E-governe; Transforming the Way Organizations Deliver Service

Organizations need to find a way of adapting and surviving in the modern digital era. They may become inefficient and irrelevant if they do not innovate. e-governe is one of the companies that is dedicated to transforming the way organizations operate and offer services to stakeholders. The company modernizes the way organizations work. Its main areas of focus include education and human resource. The enterprise has helped several companies and organizations including municipalities across the country to digitized their operations.


The Municipality of Teresina is one of the organizations that has fully embraced the e-governe system. The system was implemented in conjunction with Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI). Miguel Oliveira is the Municipality’s head of Data Process. He said that the organization is committed to optimizing its service delivery to the public. He said this during a meeting with the representatives of the Departments of Health, Education, and Finance. Silvio Mendes who is the Mayor of Teresina has also supported the modernization of the Municipalities operations. He is considering full implementation in all the sections of the organizations in order to meet the expectations of the population that it serves. The benefits that are acquired from such an initiative are significant. The system will speed up the delivery time, improve efficiency, control the management of patients from the municipality and other municipalities, control the agreements between the State and the municipality, and improve financial monitoring.


Another organization that has benefited from e-governe is the Municipality of Osasco. The Municipality engaged Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI) to implement the system in Educacao School management system. ICI will also install a logical and electrical network, supply computer equipment, and set up a call center for the municipality. Implementation of the system will help the Municipality of Osasco to manage the 138 schools that it owns in the City and link them to the Municipality’s Education Department.


There are several benefits that the Municipality of Osasco will enjoy because of the modernization plans. The integrity and security of information will improve significantly. The organization will also ensure that the issuance of reports is instant. Sharing of reports and coordination among team members will eliminate instances of duplication of work since the system is connected to the internet. The operations and service delivery in the various schools will also improve. The admin can also regulate the control access for maximum security. E-governe will strengthen the Municipality’s leadership position in social progress and strong economy driven by the business community.


E-governe is an IT-oriented company. It is constantly upgrading its software and general technological infrastructure. This is in line with the company’s goal of delivering solutions that are reliable and up to date to its customers. It has a team of software developers who always use modern technology to design systems that are user-friendly. Customers do not have to spend more time figuring out the different features of the system. E-governe also has a data storage unit. The products enable customers to benefit from world class services that address all challenges of the digital era. https://www.lovemondays.com.br/trabalhar-na-e-governe/avaliacoes

Incentivizing Small Businesses To Go Formal In Slums Makes Retirement Possible

There are approximately R$80 million that circulate in the small business economy within Brazilian slums, known as favelas. More than twelve million slum inhabitants are responsible for this recently studied niche of the economy according to research by Data Popular used by Sebrae – a Brazilian support service for micro companies and small companies. Flávio Maluf, tells us about the initiative in the Favela Legal project.


The Favela Legal project proposes stimulating entrepreneurship in the two largest slums of São Paulo – Paraisópolis and Heliópolis – because of the high number of small companies that are in the slums. You can find pharmacies, grocery stores, and all kinds of stores in the slums. Slums are considered cities that have an informal economy.


The informality of the economy is an important point to be looked at. One of the main objectives of the Favela Legal project is to include small store and company owners in the social security system, and register their years worked so they can retire. Flávio Maluf states that the initiative is important to increase state income by formalizing the companies through the MEI program which is directed to formalizing the individual micro-entrepreneur.


One of the measures of the Favela Legal project is to enable businesspeople living in the slums through the MEI qualification programs. The intention of this project is to provide them with solutions from Sebrae – such as SEI programs that teach people to sell, control their money and plan things.


Flavio Maluf points out that Brazilian President Michel Temer likes the ideas of this project very much and he feels this project should be stimulated since all great entrepreneurs started with a small company.


The Favela Legal is a test project in São Paulo and should be taken to other parts of the country. Projects like this and other business reports are often studied and promoted Flávio Maluf. As the president of Eucatex companies, holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering from FAAP in São Paulo, Brazil and having studied Business Administration at New York University, Flávio Maluf frequently promotes political and business synergy news. https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3


Reviews That Help to Explain Why White Shark Media is Such a Great Company

***UPDATE*** June 14th, 2017– White Shark Media has recently been featured on Affiliate Dork, a leading marketing and technology news source. Follow the link below to read more.

White Shark Media is a company that specializes in online marketing services for small and medium sized businesses. This organization creates tailored made ads for businesses that provides them with the most exposure and the greatest return for customers.

White Shark Media focuses their marketing efforts on the internet. Since this medium is constantly utilized by millions of people on a daily basis this would be the best place to utilize market exposure from the masses. White Shark Media has been receiving positive reviews from their clients. The following review provides positive information about this organization.

The video below explains more about White Shark Media:

White Shark Media helps a business’s website to get more views.

Many companies that hire White Shark Media can see the end results of their work. White Shark Media helps companies to gain exposure by presenting ads about them where they will be most effective. They will locate a business’s primary target audience and then campaign their material in this area. Read more: White Shark Media – Google+

They will use direct advertisements, links and properly positioned articles to reach out to potential customers. White Shark Media ensures that their clients have the right type of reach and appeal for customers.

White Sharks Media’s leads are invaluable to a company

According to Glassdoor and TopSEOs, White Shark Media’s strategies have assisted many companies with generating leads. These leads are important for a business’s sales and profits. Business’s that use White Shark Media’s typically generate more leads for their enterprise than they would without the company’s assistance. They can see many of their leads turn into certified sales.

White Shark Media will help a company to grow

Keep in mind that many businesses benefit from White Shark Media in terms of growth. White Shark Media helps a business to grow by providing them exposure and sales. They can also aid their clients by helping them to set up effective advertising campaigns.

These campaigns will help to expand a business’s operations over a period of time. White Shark’s Media’s ad campaigns are effective and very practical for helping a business to expand deeper into markets.

White Shark Media works within a company’s budget

One of the best things about White Shark is that it can work with a company in terms of their budget. Their prices are designed to fit a business’s budget and they will not overcharge an organization for their services.

Affiliate Dork: http://affiliatedork.com/do-white-shark-medias-adwords-strategies-live-up-to-the-reviews

A Positive Role Model for Young People in the Society

The young people lack the right role models to look up to today. Young people need individuals who can encourage them to make the right decisions. They need people who they can look up to and shape their visions in life. This enables them to carry out the right decisions when they are faced with defining moments in life. Young people are motivated by people who have stood the test of life and made the right decisions. This enables them to understand that life rewards the right decisions. There are different role models in the society. Betsy DeVos outstands all of them. She has managed to make the right decisions throughout her life. Visit Betsy’s profile page on facebook.com.

Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education in America. She leads the docket with the confidence and integrity that it deserves. The woman has earned her status in society. She is successful in all areas of her life. She has managed to develop herself holistically by making the right decisions. She has worked hard. Everyone in the society notices her efforts. She has managed to develop her family. She is a mother of her four children. Besty is also a good wife to her husband. She supports positive moral and values in the society. She has faced different issue while working with various people, but she has managed to overcome them. She has worked with various people and has managed to develop herself as a brand. This has enabled her to become a positive role model in the society.

The society has a place for all people. This enables people like Betsy DeVos to portray positivity in the society. The society needs positive input in a world that is full of negativity. This enables the young people to have positive role models. It makes the society a place for everyone. The people in the society have many options to choose. The society will enable the young individuals to look up to the right individuals who can make the right choices. The people can eventually choose to either make the right or wrong decisions.

Young people are affected by the decisions that they make while young. It is important to note that failing to make a decision is also a decision. Young people can be encouraged by such people to make the right choices holistically. Women are affected by the decisions they make. Women can either make positive or negative decisions. The consequences are either positive or negative as well. People like Betsy DeVos enable young women in society to take precaution while making decisions. This enables them to be keen on their beliefs and values. Visit betsydevos.com to know more about Betsy.

Nine9 and A Big Break In Acting

What gives those seeking a “big break” in acting a hard time is the number of people also interested. Yet every year, new faces reach the big screen, others are made famous and even more find roles as active work in the industry.

But how does someone aspiring to act stand out?

The only people who can answer this are those who’ve succeeded themselves. One name in Hollywood that comes to mind is Nine9. This agency recently shared usable tips to get anyone out of the darkness regarding success in Hollywood. Taking their advice will help you get a real foot in the door.

Get To Know As Many People As Possible

According to Nine9, you’ve got to get to know people. Don’t rely on good looks alone. Let others be your representatives also, and it’s easy to do this. The L.A. city is one where many people are mingling. Those new to the industry often work on set, get jobs waiting at the most popular bars and even work as nannies or maids.Just be sure not to focus too much on yourself. Make a quick introduction and be sincere.

Put Together The Best portfolio

Putting your work together and as an actor is about first getting head-shots. Head-shots are the least complicated, and you don’t need industry experience. But when you leave a great opportunity, the people you interacted with will want to talk about you. When they have your images, they get passed around.

Audition, Audition and then Audition Some More

The most prominent people in the industry do go to audiences. And this isn’t to try out for roles themselves. These major influences are the ones hosting the auditions. The more you appear to, the more of a chance you have at getting noticed.In the end, Nine9 suggest that persistence will always pay off, so don’t stop. Keep up the work until your dreams are achieved.

Source of the article : Click Here.

Equities First Holdings Continued Growth Led to Relocation of its Melbourne Office

Towards the end of 2016, Equities First Holdings LLC, relocated its Melbourne based office as a way of making it more convenient for clients and other business partners to access them with ease. Equities First Holdings is a global provider of financial solutions to businesses and individuals. This is the reason why the company sought to relocate its Melbourne office in order to provide adequate space to accommodate existing clients and employees with additional space for future expansion.

Growth of Australian Market

According to the Managing Director of Equities First Holdings (AU) Pty Ltd., Mitchell Hopwood, the Australian market has continued to grow, and they expect the number of clients to increase too. The new Melbourne office is located on Level 2, 287 Collins St., Melbourne, Victoria 3000. The lender has three office locations across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The firm provides stock-based loans to their clients. The financial solutions are supposed to provide entities with additional capital for expansion purposes and for strategic investment. In fact, stock-based loans do not restrict the borrower how to spend the capital acquired.

Equities First Holdings targets both institutional and high-net worth individuals as its top clients. The clients may be seeking to acquire capital for a specific or non-specific purpose. The firm is dynamic and provides tailored services to meet each client’s needs independently. The loan process at Equities First Holdings is simple, secure and transparent.

Investors in the stock and securities markets can largely benefit from services provided by Equities First Holdings. Further, there is freedom and flexibility on how clients can use the funds borrowed. Investors who prefer to increase their investment portfolio in the stock market can indeed borrow from Equities First Holdings and mange to make the desired investment. The firm has other offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and London.

The Role Of Susan McGalla In Nurturing Women Executives Of The Modern Age

In the corporate world, Susan McGalla is considered as one of the most influential women who has carved out their niche in business. You cannot talk about top female executives without mentioning the name of Susan McGalla. Many women are victims of self-doubt. They feel like they don’t have what it takes to go for management positions in companies or organizations. Some cling to the fallacy that there are not enough posts at the top for women. Susan McGalla believes that there exists as many senior positions for women as there are for men in the business.


According to Susan McGalla, some of the strategies women can use to scale up the corporate ladder include, advancing their academic qualifications, improving their self-confidence and overlooking the glass ceiling.


For anyone to qualify for executive positions in companies or organizations, they have to possess the pre-requisite academic qualifications. Susan McGalla challenges women to pursue higher educations. Those who’ve already acquired their undergraduate should not stop there rather they should gain more knowledge through postgraduate programs. In as much as obtaining higher education is costly, it eventually pays off. Susan recognizes the women who are already in higher education institutions because the knowledge they acquire prepares them for future workplace opportunities.


On self-esteem and personal confidence, Susan McGalla encourages women to nurture their desire for executive posts. Most women tend to develop cold feet whenever it comes to exercising their role in management positions. The reality that women should wake up to is that with sufficient knowledge and confidence, they can perform exemplarily in executive posts.


Of much importance to any woman who’s aspiring to be successful in the corporate world is their work ethic? According to Susan she never lets prejudice against women get the better of her. She knows that being a woman could make people isolate some roles for you, but it’s your role as a lady to break this “glass ceiling” and shun the status quo.


Susan is the brainchild of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan boasts of experience and expertise in the fashion industry as well as the marketing, branding and merchandising sectors.


Susan’s early career in business can be dated back to the days she used to work for Joseph Horne Company. In the year 1994, she moved from Joseph Horne to the American Eagle Outfitters. Susan’s commitment to work ethics and brand success earned executive roles at AEO. She left the company in the year 2011 to start his consultancy.

Renown Health’s New Primary Care Clinic

Renown Health, founded in 1862, is the largest non-profit healthcare organization in Northern Nevada. Headquartered in Reno, they acquired a rehabilitation hospital in 2003. In 2004, Renown Health used the region’s first angiography biplane to treat stroke victims. They also used the first PET/CT for diagnosing and treating cancer in patients. In 2008, Renown Health performed robotic surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System S HD. Finally, in 2009, they opened the area’s first children’s emergency room. Renown Health in the only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in the region.President and CEO of Renown Health, Dr. Anthony D. Slonim, has over 15 years of executive healthcare leadership experience. He has previously served as the executive vice president and chief medical officer for Barnabas Health in New Jersey.

A new family practice clinic will be opening at the Summit Mall in South Reno. Designed to look like a living room to provide a comfortable setting for patients, this clinic will provide primary care services and a laboratory. Services may be increased in the future. There will be a staff conference room, where cases and issues can be discussed with patients and their families. The clinic will employ a staff of 11, with the hopes of adding one or more primary care physicians and an additional nurse practitioner.

The clinic will cover three storefronts, and will be 10,000 square feet. Architecture has been provided by Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design, and the general contractor for the project is Shaheen Beauchamp Builders, LLC. Structural engineering is provided by Forbes Engineering, with MSA Engineering Consultants providing the mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering. This will be the 12th primary care clinic to open in the Reno Area.

What Does Nine9 Do As A Company?

Nine9 is a talent agency that is your solution for all of your needs for making it in any industry of the entertainment world. With their connections to every aspect of the entertainment world, you will come to find that they can guide you and give you so much information to get on the right path so you can grow in this industry the right way. Nine9 is known for their long list of unique people who have been a part of their team over the years, and now is the day for them to help you.

What Nine9 mainly does for talent is almost everything you could think of. It all begins when you decide to sign up to their program. Provide them with all of your information and wait to have them get in contact with you. After a bit of time, they will give you the account online with a profile, allowing you to be seen by casting directors and be contacted instantly for opportunities and jobs. It’s quite interesting how there are so many ways they can help you out. For example, they can give you great opportunities and open up doors with finding auditions, getting booked for commercials, receiving extra work, and also gigs in other departments of entertainment.

Nine9 Talent Agency provides their talent with great acting workshops, wonderful training, stunning marketing tools, and everything in between to help them get jobs and become the performer they have always wanted to be. It’s all about properly caring for your brand and being able to manage yourself as an entertainer. You need to be on time, work hard, and submit and audition for anything that is thrown your way. There are opportunities lurking around everywhere, and you have so much potential to grow in any field out there for sure.

Touching Nine9 Talent Agency: twitter.com/Nine9dotCOM

Andrew Rolfe & Other Ubuntu Fund Leaders Joining Ranks for More Impactful Change

A recent report from the Financial Times discussed how the founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief, is focusing on donors who don’t have restrictions on how the money should be spent at the charity organization. He decided to do this when he saw how the funds were coming in, but people’s lives weren’t changed.


The Ubuntu Education Fund assists vulnerable children within Port Elizabeth’s townships that is located in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. This organization started in 1999 as a small organization attempting to address one aspect of the educational crisis within South Africa. They have now expanded greatly to assist with health, education, and social welfare issues.


Andrew Rolfe is the chairman on the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu Fund. He has a bachelors degree from Oxford University and a M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School. Andrew Rolfe also holds such positions as CEO and president for other companies. Also, Andrew Rolfe has been the chairman of the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu Fund since March 2007.


Ubuntu Fund go through what they call the “Ubuntu model” which is to work closely with communities and families to produce customized plans for each child. Doing this will better sustain the children and families with health, education, and stability to escape from poverty. The problem has been that many donors want to flex their muscles in how the money should be spent. And as a result, there has been a lesser amount of donors who are giving them funds.


Donations are always needed for charities; however, at least this organization has room to innovate, according to Lief. Nevertheless, some experts specializing in charitable funding stated that there are ways to resolve conflicts with donors if the discussion is brought on early enough. They also said that, in some cases, more donors will be willing to donate if they are offered to participate on the board. There are ways to get additional funding; nevertheless, Jacob Lief, Andrew Rolf, and the entire board are remaining focused on bringing real change to families and their children.