able to penetrate the Korean market and also ended up partnering with Samsung.

Capital Group has been able to endure through the tides of time. Established in 1931, it is a company greatly respected by many people across the world. Its resilience has been a product of its top management coupled with the ability of its members of staff to serve customers in a friendly way.

Therefore, Timothy Armour has really taken Capital Group on the right path. It is under his management that this company will succeed in both local and international markets.

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Outdoor Cinema Experience with a Twist in Sydney

Starting on March 3, 2017, make a date with your special someone, family, or friends to attend Sydney’s outdoor cinema with real beds by Mov’in Bed. This company is coming to Sydney for the second year to provide the best outdoor bed cinema experience.


The outdoor cinema will be located in Parramatta Park – The Crescent, Parramatta. One hundred and fifty beds will be placed in the cinema and they will be able to fit up to three adults. Tickets are selling like hotcakes right now, so you should act fast and visit Mov’in Bed’s official website to check out the available movie schedules.


Star Wars: Rogue One will be shown on the opening night. Unfortunately, the tickets for Rogue One are already sold out. Among other sold out movies include The Lion King which will be shown on Sunday, April 2 at 8 p.m.


Mov’in Bed shows a wide range of movie genres for men, women, couples, groups of friends, and the entire family. You can watch dramatic films such as and Crazy Stupid Love, Passengers, Bridget Jones’s Baby, La La La Land, and The Bodyguard. You can also pick out recent romance films to include Me Before You and Fifty Shades Darker.


In addition to the genres mentioned, Mov’in Bed also offers action, horror, thrillers, and family movies. There are even animated movies that children can enjoy to include Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Other kid’s titles listed on their movie lineup include some of the most popular releases such as Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Moana, Lion King, Aladdin, and E.T.


Whether you want to watch movies by yourself, with your loved ones, or with friends, you will have a superior cinema experience with Mov’In Beds in Sydney. Right now, everyone is searching for the online sale to get discounts. Tickets are sold at prices ranging from $17.61 to $94.72. If you have your tickets, be ready to grab your drinks and popcorn, put on your pajamas, and enjoy all the fun at Parramatta Park.


Best Places to Camp in Your Local Area

Camping is a great way to get out into the outdoors and experience a life away from technology. In a time when we are all so glued to our devices, it can be difficult to find the time to spend with loved ones without having our phones or laptops on us. Camping gives us the opportunity to live in nature and enjoy the whims of wildlife. Unfortunately, one bad camping experience can deter you from ever wanting to do it again. This is why it’s crucial that you find a reputable campsite in your area to set up your tent and amenities.


The type of campground you’re looking to settle into depends solely on the type of camping you’d like to do. If you’re taking your RV with you, you’ll need a campground that has a setup specific to RV parking. You’ll also need access to plumbing and electricity if you’re camping with a recreational vehicle. If you’re just camping with a tent and basic amenities, any campsite will do, but you still need to make sure it’s inexpensive and has a good reputation. You may need to book a spot in the camp weeks or even months before you’re trip is scheduled. This guarantees you a spot for when you’ll be there with loved ones. Many campgrounds fill up throughout the spring and summer months, making it difficult or even impossible to secure a spot for yourself.


If you know people who camp a lot, don’t hesitate to ask them where they go and how much the campsite charges for people to stay there. Online reviews can also give some helpful insight into a particular location before you make any arrangements to book a section for your camping excursion. Camping is only fun when you’re in a good quality campground complete with necessary utilities.


Traveling Vineyard – Drink Wine Make Money

Traveling Vineyard sells more than 15 brands of wine within the U.S. states. The firm has created a portfolio of grape suppliers from South America, France, and Chile. It also employs cutting-edge technology in its manufacturing processes to ensure that it produces high-quality wine for its customers.

The organization uses Wine Guides in its business model. Wine Guides are highly trained self-employed consultants who market the products by holding free wine tasting events and earn commissions of up to 35% of their personally generated sales. The company has attracted thousands of Wine Guides in more than 40 states, thus increasing the market share for its products. The model has enhanced the business’s overall market share in the past three years.

In addition, the company has been profitable and is setting up several wineries across the U.S. to reach many customers. Participating in Traveling Vineyard brings several practical lessons. The firm offers better incomes keeping in mind that the wine business is a less competitive profitable venture. It also supports its employees until they attain a sense of fulfillment. The organization has a solid social media presence and often uses these platforms to market and sell its commodities.

Being a wine guide can be a very rewarding experience. One of the major benefits that wine guides discuss is the flexibility that the job provides. Wine guides have the ability to work as many hours as they want. Some wine guides choose to do the job part time, and others decide to make it a full time job. Wine guides will be able to live the lifestyle that they want, and when they are ready to market delicious wine, they will be able to make a good income doing so.

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard:

How Roberto Santiago has established successful Ventures

Roberto Santiago is a business mogul who was born and bred in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. He still lives in the city and has developed significant properties in the area. Santiago owns two famous shopping malls in the city, and they are Manara Shopping and Madeira Shopping. He has always desired to offer the best products to his clients, and therefore, has fitted the two properties with state-of-the-art facilities. The 58 years old entrepreneur started his first business when he was still a teenager. He established a cartoon company that offered decorative items and developed his products from cardboards. The company grew over time, and it adopted innovative technology in making its products. Roberto has gained respect in the region due to his success as a businessman.

The cartonnage company made Santiago good returns, and he used his profits to start real estate ventures. His involvement in the carton business offered him sufficient experience that enabled him to be successful in his other undertakings. Roberto schooled at the Pio X-Marist College and was later admitted to the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he pursued a degree in business management. Besides his business endeavors, he has been participating in sports activities such as kart and motocross. He has won several races and received medals and trophies.

Roberto Santiago started building his Manaira Shopping in 1987, and it was launched two years later. The property has been a landmark in the Joao Pessoa city. It has several recreational amenities that can be used by people who visit it. The trademark of the shopping place is the entertainment, comfort, and fun that it offers to the clients. It has also been constructed in a strategic position that offers sunset views and a lovely beach.

The infrastructure that has been installed at Manaira Shopping includes an 1800 square meters electric amusement park, ballrooms, gourmet place, theaters, and a gym. The gourmet place has an excellent steakhouse and food court that offers the best cuisine. The mall’s cinema has 11 movie theaters and 3D screens. The guest also receives refreshments such as soft drinks, candy, snacks, popcorns, and bar services. Its electric amusement park is spacious and has more than 200 entertaining machines. The rooftop of the building has a concert hall that has been operational for more than seven years. The place can accommodate about 10,000 people, and it has excellent ventilation and sound systems.

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