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How Well Does Wen By Chaz Work?

If you love trying new hair products from Sephora stores, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Wen by Chaz. The hair product line uses natural extracts and plant oils that smooth and condition the hair naturally. A number of celebrities have endorsed Wen products, but how well do they really work? Emily McClure from Bustle decided to buy from Amazon and try Wen conditioner for seven days, and here’s what she discovered.

On the first day of the experiment, McClure noted that a large amount of WEN conditioner is needed in order to fully moisturize the hair.

By the fourth day of the week, McClure noticed that her hair was significantly oiler, but less frizzy. She didn’t have time to wash her hair that day, and when she put curls in her hair, they fell sooner than normal. This was likely an indication that her hair was getting fuller.

On the last day of the week, McClure had come to the conclusion that WEN conditioner works well for women with naturally thin hair, or women who want to make sure their hair is well-moisturized and free of frizz throughout the day.


Newark Youth Will Gain Summer Employment, Thanks to CFO Kevin Seawright

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has started the Summer Youth Employment Plan to help Newark kids develop life, career, academic and financial skills through paid summer employment. The company will work with other city figures and companies to help kids gain summer employment and develop life skills, and also increase the graduation rate in the Newark area. The Summer Youth Employment Plan will last for six weeks and participants will take part in lectures and courses that will help them build leadership skills, prepare for college, and learn financial responsibility. The program will last from July 5 to August 16. During this time, students will experience on the job training and develop a work ethic as they do hands-on work tasks.

The initiative is spearheaded by Kevin Seawright, CFO of The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. The program will also include help from other Newark volunteers and business owners, and Santander Bank and TD Bank for the financial literacy portion of the program. Seawright told WorldClassNews he hopes that the youth participants will learn to open and manage a checking and savings accounts. All of the lessons learned with the program is a precursor for the road ahead. With job training financial literacy, the youths will graduate prepared for what’s next. The empowering and motivating lectures will be provided youths with an idea of how to tackle concepts like college and employment after high school.

Seawright has an extensive career in financial management and consultancy in the nonprofit sector. He graduated from Almeda University in 2005 with a masters in accounting. During his early post graduate years, he worked as a BLANK. He did something. In 2015, he earned a leadership certificate from Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business, further enhancing his skill set. Following his graduation, he worked for the Baltimore area, starting out as a Managing Fiscal Officer for the City of Baltimore in 2001. He later became the Payroll Director in 2002. His final role in the Baltimore area was the deputy campaign manager for a politician.

Currently, Seawright is the executive vice president and chief financial officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He took office in September 2014. While he has gained accolades for his management of budgets for government, .He is also devoted to other endeavors. He devotes his time and effort to helping others discover and create success and wealth. His other interests include education and youth development.  Not to mention Kevin’s well documented love for music.

The Investment Banking Industry with Martin Lustarten

Martin Lustgarten is the CEO of the Lustgarten Company. He is one recognised and established individual, always on a mission, trying to turn around the investment banking industry and the financial portfolio at large. On social media, his comments on the industry are phenomenon. He gives advice on self- improvement skills believing that sharing of knowledge is a way of achieving immortality. Martin is an exploit of opportunities whose scope of interest includes the needs of the entire society.
Martin Lustgarten’s Company is a success. It has led to planetary business dealings and ventures, many successful client transactions and a large network of the industry across the whole world.
Its needless to say that an investment bank is a financial in go between with the ability to underwrite new debts and equity securities. Its participation in the facilitation of accession and mergers, broker trades for all entities and selling of securities. They manage and are always on the watch out of risks involved for the client’s sake.
Getting into investment banking, one needs to be well informed about what they are merely getting into. Information on the performance of the stock market, on the companies involved, and much more about it is significant. The two companies involved here are the growth stock and the dividend shares both of which bare their differences. Growth stock grows slowly and it’s particularly less costly while dividend shares pay significantly after some period of time.
There can be portioning of the investment bank into public and private functions with complete absence of information leak between the two. The private portion deals with information that is not supposed to leak into the public while the public portion deals with public information. Its organizational structure involves a front office that deals with generating revenue, a middle office whose major role is risk management and the back office that deals solely with operations. Find Martin Lustgarten on Facebook to find out more about his investing ventures.

FreedomPop Gets Even More Funding For Expansion

RCR Wireless is saying that FreedomPop is prepping for expansion, and they have raised a lot of money to that end. They have venture capitalists putting a lot of money into their company, and they plan to expand everything they do with the money they get. Expansions looks like the only thing that FreedomPop wants to do, but it is the best thing that the company can do when they have such a great service for their customers.

The service that FreedomPop offers is not like any other wireless company. They have made a major effort to give people discounted and free services for their cell phones. This is a lot like a public service that is paying for people to get connected, and it is helping people who could never afford a phone otherwise.

The company wants to get out of North America, and they are going to take their free and cheap plans around the world where they are needed. European and African customers will get access to the exact same services people are getting in North America, and the services will be so cheap that anyone can afford them.

FreedomPop offers customers a free plan, the 1 GB plan and the 2GB plan. Each plan gives someone a phone that they can use with smartphone capabilities, and it gives them a little leeway when they need to use data.

The plan looks to be that the company will raise as much money as they can to get their networks going in Africa and Europe, and people in small villages will see the benefit almost immediately. People who have not been able to use digital technology will finally have access.

Healthy Food for a Healthy Pup

Purinastore’s Beneful dog food is made with real meats. This fact is what sets it apart from the competition. A lot of dog food is made with extra flavors but no meat, and that can be unhealthy and unsatisfying for the dogs that have to eat it. Beneful also uses vegetables that are rich in vitamins and they have a goal to give dogs an enjoyable meal along with healthy nutrition.

The Freshpet factory is creating the only industrial refrigerated pet food on the market and pet owners are loving it. Beneful provides fresh food to pet owners everywhere and they really care about the animals.

Premium dog food sales have actually “surged 45 percent to $10.5 billion in the U.S. since 2009” according to the article and it is continuing to grow. Pet owners are caring more and more about their dogs health and well being.

There are many other brands out there that are famous for producing dog food that will help with different things, but Freshpet is the only company to produce dog food that is refrigerated. They display their dog food in refrigerators just like the food we eat and their sales have never looked better.

Beneful is a healthy option for owners that want their dogs to eat well, while getting good tasting food and it will be worth it every time. It is a high quality dog food brand and will be in the markets for much longer. Their company is doing well because of the high quality dog food they offer and will continue to do well because of the new innovations that they come up with year after year.


Jon Urbana’s Interestingly Creative Side

Jon Urbana, a self-described lacrosse nut from Denver, Colorado, is a legendary lacrosse player. He likes to keep himself involved in the artistic side of his personality on his free time, which he blogs and writes about on (Jon Urbana).

Next Level Lacrosse Camp
Jon Urbana co-founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp in 2011 with Lou Braun, someone Urbana has known since Villanova. This is a coaching center for refining lacrosse skills amongst the youth in Colorado held every year. The camp is considered to be the best in the Mountain West and was named one of the best in America.

Jon Urbana is actively involved with charities and philanthropic causes. Jon has been working to raise funds for Earth Force which helps to mobilize the youth of America to care about the environment and make positive changes.
He also launched another campaign to benefit the Animal Rescue and Adoption
Society. The shelter is a no-kill animal rescue and is especially advocating for the deserted cats in Denver to discover permanent homes.

This is one activity that not everyone knows Urbana likes to invest a great deal of his free time into flying. Jon is an exemplary pilot and was honored and recognized by the Federal Aviation Association and Jon Urbana has been included in the FAA Airmen Certification Database.

He continues to develop his skills and shares his work made available to all via Soundcloud and anyone who follows Urbana on Twitter.

You can see this impressive photography that he took on one of this travels here. Most of his recent work can be seen on Instagram. Here is another interesting video captured on his many travels.

Urbana is also an active Tumblr writer and head of business development at Ellipse Technologies, a privately held IPL and laser systems provider, according to one website.

Efforts by Helane Morrison to Assure Future Investment Security

August 2007 left us in utter desperation. It is then that we started questioning our financial institutions and the safety of our investments. The 2007-2008 financial crises shed light on unethical behavior that loomed within the financial sector.

Further investigations revealed: falsified records, underhand dealings, fraud, false audit claims to destroyed documents. This only made clear the extent of corruption and the lengthy period it remained unchecked. We held demonstrations; Americans had lost faith in Wall Street, corporations and banks. Unbelievable measures ensued; stocks were quickly liquidated to gold as it was safer to secure our money under our beds than it was to keep it in the banks. 

The Road So Far

Nine years down the line, our attitude towards Wall Street is still on the rocks. A research conducted recently by the Wall Street Journal indicates that only 28 in 100 Americans have faith in the country’s current economy. With the impending 2016 presidential race, economists and investors can only predict that this unease will only grow worse. Political analysts in turn argue that there is little relation between the presidential race and the stock market performance.

Expert Opinion

The founder of the Hirsch Organization and the Stock Traders Almanac, Yale Hirsch, maintains his theory of a direct correlation between the economy and presidential elections. He explains that recessions, bear markets and wars tend to occurs in the term’s first half and bull markets follow suit. This theory can be evidenced by the fact that stock markets tend to slow down prior to elections.

It is now much more risky as an average investor to fall prey to the ‘wolves of Wall Street’. This is because most of us lack accurate information to help us make the right investments. Hence, we need to have a watchdog that will ensure our investments are secure as we carry out trade.

Helane Morrison’s Accomplishments

Ms. Morrison is the current Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel and Managing Director at Hall Capital Partners LLC. It was with her, where our hopes lied when she was asked to head the US Securities Exchange Commission. She was and still is the face of a reformed trading system, having made enormous accomplishments and ensuring equality among every one. 

At the SEC, she spear headed fraud cases involving top executives from companies such as, Hewllet Packard, Google, NextCard Inc as well as HBO. Her sheer ferocity has enabled her to expose American Amicable’s false security sales to more than 50,000 military personnel as well as corrupt audits at Ernst and Young. She also put in measures that protect senior citizens against fraud as well as the abolishment of insider trading.

Learn more about Helane on LinkedIn or visit her Crunchbase page here >>

The DeVos Family of Michigan Backs Rubio

I learned that businessman Dick DeVos and his family of west Michigan had endorsed Marco Rubio following the exit of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush from the Republican presidential primaries.  Additionally, I read that powerful Republican Party members suggest that Ohio Gov. John Kasich step out of the race in an effort to strengthen Rubio’s path as well. 

A major contributor to the Republican Party, the DeVos family endorsement of Rubio comes from one of Michigan’s wealthiest families. Dick’s donations have been famously referenced by the Netflix series House of Cards which Dick weighs in on here:

Amway was co-founded by Richard DeVos, Sr. Growing up, Richard DeVos, Jr. can remember the activity of the company occurring in the family home basement. Involved in Amway through his formative years, DeVos left for a short time to work with the Orlando Magic. He returned to Amway in 1993 as President. Learn more about Dick’s time with the company in this exclusive Mlive piece.

DeVos has strong philanthropic ties to nationwide projects through foundations and centers. Specifically in Michigan, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation of Grand Rapids donated thousands of dollars to projects involving various charitable organizations and educational endeavors. They began working with the Education Freedom Fund in 1993, which grants scholarships to the under-privileged. Additionally, Dick and Betsy DeVos are active in The Windquest Group with developments in technology, manufacturing, and non-profit solutions. The Windquest Group recently disclosed the totality of the DeVos Family lifetime of philanthropy at nearly $1.2 billion.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Making an equally strong contribution to Grand Rapids civic activities, DeVos was actively involved in an effort to revitalize downtown, bringing together more than 50 community leaders. The development later became known as the Grand Action.

Ambitious plans for Grand Action included a modern arena available for entertainment as well as sports events in conjunction with the expansion of the convention facilities. Our beautiful new art museum, sculpture park gardens, and new and expanded campus facilities for Grand Valley State University were added as well.

DeVos enjoys several leisure time activities that include sailing (he is a two-time National Champion sailor), as well as a qualified jet aircraft and helicopter pilot.

He published a book in 1997 through E. P. Dutton called Rediscovering American Values. DeVos is a graduate of Northwood University and has been married to Betsy for 35 years.