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The Tyrants Trouble Maker

Yes, it is now clear that Thor Halvorssen is no longer the average clock-punching do-goodnik responsible for keeping the vampire hours. Thor Halvorssen knowledge on the subject is not theoretical especially after he successfully exposed the corruption in the government when he was working as Venezuela’s drug czar. During this time, Thor Halvorssens’ father was being tortured in the Caracas prison while his mother was shot during an anti-Hugo Chavez demo.


Leopoldo López, Thor Halvorssen cousin, was a constant challenger of the Chavista regime which completely failed to die with its namesake. Currently, Leopoldo López is gutting in Venezuelan jail as a political prisoner. However, Thor Halvorssen never takes some time to play the stereotypical activist sad sack unlike most of the human rights racket.

Just as he says most of the things in an emphatic way, Thor revealed that he loves people. Though most of the people he loves are either defectors or dissidents or freedom trouble makers who are always responsible for blowing spitballs at the authorities whenever they are up against the tyranny.


Thor has been a victim after being beaten black and blue for the cause. In 2010, Thor together with a cameraman traveled to the Ho Chi Minh City looking forward to interviewing the Unified Buddist Church of Vietnam Patriarch Thich Quang Do. Thich Quang Dos’ church was banned and at times he had to spend over 28 hours under house arrest. They managed to tap an interview immediately Thor entered the monastery. Vietnamese authorities after that opted to use Thor as a heavy bag on their way out. Thor was put under arrest until he convinced the police he was one of the Buddhist seekers.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen described by the New York Times as a Champion of the powerless and underdog producing film and an advocate of human rights. Thor Halvorssen is said to have started the work of fighting for human rights in 1989 when he was still an adolescent. He used to organize the opposition to the South African apartheid.


Thor Halvorssen has a Venezuelan and Norwegian background. Thor was involved in the promotion of the individual rights and process immediately after his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela.

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Bridgestone Tires Departing Venezuela

After sixty years in the South American country Venezuela, Bridgestone Tires will be selling off its assets. Bridgestone Tires is not the only large United States-based company to leave or slow its involvement in Venezuela due to recent economic hardship. Other businesses according to Corporation Wiki, that have done so include Halliburton, Ford Motor, and even Procter & Gamble. In a statement made Monday, May 23rd by Bridgestone Corporate, they confirmed the sale would not be affecting any of their stocks, options, or balance sheet as they wrote off the assets in Venezuela last year. They also verified the buyer to be one Grupo Corimon which is a Venezuelan native company and business entrepreneur group.
Further information from insider Norka on this new pieces also indicates that the new business that Grupo Corimon will be forming with the Bridgestone Tire assets will be called Alice Neumaticos de Venezuela. The Grupo Corimon (Corimon Group) is currently less by businessman Carlos Gill who has a long reputation of business and finance acquisitions much like the one between Bridgestone and Grupo Corimon. The business association also has Venezuelan businesses in pain, chemicals, and flexible packaging. They have yet to comment on the acquisition despite Bridgestone Corporates announcement.



Technology You Can See

Technology is something that every person, business, and large corporation uses, and it is no wonder that when a newer technology comes along, everyone is chomping at the bit to get it and use it. One of these newer technologies is image recognition. For a while, this technology wasn’t readily available to everyone until the past few years, and now it’s emerging as one of the fastest areas of technological growth in the tech industry.

Image recognition is not a new technology as it has been used by law enforcement agencies, governments, and militaries in the past, but for the general public it is still very new. Image recognition is the process of detecting and then identifying an object, feature, or unique marking in a digital video or image. The best ways this is being used currently are in security work, factories, and toll booths. This technology is also being utilized by companies online to help people search for things they want to buy. One of these companies that is leading this effort is Slyce.

Slyce has been working on image recognition software that not only will help a person buy products, but they can also do so much more. By integrating the ability to snap a picture to do more than just be a picture, Slyce has created a market within the image recognition market for itself. Now with the ability to use a photo to buy an item, make a list, discover something you visually see, or even take a picture of a coupon and use that later, Slyce has really shown what can be done with image recognition.

With image recognition software becoming one of the fastest growing technologies on the market, it is going to be a sure bet that consumers will see many more products in the future. From apps on phones, to cameras and computers, this technology will not only provide people with the ability to do more, it will provide businesses the ability to reach more people as well.

Anthony Marsala Takes Home The M&A Awards

Madison Street Capital is an independent financial institution that offers investment banking solutions on a global platform. The company has attained lots of success due to the solid reputation made by the enterprise. Madison Street Capital also offers quality advisory services to other financial institutions and government agencies in an efficient manner.

The company works with other middle-market organizations to achieve the best in the capital markets. Madison Street Capital acts as the intermediary between investors and businesses. The firm also offers business valuations and mainly mergers and acquisitions assistance. The company observes the professional code of ethics while dealing with clients. For more than 25 years, this company has been in the industry providing diverse ideas to customers with a sole aim of providing an efficient network in the banking sector.

Madison Street Capital has also been contributing towards the realization of an enabling community environment. This firm has been supporting education institutions and charitable organizations, a scenario that has made the company to be famous. Madison Street Capital headquarters are located in Chicago, USA, with Anthony Marsala serving as the president and the principal of the firm. Since the establishment of the business, the firm has entered into an agreement with affiliates such as Lasalle Capital Advisors.

Recently, Benzinga publishers made a release on the appointment of Anthony Marsala as the best-performing investor in the capital market. Mr. Anthony was awarded the M&A Awards for offering quality mergers and acquisition services. According to the release, Anthony Marsala was chosen as the awards winner on the basis of his performance in the stock markets and his experience in offering advisory services. He is among the investors who have been working closely with their employees to achieve the company’s primary aim in the market.

Investor Marsala made a compelling speech regarding his appointment, where he congratulated the Madison Street Capital staff for working with him in such a passionate manner. Since 2010, the United States has been awarding the top-notch investors in the financial markets, where this year Anthony Marsala managed to take the prize home having worked in a competitive environment.

According to David Fergusson, the senior executive of M&A Advisor board, the current method of choosing the top performers in the market is entirely different with the earlier one, as the present approach also involves the youth managers. For more information on the appointment of Anthony Marsala as the winner of M&A Awards, open .

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The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an individual who knew and understood that at a young age he wanted to help others through the use of technology and innovation. Eric Pulier is the proud founder of fifteen different companies that have all achieved and surpassed this goal and have informed others of all technology can benefit the world. In total, Pulier has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding companies that he has founded and co-founded. Ever since the early age of eight, Mr. Pulier knew his talent with technology and his mind for business and has made use of learning and experience to make the world a better place.

One of the Eric Pulier’s main goals is to continue with philanthropy. Through his intelligence, Eric Pulier has been involved in notable endeavors with the mission to combine interactive technology with problem solving towards relevant and current problems. Mr. Pulier’s work in philanthropy is especially geared towards individuals who are economically disadvantaged in parts all around the world. Eric Pulier is especially intent on helping disadvantaged children through this endeavor. As a board member and innovator to many children-related organizations around the world, Eric Pulier hopes that children are the primary benefactors of all the work that he has put in towards philanthropy. Pulier’s work with technology has been noted and honored around the world including by the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton, at the advice of his Vice President, Al Gore, chose Eric Pulier to use his talents in technology in order to create an exhibition to show the public the capabilities of technology into the 21st century. This exhibition took place in Washington DC and was a multi-day event that attracted thousands of individuals as well as distinguished politicians. Everything about the event went through Mr. Pulier who had extreme pride to showcase the future of the United States. With a similar vision to Mr. Pulier, Al Gore even invited Eric Pulier to be a part of a think tank with the vision of improving the world by solving problems through the use of technology.

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John Goullet as Entrepreneur and IT Staffer

Not only is John Goullet an Information Technology professional, but he also is known for his entrepreneurship. He has become famous for his multi-million dollar Info Technologies and other successful ventures.

Before building up what later became a $30 million corporation, Goullet was an IT consultant. He then moved on to IT staffing, which was the main focus of Info Technologies. This experience helped him become instrumental in sending the right employees to Fortune 500 companies.

Goullet’s former company and the newly-formed 2010 DIVERSANT LLC merger always focused on excellence. In the process, they have taught job applicants how to showcase their best skills on their resumes. In addition, any prospective IT job applicant was trained in areas that would help them become more marketable in the Information Technology field.

Another primary objective of DIVERSANT LLC, which is now the largest African-American owned staffing company, is diversity training. It has been reported that teaching employees how to cooperate with one another in spite of differences has resulted in increased workplace productivity. However, having a diverse staff has also added new creative techniques and technology methods for project completion.

John Goullet has a long history of success, but his career seemed to especially take off in approximately 1994. He along with Gene Waddy, owner of the new DIVERSANT, continue to keep up with the ever-changing technology demands. Furthermore, this company has become a Minority Business Enterprise, and it promotes diversity. This initiative is what helps improve productivity within a supply chain and when working on team projects.

Before his experience with DIVERSANT as a chairman, he had served in many capacities. As early as 1981, he worked in the Computer Science and IT fields.

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All You Need to Know About The Dynamic Search Partners

Dynamics Search Partners is an institution that is committed to sourcing the top talent individuals for hedge funds and the private equity industries. The company was started by Keith Mann several years ago, and it has managed to accomplish a lot under his leadership. The company has been operating for over ten years, attaining a successful record of pairing its clients with some of the best leading talents from all geographies and levels.

Dynamic Search Partners has managed to attain this success due to several reasons. One of the main reasons of the success is the enduring partnerships and relationships they have formed with their candidates and clients. The relationships are very strong, and they serve as the foundation of the business.

Under the leadership of Keith Mann, the company has managed to build extensive network of professionals, making them attain the top position in the industry. People who have dealt with this company in the past say that they liked their services, and they remain loyal to the institution.

For the past ten years, Dynamic Search Partners has remained one of the largest preeminent executive search firms to people in the alternative investment industry. The company began by building a successful network, and with time, it managed to gain a lot of expertise in the industry. In the year 2007, the company managed to grow its business in to the related verticals in the alternative investment industry.

Due to successful client referrals and the kind of candidate relationships the company has, it has been quite easy to expand the business in to the private equity industry. Here, they have greatly helped their clients to fill the important roles in the investment functions. At the moment, Dynamic Search Partners has managed to become one of the best companies in the industry. They have also managed to attain a prestigious portfolio in the hedge fund and also the private equity industry.

Keith Mann is the co-founder and President of the Dynamic Search Partners. He is very passionate about education, and this has made him start the company. Keith Mann has introduced several awards and scholarships to help young people who have talent to achieve their dreams of going to college and getting good positions.

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Handy has Everything that You Need

When I get involved with a company I like to make sure that the company has everything I need. When I shop, for example, I like to go straight to Wal-Mart. I get my clothes, toiletries, clothes and detergent all in one place. When I hire landscapers for the outside of the home I get people that can trim hedges, plant flowers and remove weeds. I like companies that offer a plethora of different services. That is why I have gravitated towards Handy. For on-demand interior services, Handy is the company that I trust. I would never consider anyone else for things inside of the house because this is a company that has proven that the contractors can do it all.

I found this out for myself when I moved into my new home during the spring. Some people move things around for spring cleaning. My family joked and said that I took spring cleaning a little too far by uprooting and moving my entire home. I didn’t have much of a choice. My job moved from Seattle to Atlanta, and I found myself trying to get situated in my new home in the south. The great thing was that I had already known about Handy, and I was booking this company for both my old home and my new home.

Before I left the old house I got Handy contractors to come out and paint the rooms. When I moved into the new house I got Handy to come in and do some picture hanging, furniture assembly and TV mounting. I thought that it was so cool to have a company like this that does so many things. I have gotten all squared away in my new home, and I have Handy to thank for that. I was able to successfully sell my old home, and I am sure that the superb paint job that Handy contractors did helped with the quick sell.

I am loving my new job here in Atlanta, but it does keep me quite busy. That is why I continue to book Handy for cleaning.

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James Dondero and the Highland Capital Promise

James Dondero has to be one of the most accomplished professionals nurtured at the University of Virginia. James has served in the Accounting and Finance industry for three decades and brought lots of expertise and knowledge in all his undertakings.

Dondero also appears to be an administrative genius judging from his roles at CCS Medical, MMG Studios, NexBank and the American Banking Corporation as a member of the board of directors. In an ever changing and extremely challenging environment, James Dondero has won the hearts of investors, stakeholders and his peers alike with his understanding of finance and economic trends.

An investment advisor with qualities as those James Dondero exhibits will always have an easy time winning over customers. In James Dondero’s case, his attributes saw his career grow, and now he runs his firm known as Highland Capital. As fate would have it, Highland Capital exemplifies Dondero’s finest qualities and competencies in the investment banking sector. It’s an experienced, bold and disciplined organization.

Highland Capital has also grown in business and reputation in the same manner that Dondero’s star rose. James Dondero bears the title and responsibility of the co-founder and the CEO of the organization. Interestingly, his professional achievements are also recognized by the Chartered Financial Analyst body which has duly assigned Mr. Dondero a similar title.

One of the expert services offered by Highland Capital Management includes the Collateralized Loan Obligation. This package represents one of the career works of James Dondero. Earlier in his career, James became an important member of the team that developed the concept of the CLO. He has high confidence in the performance of the CLO such that he pioneered its implementation after the establishment of Highland Capital.

In an industry where investment bankers receive more scrutiny from regulators, Highland Capital has won the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission. It now boasts of an asset portfolio of around $20 million. The firm has also diversified into alternative investments and public pension plans, wealth management as well as government advisory.

The growth path has also seen Highland Capital expand from its Dallas headquarters to Singapore, Sao Paulo and Seoul, South Korea.

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Universities Are Dropping The Ball When It Comes To Discussing Controversial Ideas According To Charles Koch

The United States was built on the premise that freedom of expression is the key element in the positive growth of a nation. The United States was also built on non-conformity and offensive ideas. Without the contrast, there is no growth, according to billionaire Charles Koch. Koch wants colleges and universities around the country to get back to the basics, and ignore the conformists that want to promote selective ideas and homogenized beliefs.

Koch is an outspoken businessman from Kansas. His family owned company, Koch Industries, is one of the largest privately owned company in the country. Koch is known for his financial participation, and for promoting the Republican agenda. Charles and his brother David are big donors to conservative ideas, but they are also considered liberals at times. Charles has even given Hillary Clinton credit recently for being the most qualified candidate for president.

Koch has also teamed up with Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York recently even though the two men rarely have the same viewpoint when it comes to political concepts. Both men believe American universities are becoming havens for conformity rather than welcoming controversy. A large number of colleges are staying away from men and women that have radical ideas about sensitive topics. Universities are closing their borders and only accepting what “feels right” rather than openly allowing freedom of speech and expression. College administrators are afraid to upset their benefactors that have a distinct goal in mind rather than an open society agenda.

If institutions of higher learning continue to accept the norm rather than embrace the offensive topics as learning tools, the United States will continue to fall behind the rest of the world, according to Mr. Koch. Controversial people and topics must be discussed openly on campuses across the country, and Koch and Bloomberg are speaking out to help make that happen. Every sensitive issue has found a way into mainstream society in some way because they were topics of conversations on college campuses.

The ability to offend is a tool for expansion. Koch and Bloomberg want to bring offensive topics back into college conversations.

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