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Information on Investment Banking and Madison Street Capital

Investment banking entails creating capital for governments, companies, individuals and other entities. The primary purpose of investment banking is to underwrite new securities that investment banks’ clients give.

An investment bank is an institution that aids in raising financial capital through underwriting. They act as agents of governments, companies, and individuals in issuing securities. These banks also oversee mergers and acquisitions of companies and offer services like derivatives trading, market making, and equity securities. Investment banks do not take deposits unlike retail and commercial banks. Investment banks have two lines of business known as sell and buy side. The sell side entails trading of securities for other securities like market making, underwriting, and promotion of securities or cash. The buy side involves giving advice to institutions or individuals that are buying investment services.

Breaking down investment banking

Investment bankers are professionals in this field and clearly understand the current investing climate. Therefore, institutions and investors can confidently turn to investment banks for professional advice on how they can plan their development. An investment banker will tailor recommendations to suit the current state of economic affairs.

Investment banks act as middlemen between an investor and a company when a company needs to issue bonds or stocks. An investment bank will assist the company to come up with prices for the financial instruments to maximize revenue. When companies hold their initial public offering, an investment bank normally buys all the company’s shares from the company directly. However, the industry has not recuperated since 2008 after the financial crisis. The 2008 financial crisis happened all over the world. However, it is trying to change and recover from the crisis.

Functions of an investment bank in investment banking

The banks raise capital and carry out security underwriting.
They advise buyers and sellers on pricing, valuation, procedure, implementation and negotiation in mergers and acquisitions.
They are involved in sales and trading equity research by matching buyers and sellers to enhance trading of securities.
They provide off-limits services like retail and commercial banking.

Madison Street Capital

It pioneers cloud technology as an alternative investment community. In 2015, hedge fund deals totaling to 42 were closed and announced all over the world. That number is exceeding the transactions that took place in 2014, according to the Madison Street Capital overview. According to this report, assets of the hedge fund industry are always high despite the fact that there is mediocre performance through hedge fund strategies in 2015.

Hedge fund performance delayed though institutional investors are still making distributions to other asset management sectors. Managers are trying to attract new capital, so they are operating below the ideal portfolio capacity levels. Managers incur high operational costs and at the same time, they face downward pressure on fees. The ideal environment for hedge funds was strong in the year 2015; however, it will be stronger in 2016.

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Athleisure Even Spreads Out To Hairstyles

Hairstyles and hairstyles have been going hand in hand since athleisure started to take over the fashion industry. There are a lot of women who are not going to wear hats with their athleisure clothes, and they can try new hairstyles instead. Kate Hudson started with Fabletics where the clothes were meant to be functional and cute, but now she has started a fashion monster that is getting too big for the fashion industry to keep up.
Fashionistas are changing their hairstyles to wear athleisure, and Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular. She is going with braids when she wears athleisure out of the house. People like Kate Hudson just put their hair up in a pony tail to go to the gym, but the braids that Kim Kardashian wears are going to be a more distinctive style. Lots of women and girls can try this, or they can switch between the braids and the pony tail that works with Fabletics clothes.

Wikipedia says that Fabeltics was meant to make life easy for women, and that is why their clothes are designed the way that they are. The clothes are going to make women look amazing, and they are going to work even if a woman is changing at the gym to go somewhere else.

JustFab has it that Fabletics is supposed to be functional, and the hairstyles that women wear can be functional, too. The braids that are seen around Hollywood are going to help women look very casual, or the pony tail can be let down when a woman goes to lunch or goes shopping. Everyone has their own choice of style that is going to be very unique.

The best part of this is that women can have a complete style that is going to go from their head to their toes. Women are going to look very put together, and they are going to look like warriors who are going to the gym. The clothes that come from companies like Fabletics will work great with good hairstyles, and the hairstyles can become a new signature style that all women will love.

Online Reputation Management Firm’s Recent Relocation

Status Labs, a popular online reputation management firm, has recently relocated its New York division to an upgraded office in Manhattan to accommodate expected growth. Status Labs initially expanded to New York just last year.

Status Labs’ new office is located in the legendary Flatiron Building, featuring a magnificent view of Madison Square Park. This new office is about five times spacier than before, giving room for new professionals to be hired. Status Labs expects to hire more than five accounting, development, and PR professionals in coming months.

Status Labs is dedicated to removing public figures’ personal information, such as addresses and phone numbers, from the internet. Status Labs, founded by Darius Fisher, serves more than 1,500 clients in 35 countries, with central offices in Sao Paulo, Austin, and New York. Status Labs scans the internet for breaches and leaks of their clients’ personal information daily.

Founder Darius Fisher has received international acclaim for Status Labs, including being named one of PRWeek’s Innovation 50. New York Times, Yahoo! News, US News & World Report, among others, have all acknowledged Status Labs’ growing importance in today’s digital age. Removing unwanted information from the internet is far better than releasing positive press releases about clients, as shown by Status Labs’ results.

In 2016 alone, Status Labs hired “four talented management and business development professionals,” says founder Darius Fisher. According to Fisher, “having a strong and experienced body of talent in place is essential” as the firm expands and serves a broader market.

Status Labs recommends everyone, public figure or not, to reduce their digital footprints through sharing less information online. Millions of people unknowingly share too much information on social media, essentially providing a bank of potentially harmful information for future employers and partners to peer into. The firm also suggests to search for one’s self on popular search engines, frequently change account passwords, and make social media accounts private to keep reputations healthy. Follow their Instagram account to see what they’re up to around the office.


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George Soros: Refugee Crisis Could Collapse EU

The European Union has been facing challenges that include heightened attacks from the terror group ISIS, the United Kingdom wanting to terminate its membership to the Union on, the Greek debt crisis, resurgent Russia and the influx of migrants and refugees. But the refugees’ crisis seems to be the biggest and the main one threatening to collapse the European Union.

In an article by CNBN, billionaire investor George Soros said that if the EU does not invest in fixing the crisis, then it is in danger of collapsing. He said that these refugees are desperate and are only seeking for asylum. They must, therefore, be enabled to reach safe destinations.

George Soros advises the EU leaders to embrace and also adequately address the crisis by immediate funding. He says that the EU spending significant amount would allow it to respond effectively to the worst consequences of this migration crisis. According to George Soros, Europe can take in between 300000 and 500000 refugees every year. If Europe agrees to take in this numbers, the genuine asylum seekers will be assured of not being turned away. To carry out this plan the EU will need at least $34 billion a year.

Though $34 billion is an enormous amount of money on, the EU should not hold back spending the amount but look at it in the best interest perspective. If the funds are not provided, and the refugee crisis is not settled at all, then this could end up costing the EU even more. The crisis could lead to collapse of Schengen open internal borders system among twenty-six states of the Union.

In the article George Soros continues to give the EU leaders suggestions on how they can raise this required money. George Soros says that the Europe’s long-term plan on spending should be amended and should target an increase in VAT contributions. But this does not mean that a separate and urgent surge funding is not needed anymore. It is the best way to calm the crisis at the moment.

Soros says that both the Balance of Payments Assistance Facility and EFSF (European Financial Stabilization Mechanism) have unused funding amounting to $68 billion and should be dispersed to curb the refugees crisis. Bonds that the government always issues in response to national emergencies should be issued now, and a mobilization of the EUs triple-A credit should be mobilized.

The Hungarian-born George Soros is an American businessman, political activist, investor, and author. He holds dual citizenship; the United States and Hungary. Soros is the chairman of Soros Fund Management and one of the 30 richest people in the world. He is very involved in philanthropic activities and donates a lot of his money to this kind of activities. He started in the 1970s, by giving funds to help black South Africans join University and also supported movements against apartheid.

Soros endorses the political causes of American Progressive and also the American Liberal. He is also very vocal about the challenges facing the European Union, and he does not shy away from suggesting the best solutions to the problems. He constantly reminds the Union leaders that they are responsible for stabilizing the European Union.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the New CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir has been made the new CEO of Coriant. Shaygan has made a name for himself and is quite famous for working for companies such as Verizon and Juniper. He is especially experienced in the field of telecommunications. Fortunately, he is drawing from his experiences and is walking into his role with open eyes. He is in fact working in close collaboration with the senior management team. Shaygan is showing humility and is taking the time to learn the ropes of his new company so that he could take the company to a higher level of success. Shaygan is taking the company over from Pat DiPietro.

Shaygan has shown that the telecommunications and technology industry is his field of experience. He has worked for GTE and Verizon where he has brought forth FiOS technology so that people can experience more features with their mobile phones such as data and other features that make the cellphone more useful for other activities. He has also worked at Barclays Bank as a technology and chief operations officer. Now he is taking on a company that has 500 customers as well as earning more than $1 billion a year. Fortunately, his experience and eagerness to listen to the senior execs is going to bring the company he is going to run to a greater level of success.

Shaygan Kheradpir has gotten a lot of education in his field of choice which is technology and business. He has studied electrical engineering at Cornell University where he has earned his doctoral and master’s degree. This has given him plenty of executive positions at many different telecommunications, business and technology companies. He has also exerted a lot of influence in his positions and provided new innovations for the companies that he has worked for. This makes him a good choice for Coriant.

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FreedomPop Explains Its Business Plan

FreedomPop talked with Mobile World Live because they wanted to show that they have the best new business plan in the cell phone industry. Cell phones can be pretty expensive, but people who are using FreedomPop are going to save a lot of money. FreedomPop came up with a way to save everyone money, but they are not losing money in the process. The basic premise of their company is that they can give people free or cheap phones because they have expanded with venture capital and sell advertising.

The advertising the company sells is the best thing that has ever happened to cell phone users, and the CEO of FreedomPop knows that they can make a difference by offering something that is much cheaper than anything anyone else has. The company is trying to reach out to people who do not want to spend too much on phones, and it is a place where people can go when they cannot get a phone.

There are a lot of people around the world who are going to start seeing FreedomPop as their only option, and FreedomPop becomes a great way for these people to get phones because it is so cheap. The way that people are saving money is going to help them have money for other things in their lives, and it is a nice place for people to come because they know that they do not have some other place to go.

The company has made a name for itself because it is offering something no one else will offer, and it is going to keep doing that around the world because it wants to make it so that everyone will be able to get the phone that they want at a price that is going to be much cheaper for all people involved.

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Yeonmi Park: One Girl’s Journey to Freedom

Yeonmi Park is a human rights activists that speaks out against the of the regime and living conditions within North Korea. This young lady left North Korea in 2007 and barely escaped with her life. She also has written and released a book on Amazon about her ordeal titled: In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. In the book she describes the horrifying trials and situations that she had to face in order for her family to make it to freedom in South Korea.
This story takes place in North Korea where Park grew up in poverty. Her father eventually had to turn to smuggling to support his family. He was eventually arrested for his activities. Yeonmi’s father was also a political activist that spoke out against the former Kim Il Jung regime. While in prison he came across fellow political party members who wanted to leave North Korea. When he got out of jail he decided to take his family out of the country into the south.

Park’s father had decided to send his wife and two daughters ahead of him and he would meet up with them at a future date. Right before the family was ready to leave; Park’s older sister decided to go to South Korea with the aid of a friend. Her family had no idea where she was and they had to leave without her. Park’s mother and she began a long and dangerous journey to the south. They had to travel with human smugglers, outwit Chinese security forces as they crossed the border and be on guard against the human predators that roamed the smuggling routes.

Eventually, Park and her mother made it to South Korea. However, her family paid a huge price. Park’s father died of cancer shortly after he reached his family. Park and her mom had to continue on with the smugglers but this proved to be an extremely difficult thing to do. They eventually made it to South Korea. Shortly after they had arrived, the two survivors had discovered where their sister was located. The two women are now living in New York City and telling the world about their ordeal. You can find out more about Yeonmi Park’s story on Or watch her speeches on

How White Shark Media Has Managed To Get The Best Testimonials From Its Clients.

All over the internet, White Shark Media has been receiving numerous positive reviews from its clients. But this firm that is a market leader in online marketing has not had it easy on the market. White Shark Media states that when it started its services it had numerous complaints from its customers. T

hese complaints seemed to be increasing as the business stayed longer in the market. White Shark Media says that it had reassessed itself to identify how to make sure that its clients had zero complaints. If the complaints were there, they had to be minimal, and they could be solved fast.

This firm began by introducing direct communication platforms for their clients. This communication platforms allowed clients to reach the firm easily in case of any complaints.  This enables clients to get real-time assistance for any minor issues they may have.

An article writeup from Glass Door seems to suggest that the new White Shark Media communication platform also integrated the videoconferencing and screen share technologies. This allowed the firm’s experts to work remotely with their clients and offer guidance on their Adword accounts. This also facilitated expert-client analysis of Adwords account performance monitoring.

This firm introduced client education services which allowed the clients to be offered guidance on how to manage their Adword accounts and deal with any troubleshooting. Through this program, clients were able to manage their accounts themselves and solve any minor issues themselves.

White Shark Media also integrated the old Adword accounts and the new Adword accounts to give their old clients a smooth transition to their new products. This firm saw that most of its older clients would have a problem with using the new Adword accounts and offered them an integrated option. This integrated account encompassed the old operation methods and new products.

PodNutz article has it that White Shark Media also changed their overall approach to their client’s complaints. This firm’s new motive was to rectify completely the issue causing the complaint so that the same complaint is not received again from any other client.

With this system, White Shark Media was able to eradicate completely issues that caused complaints from their services. As time passed, their services became more and more streamlined. Sooner than they thought the number of complaints they received started reducing until they were very few. Currently, White Shark Media rarely experiences any complaints from its clients.

Hayman Capital Management’s CEO Kyle Bass Wants Less Corporate Taxes And An Increase In Personal Taxes

A lot of people believe hedge fund managers live in a different world. And they are right. Hedge fund managers have developed an investment concept that has made most of them billionaires and Learjet groupies. But hedge funds took a few hits in 2015. The returns that used to be in the double digit category are not producing those returns anymore. Pension funds are moving assets away from hedge funds and finding less riskier investments that produce consistent returns. Not all hedge fund managers are suffering from this investment strategy change. But Kyle Bass, the 2008 wonder boy that bet against the system and won, is feeling a little pressure. The pressure Bass is feeling is not the exit of pension fund partners, but his own senseless choices.

It’s true that Bass made millions from the 2008 market crash and his investment firm, Hayman Capital Management, became an overnight sensation because of that one deal. But in the last ten years Bass has shown his true colors. He is not the magical investment guru some people thought he was. Bass is just another guy that happened to become a billionaire because he saw the potential of taking advantage of people that didn’t understand how the investment game is played.

In a recent interview, Mr. Bass told that the United States may not be part of the global recession that is devouring countries around the planet. Bass also said Hilary Clinton is his personal favorite for president. That’s no surprise. Men like Bass will benefit if Clinton is elected. Bass made it clear that he wants less corporate taxes and an increase in personal taxes. He also say he is not a Donald Trump supporter. Kyle believes Trump does express the views of millions of Americans, but he’s not the right guy to make the necessary changes.

China was another topic that Bass talked about. Hayman Capital is betting millions that the Chinese yuan will lose value in 2016. If he’s right, and many hedge fund investors say he is, Hayman Capital will make billions on that bet.

According to, even though Mr. Bass is still one of the men that investors want to hear from, he still carries a lot of negative baggage around with him. The General Motors airbag issue is part of that baggage.His relationship with Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is more baggage. Even though Fernández de Kirchner destroyed Argentina’s economy, Bass continued to stand behind her.

Sanjay Shah And His Rise To Success recently did an article about Sanjay Shah. Sanjay Shah is a philanthropist and a very well-known businessman. Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks. He is an individual that also encourages other interpreters to start their own businesses. Sanjay Shah gives individuals business advice and he is a motivational speaker as well. Solo Capital was founded after Sanjay Shah had to suffer through the financial crisis of 2009. He found himself without a job, and that is the reason why he decided to make his own investment firm.


Sanjay Shah is an individual that first wanted to be a doctor, but later he realized that his passion was for numbers. Sanjay Shah started working in many high-ranking banks until he ended up starting his own business. Solo Capital is a company that deals with consulting, property trading and professional sports investments. Solo Capital has a cash flow of over €30 million each year, and they have their headquarters located in London.


In their article about Sanjay Shah, Pharmiweb mentioned that Sanjay Shah started up Autism Rocks which is a fund that was made to raise awareness for the disorder of autism. Sanjay Shah first got involved with Autism rocks after he decided that he wanted to do more for his son that was diagnosed with Autism. Sanjay Shah has a passion for his family and for music, and he was able to combine those passions together to form Autism Rocks.


Autism Rocks holds many live concerts and charity events to raise donations and awareness for autism. Sanjay Shah invited an array of famous singers to give concerts, and with the proceeds for the concerts they are able to do more research and investigation about autism. This year Autism Rocks will host a series of festivals for the entire family, and they will also have performances by Tyga and Flo Rida.