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Personalizing Skincare with Shea Butter

In the modern world, everybody knows that skin is unique. Your skin is heavily influenced by dozens upon dozens of factors, which means that your skincare must be individualized for your specific needs. While Shea butter has become a popular component in many skincare routines, there is still a need for some scrutiny in the different varieties of Shea butter.

The Difference

Despite popular belief, not all Shea butter is created equal. While Shea butter is popular as a natural moisturizer, there are plenty of sellers that add artificial ingredients to their Shea butter that take out many of Shea butter’s natural benefits. This is why it is important that you, as a customer, have a discerning eye.

Carefully look at the ingredients of the Shea butter before making a purchase. It is okay if has additives, as not everyone needs or wants the intense moisture of pure Shea butter, but look closely at what has been added. A good rule of thumb is not to trust anything that you cannot pronounce. Shea butter is supposed to be a natural solution, so do not waste your money on an artificial alternative.

Eugenia Shea has become a standout in the world of Shea butter, largely because they understand the importance of catering products to individual needs. That is why they offer several different kinds of Shea butter, each suited for a special purpose. While not all of their Shea butters are pure Shea, the additives are completely natural and let the Shea butter remain gentle on the skin.

As a significant bonus, Eugenia Shea was founded by a woman in Ghana with ethical trade practices. While everyone wants to have smooth, natural-feeling skin, there is little value in a skincare product that is built upon the backs of workers. Thankfully, Eugenia Shea is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too.

Think Smart

As a consumer, you must keep your wits about you. Carefully consider how different brands of Shea will work on your skin, and you will find yourself with the right Shea butter in no time.

Stephen Murrray, CCMP Capitals President

Stephen Murray was the president and CEO of CCMP Capital, a private equity firm. He passed last year, March 12, 2015, at the age of 52. Murray went to Boston College and graduated with a degree in economics. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He then ended up getting his masters in business from Columbia Business School. From there he became a credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, which was his first involvement in business. Murray eventually became the CEO of JP Morgan Partners a buyout business

JP Morgan Partners became two separate corporations in 2006 when CCMP Capital separated from JPMorgan Chase in 2006. Stephen Murray was named the CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007. Stephen Murray ran the company well enough to get $3.4 billion in commitments from investors in 2007.

These movements solidified CCMP Capital as one the biggest private equity firms in the nation. Murray also ended up serving board for many companies including, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Generac Power Systems, and much more.

Aside from his great success in the business world, Murray was very active in philanthropy. He supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation in New York. He served on the boards of many charities.

He continued much of this philanthropic work until he passed in early March of last year. Obviously, Murray left a lasting impression in the company he helped create and the people he helped through his charitable ventures.

Before his death, Stephen Murray had helped Stephen Murray CCMP Capital raise two multi-billion dollar funds for the company. They raised $3.6 Billion in 2014 with Murray at the helm. Murray resigned about a month before his death citing health reasons as the concern.

His health reasons seemed valid concern since he passed away from illness shortly after resigning. Greg Brenneman, CCMP’s chairperson, president, and CEO said in an interview regarding the death“We are very saddened to learn that our friend and former partner, Stephen Murray has passed away,” He also said “Our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with his wife and sons. We know they were his pride and joy.”

He ended the statement with these kind words, “A founding partner of CCMP Capital; Stephen Murray was a terrific investor and dealmaker who spent the majority of his career in private equity. We are grateful for his positive contributions to the success of CCMP and its predecessors.”

The Magic for Beautiful and Bouncy Hair

Many ladies, if not all, love to have their hair shiny and bouncy. This is understandable as most infomercials feature a stunning woman rocking such hair, and they are a joy to watch. WEN hair by Chaz is such a product. This one, however, is tried and approved by many of its consumers. Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner promises customers the best in their QVC infomercials which they ensure they keep.
With a wide variety of products to cater for all types of hair, WEN also provides for multiple needs of the user. The Cleansing Conditioner acts as a shampoo, conditioner, and treatment in the same product. In the case of one being an admirer and wanting to try it out, the results are worth the risk.
Something that might scare a new consumer is the amount that one is required to use once. Unlike ordinary shampoo where one or two pumps is okay, WEN recommends at least ten pumps depending on the length of the hair. One begins to feel the change almost immediately after using the product. The product also prevents hair strands falling off. After drying the hair, it seems thicker and shiny.
With continued use of the product, the hair becomes more healthy and beautiful increasing the self-confidence in the consumer. WEN makes the hair really soft and therefore difficult to obtain curls that last long.It is, however, common for people with naturally straight hair and cannot be blamed on the product.
WEN products add a lot to the hair, and when used regularly, it makes the users hair to stand out and become more noticeable by friends and associates. Ladies who use these products rarely experience bad hair days. If they do have one, it will surely have something to do with the user and not the product.
WEN Cleansing Conditioner is an awesome product and would be good for ladies to try after which the results would compel one to become a regular user. After all, that shiny hair is always welcomed by any woman. It is available on Sephora beauty stores.

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Dick DeVos gives a major donation to the Kennedy Center

Dick DeVos is one of the most successful businessmen in America. During his long and storied career, DeVos guided Amway to a bright future and oversaw Amway’s transition into Alticor. Today, Alticor is an extremely influential company, but DeVos has retired.

Dick enjoyed his time in the business world, but now he focuses on his hobbies. Dick loves racing yachts and his team is extremely competitive. DeVos also enjoys flying and has invested a great deal of time into his flying habit. Dick is enjoying retirement, but he is not satisified. Dick is determined to make a difference in the world.

DeVos knows that he was born into an amazing family. His family owned an important business, and he was groomed for success from the start. He had unlimited access to anything he wanted. Many men would choose to feel guilty about the opportunities that Dick had, but he is choosing to open up opportunities for others. He founded an aviation academy in Michigan. The academy is allowing high schoolers from various backgrounds the opportunity fly. Several classes have already graduated from the academy and are currently attending prestigious schools. DeVos is extremely proud of his aviation academy, but his charitable works do not stop there.

Dick DeVos cares deeply about the arts. As a child, he regularly attending performances at the local theatre, and his family gave generously to arts institutions. He believes that art allows insights into the human condition that help people to make better decisions. DeVos gives generously to arts institutions, and recently he saw an amazing cause that he knew needed help.

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is the premier performing arts center in the United States. Every year, great artists come to our nation’s capital and perform amazing works for our nation’s leaders. The Kennedy Center was built in 1971, and it has played host to every President since. The center allows people from throughout the capital area to take in amazing shows. Recently, the Kennedy Center was going through a renovation and they were seeking donations. DeVos knew how important the Kennedy Center is to this country and decided he had to give. He decided to give $1 million to the renovation project. This donation will help the center add rehearsal spaces and a new dining area.

DeVos has capitalized on every opportunity America has given him, and he loves giving back.

Dodd-Frank Changes The Way SEC Whistleblowers Are Protected

The 2008 economic slowdown caused much concern and many changes to the rules and laws of the U.S. based financial industry, including the introduction of a much more extensive SEC whistleblower program. Jordan A. Thomas is one of the names attached to the writing of the Dodd-Frank Act and has now moved to lead an SEC whistleblower program at Labaton Sucharow, which includes the chance to find the best possible options to protect the individual or group who are seeking to bring their evidence of financial issues to the attention of the SEC.

One of the aspects of the Dodd-Frank Act that has been much discussed and appreciated is the development of the SEC whistleblower program that is intended to make sure those with concerns about the financial industry have the confidence to report them to the proper authorities within the SEC. The whistleblower program has been developed to make sure those expressing their concerns are confident their career and personal financial future will be protected following any investigation based on the information provided.

The SEC whistleblower program at Labaton Sucharow has been developed to make sure any person looking to become involved in the SEC whistleblower program understands the protections and assistance they are given under the Dodd-Frank Act; the development of the program is also designed to make sure the financial assistance the SEC whistleblower program provides is available to the individual with concerns about the actions of some in the financial industry. Jordan A. Thomas understands how important it is for individuals to have their employment protected when they enter the SEC whistleblower program and put their own future at risk.

Alongside the need to protect the employment of each individual whistleblower contacting the SEC the Dodd-Frank Act also seeks to make sure each person entering the program is rewarded for bringing their concerns to the attention of the public. The Labaton Sucharow group also ensures the dedicated team they have assembled to assist SEC whistleblowers has the chance to investigate any claims made before bringing them to the attention of the SEC, but also fights to ensure a whistleblower is provided with their 10 to 30 percent portion of any fines levied by the SEC reaching over $1 million.

Learn more about the lawyers at SEC Whistleblower Advocate

How Does Status Labs Makes Life Better For Stricken Companies?

Stricken companies that have a bad reputation have to make sure that they are going to change their reputation online with someone’s help. That means that these companies cannot do this on their own, and they are not in a position to handle a crisis without seeming like they are not very genuine. It is actually a lot better for all these companies to make sure that they are going to ask Status Labs for help. Status Labs is going to change the way that all these companies look, and they use their own formula.


There are a lot of things that Status Labs can do to make sure that they make their clients look good, but they have to be sure that they have all the information that they need for the project. They are going to use stories and pictures from the client that are going to help the company look good, and they are going to create as many chances as they can for the company to look good.


Even the small things that the company has done make for good stories, and they are going to use them to be sure the client looks great. The client is going to feel like they have made the right choices when their positive news is more available than negative news, but they have to make sure that they give Status Labs a long time to get the problem solved. The idea is that Status Labs cannot fix the problems that they have unless they spend a long time doing it.


Status Labs is prepared to make sure that all their clients are going to look much better, and they are going to use all the information they can find to help make the process work. Their formula is going to help every client have a better result, and the client is going to see things change online when they make new online searches. The most positive information will be first in an online search, and the Status Labs team will stay on top of a problem until it is sorted.

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Marketing Made Easier With Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution

Being able to send a video together with your emails, online chats, blogs, newsletters, webinars, with much ease, quickly, easily, and affordably is what everyone needs. Talk fusion provides you with a chance to use video to engage with anyone including both potential and present customers. Ordinary text can never match the power of a video. Videos allow you to communicate clearly and in a simple and understandable fashion. With video incorporation into emails the rate of your engagement increases by 44% and you also get a higher chance of customer acceptance at 85%. Thus with video you will sell more of your products and services to customers.

Talk fusion has for many years made all this possible. The company recently launched a better new service that will give all customers that want to buy their service a 30-day free trial of their all-in-one Video Marketing Solution.

After hard work and planning Talk Fusion finally launched the service that will give their customers a chance to first understand the effective video marketing service before purchasing. The information will be first hand thus everyone that signs will enjoy the experience. The CEO of Talk Fusion was excited with the launch the product gives a value that cannot be matched in the world.

To sign up for the free service all one needs is their email address and name. credit card and personal details are not required. Talk Fusion is a global leader in video marketing solutions and its services are always designed to help businesses grow.

Many people that know Bob Reina will tell you that he got a sense of humor but when it comes to his work he is no joke. Bob is the founder and CEO of talk fusion. To be successful in his career Bob has had to work hard, remain discipline and farsighted. Bob attended the University of South Florida and later graduated from the police academy top in his class.

Bob worked as a police officer for many years before quitting to follow his passion which is marketing. His vision was the reason Talk Fusion came to be. He works with marketing and technology professionals that joined to work with him due to the great vision he possesses.