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Support Animal Shelters in New York City

The latest press release from Ross Abelow discusses his latest venture: fundraising for animal shelters. With GoFundMe’s resources, the donation covers food, medical care, and blankets for the lonely animals in New York City. When the shelters have adequate resources, they can assist animals in their care. It is definitely a start; however, he encourages everyone reading this to assist in his cause.

Since Mr. Abelow runs a law firm in New York specializing in family and matrimonial law, supporting a member of the family – the pet – comes naturally to him. His noble cause keeps animals alive in shelters and off dangerous streets. He also specializes in commercial litigation and entertainment law. Prior to opening his law firm, he defended clients for a living at Abelow & Cassandro, where he was a law partner for 26 years. Before the partnership, he earned his law license in 1990. A year before that he earned his law degree from Brooklyn Law School. Prior to that, he earned his bachelor degree in Political Science from the State University of New York at Albany. A long-time New York resident, he uses his law expertise to share his knowledge on guest blogs and his personal blog. He is also very active on social media.

As a result, more animals are on the streets. Homeless, sheltered, and vulnerable animals need your help. If you want to assist in the fundraiser or learn more information about this, go to the GoFundMe page or Ross Abelow’s website. He is speaking up for the animals that cannot speak for themselves, so let this motivate you to donate to your local animal shelter.

There are Only Positives to Hiring Solid Wikipedia Writers

Wikipedia is known as a solid source of information on numerous topics and subjects. The online encyclopedia thrives and survives thanks to the uncompensated support from volunteer editors and writers. Wikipedia is son poised to receive a tremendous amount of help from the university system. College professors are asking their students to write and edit – for a grade – Wikipedia content. The goal here is to improve content and expand accuracy. 

Wikipedia always benefits when skilled writers are on the job. So do the subjects of the content. A business hoping to increase its online marketing potential surely benefits of expertly crafted Wikipedia business page creation. An individual hoping to gain notoriety through Wikipedia should want the same approach to quality infused into his or her Wikipedia page. This is where a professional writing service such as Get Your Wiki prove very handy. When you hire Wiki writers and editors at Get Your Wiki, they know exactly what is required to deliver exceptional and impressive results.

The writing is going to be clear, impacting, impressive, and never dull or verbose. Third-party editors are going to be far less likely to tinker with the page when the grammar is solid. Experienced Wikipedia writers do not make it a practice to violate the online encyclopedia’s terms of service. Anyone hoping to use Wikipedia for promotional reasons may end up violating the terms of service. Doing so invites both major edits and stern warnings, two things Wikipedia keeps track of. Rather than run into trouble when you attempt to make a Wikipedia page on your own, leave the writing to a pro who is not going to be prone to making errant violations.

A professional Wikipedia writing service is also capable of performing follow-up work on the entry. As new developments occur, new content can be added to the site. This way, the page is never limited to featuring old information. 

Get Your Wiki is known for specializing in monitoring the site to reduce the chances of spammers or other mischief makers ruining the page.

Human Rights Foundation Founder Thor Halvorssen Helps Those In Closed Societies

Closed societies are not the thing of the past we would all like them to be as dictatorships and criminal governments continue to oppress the people of the world. The Human Rights Foundation now seeks to publicize the plight of the people of the world who remain trapped in closed societies, usually operated under the iron grip of a dictator. Unlike many human rights groups the Human Rights Foundation is taking a proactive approach to the problems facing the people of the world by bringing their plight to major news organizations under the motto “To ensure that freedom is both preserved and promoted”.

Venezuelan author and film producer Thor Halvorssen established the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 after working with a number of human rights groups throughout his adult life. Halvorssen had originally been inspired to enter the charitable work surrounding the promotion of human rights after seeing various members of his own family have their human rights taken away for their political opposition to the ruling Venezuelan government.

Alongside his commitment to the Human Rights Foundation the top Hollywood film producer also finds the time to promote and organize the Oslo Freedom Forum; the forum was originally meant to take place as a one off event, but proved such a success it has been held each year since. The success of Thor Halvorssen’s event has seen events take place away from Oslo in cities across the U.S.

The Human Rights Foundation has been looking for the best ways of publicizing the issues of lost human rights since the group was formed in 2005; Thor Halvorssen has remained steadfast in his conviction to creating a politically independent group filled with those who are dedicated to the fight for freedom. The board of the Human Rights Foundation sees religious leaders like Archbishop Desmond Tutu sit alongside former political prisoners, and respected politicians as they work together to bring about change in the field of human rights.

Bernardo Chua Works On Expanding the Organo Gold Brand

Coffee that can help people with migraines, asthma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol seems almost seems to good to be true. It doesn’t seem like something that people would even have access to, but they do. Bernardo Chua has given consumers access to this. He has created this wonderful brand of coffee called Organo Gold, and many people are discovering this brand for the first time.

That is where Chua is right now in the marketing phase. He has made this a global brand while he runs another successful company called Gano Excel. Chua is passionate about the coffee business, and that is one reason that he has been able to expand his brand. His has multiple favors for the consumers that are interested in something beyond the regular brand. Organo Gold comes in a multitude of flavors and this company is even expanding to tea.

Facebook indicates that Chua has even made an effort to take his marketing effort further by producing personal care products. This is all because of the Gandoderma mushroom. This is the healing agent that is found in all of the products that are being produced by OrganoGold. This is the cornerstone healthy ingredient that has allowed Chua to become one of the most celebrated leaders in the coffee industry. It has also given him a platform to expand his brand and reach even more customers. If there are people that are not fans of coffee they still have the opportunity to try this brand by considering the tea.

Bernardo Chua has built a very successful business entity, and there are a lot of people that are still just finding out about this brand. It does have customers around the globe, but there still so many people that have never experienced this type of healing coffee. That is why Chua is still working very hard and researching ways to improve the ingredients in the beverages that his company is known for.  Bernardo Chua’s diligence has seen them expand into Turkey for the first time, and they keep moving forward as a major global force.

He is still using the finest coffee beans and making room for a bigger customer base as he continues to perfect what many coffee drinkers are already calling the perfect cup of coffee.  CrunchBase has further information about what Bernardo Chua is doing next.

Sam Tabar: The Keys to Strategic Planning

When it comes to strategic planning, there are many factors that come into play in order to achieve success. A thorough knowledge of finance and economics, along with an understanding of global marketing, all come together to ensure a firm successfully reaches its target core of investors. While in most firms there are many people in charge of strategic planning, there is often one member of the team who has an ability to think outside of the box and make things happen. Sam Tabar is one of those people, and over the years he has been able to develop plans for numerous companies that have resulted in enormous success.

Considered to be one of the best-educated financial professionals in the industry, Sam has used his degrees from Oxford University and Columbia Law School to formulate global marketing strategies that have been used around the world. While acting as Head of Business Development for PMA Investment Advisors, LinkedIn shows that Sam was put in charge of developing investment strategies for the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition to working in this capacity with PMA and other financial firms, Sam has also used his legal training in numerous capacities. Acting as legal counsel for many financial services firms, Sam specialized in hedge fund formation and structure. In this capacity, he regularly advised clients on such important matters as new regulatory issues, employment law, investment management agreements, compliance rules, and much more. Along the way, he also developed a reputation for excelling at investor relations, which would prove to be a key component to his later career options.

As Sam continued working in financial services, his expertise in hedge fund formation and structure began to come to the forefront. As a result, he later accepted a position with Merrill Lynch as Head of Capital Strategy, where he worked with major investors around the world to develop strategies that would help them meet their financial goals. In charge of a hedge fund with a net worth of more than $2 billion, Sam brought in a number of new investors to FullCycle Fund that ultimately led to the fund increasing its worth by more than $1.2 billion.

By being willing to take on challenges in the business and legal world that others often shy away from, Sam has emerged as one of the industry’s most dynamic figures. As he continues to ascend to the top of his profession, Sam has said on Instagram he realizes it will take not only hard work and determination, but also a strong commitment to investors and their goals.

Charles and David Koch Refuse to Support Trump

On Tuesday, February 4, 2016, “Vanity Fair” writer Daniel Schulman published details from a recent conversation with billionaire Charles Koch that outlined a growing concern by the Koch Brothers about Donald Trump making headway in the presidential race. The article, titled “Can the Koch Brothers Stop Trump?,” outlined long-standing issues that the Koch Brothers have had with Trump and their reasons for not supporting him.

Although self-described as a classical liberal, Charles supports a Republican candidate as POTUS. He and his brother have been using their money steadily recently through a variety of fundraising and other campaigns to influence the outcome of the presidential race by aiding Republican efforts against Democrats. The Koch brothers do not support Trump because his world views differ so drastically with their own. In fact, Charles told Schulman that America’s free society would be destroyed if Trump’s “Muslim Registry” became any sort of reality. The brothers have even stopped inviting Trump to their political fundraising events.

As pointed out by Schulman, there are several problems with their attempts to influence the race and Trump:  Now there are billionaires everywhere backing different candidates with no clear winner coming out on top. Trump is preventing other Republican candidates from getting the support needed to win again Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The Koch brothers could influence the race by putting all of their money to use attempting to block Trump’s campaign by pointing out through advertisements the many ways in which he has failed in business, but they risk Trump turning on them. On August 2, 2015, Trump made a jab at the brothers on Twitter when they refused to invite him to a fundraiser by wishing luck to other Republican candidates going to the Koch Brothers, as he put it, to “beg” for financial support.

At this point, Charles Koch and brother, David, are still debating how they will proceed going forward.

Charles Koch is the co-owner and CEO of Koch industries. He is a graduate of MIT with a General Engineering Bachelor of Science degree and two Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, respectively.  In January of this year, Charles Koch’s net worth was $43.3 billion.
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Alexei Beltyukov Russian Godfather Of Technology

Alexei Beltyukov is a philanthropist, an educator, an entrepreneur, and a very charismatic man. Although he started out in medicine, he graduated in 1997 with an MBA from INSEAD Business School, an innovative international program that encourages diversity in research and teaching. It took him a year to learn French so he could attend the school, so the man’s motivation is boundless. Since that time he has devoted himself to a multitude of projects, interests, and new technology.

Russian born and bred, he has launched a variety of businesses, all technology based. When Beltyukov saw the need, he founded Endemic Capital, an angel investing club, to fund Russian start-up companies. He is the founder of A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies, and several other businesses. In February 2015, Beltyukov became Chief Operating Officer for his latest pet project, SOLVY, an interactive educational tool that is primarily used to teach math, according to PRNewswire. The program connects teachers with their students, and the teacher can instantly offer assistance with the learning process, or change directions. Math issues need to be addressed immediately to facilitate the learning process. Instant feedback is at hand for the students and assessments are designed toward their individual needs.

Beltyukov is the vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation, which operates through the Russian government to provide economic guidance, education, and support. It is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to enhance Russian educational opportunities. Focused on non-traditional courses of study, the Foundation fosters start-ups and venture capitals in the areas of energy, biomedical, IT, nuclear, and space science.

The Foundation is responsible for Skolkovo Innovation Center, which has a main focus on commercializing advanced technology for profit. The Center is a technology park outside of Moscow that is still being put into full operation. Big name Silicon Valley companies like Cisco, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft all signed agreements to invest in the Center. MIT is advising on the creation of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, an ongoing process. This unique project is actually a small city where technological education and research is emphasized. There are more than 1000 resident companies already. Tax breaks and other incentives are offered to participants. The Center is a work in progress, and the godfather of Russian Technology, Alexei Beltyukov, will, no doubt, be monitoring every step on Twitter.

Avi Weisfogel Opens His Own GoFundMe Campaign For Operation Smile

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a noted dentist who has worked with thousands of patients over the years. He is a committed professional who prefers to spend his time helping as many people as possible, and he has worked with Operation Smile for many years. Avi Weisfogel’s commitment to his patients is evident in the amount of charity work that he does, and he is using his considerable influence to gain more donations for his favorite charity. This article explains how Dr. Weisfogel started a GoFundMe to help fund new trips for Operation Smile.

#1: Why Is He Using GoFundMe?

It would be inappropriate to ask for money during a dental appointment, but Dr. Weisfogel may use GoFundMe to garner donations from people all over the world. His work has taken him around the world, and people from around the world will see the page through social media advertisements. Anyone may donate at any time, and Avi sends all the money he receives to Operation Smile.

#2: Why Is GoFundMe Helpful For all Charities?

Every charity that must raise funds for different projects may use GoFundMe for these purposes. GoFundMe has pages online that anyone may donate to at any time, and these donations are immediately credited to the donor account. There are many people who prefer to donate online, and these donations may be made electronically. GoFundMe is the simplest way to accept money online, and the pages all have personal letters from their owners.

#3: The Personal Letter

Avi Weisfogel has included a personal letter on his GoFundMe page that asks for donations to Operation Smile. He has taken many trips with the charity, and he prefers to take as many trips as he can. The trips take mobile units to remote parts of the world and the country, and he works with people who cannot afford or access dental care. He has met many people who needed his services, and he wants to raise as much money as he can to help people in need.

There are many people around the world who have benefited from Dr. Weisfogel’s work with Operation Smile, and he believes in raising money to further the cause.

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Keith Mann Offers New Scholarship To Future Leaders at Uncommon Schools

Founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann, and his wife Keely have announced a new scholarship that is aimed at helping to bring attention to the business leaders that are up and coming. Titled the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, the award is a scholarship that the couple is offering via their partnership with Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools is a non-profit in NYC that offers charter school to students that show promise. The scholarship will be available to one graduating senior that attends one of the Uncommon Schoools high school level schools in Brooklyn.

Keith Mann started Dynamics Executive Search Partners after finding out that the hedge fund industry did not have any type of search community for hiring and staffing purposes. He has been quite successful since then running the business which focuses solely on alternative investment firms. His firm now works with clients all over the globe and in his free time is known for his philanthropy and working with organizations such as Uncommon Schools.

Uncommon High School school counselor Joe Frick who sees the kids on a daily basis reach towards greatness stated that they are very appreciative of the scholarship program that the Manns have started. He added that this scholarship will help out one of their students making sure that they have the chance to apply and actually a four year college upon graduation.

In order to be considered for the scholarship applicants are required to write a thousand word essay on the topic of how a college degree will help them reach towards their professional goals. This ties in with Keith Mann’s vision of finding innovative future leaders and giving them the educational opportunities they need to become leaders.

Keith Mann explained that they decided to offer this scholarship because the couple believes in the Uncommon Schools’ goal of making it possible for low income students to attend and fulfil a four year degree so that they can have the same professional opportunities as others.

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Cleaning Economy Consolidates With Handy Getting Over One Million Bookings Every Week

Handy is expected to announce its progress soon, and many people expect the profits to be huge this time. The demand for mobile and online home cleaning and repair has risen significantly, and many consumers have embraced the idea quite well.

Handy was launched two years, and since then, the company has hit more than $1 million bookings every week. Mr. Umang Dua, the operational manager for the company, says that the institution has gone from $3million to $52 million in run rate.

The owners of the company are Mr. Hanrahan and Umang Dua. According to the two, the services provided by the company are good for the consumers and the people working in the institution. Handy has a new mobile device app, commonly known as an ATM in a consumers pocket by the company’s employees. The app has made things very easy, and consumers can order the service using the app.

Handy ensures that its clients and professional employees are treated well. All the clients booking the service are given the best service, and this makes them order even more services from the company. On the other hand, the employees are treated well, and the pay is quite good. The average wage for an employee in the institution is $18 every hour. The job offered by Handy is very convenient, and the professionals can choose their working hours.

Apart from Handy, the other company providing home cleaning services online is Home joy. The two companies have managed to get a lot of profits after redefining the businesses by rebranding and also bringing new apps for mobile phones.

As time goes by, many people have adapted the idea of booking home cleaning services using their mobile phones. The booking is quite safe, and the consumer is assured that they will not have to worry about security. Some mandatory checks are always done on the cleaners to ensure the consumers safety. These employees are vetted thoroughly in all levels to ensure professionalism.

The company is also looking for ways to improve their facilities to serve the consumers even better. Apart from doing the home cleaning, they are planning to offer the consumers more services like home repairs. Handy is now in 25 cities in the United States. Others countries like Canada and London are also enjoying the service.

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