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We Got Inspired To Use NutriMost

We both wanted to make sure that we could lose weight, and we thought the best way would be to use NutriMost. We saw the story about someone who lost a lot of weight on the plan, and we decided to get started as soon as we could. We started using their system because it is all based on food, and it helps us pick out the food that we need to eat. We cook the food that they have described, and we can try something new every day if we want to.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

The other thing that we liked is that we were losing weight. We could see the results in what we were doing, and we were happy to keep using it because we knew that we could make our goal weights even if that was very far out there. We both wanted to lose a lot of weight, and we have been very glad that NutriMost works.

We heard about other companies that have tried to copy the ads that NutriMost does, but we know that no one else can get the results that NutriMost does. We have been losing weight fast, and we are holding off on buying new clothes because we know that we will be able to get some really good clothes at the end of this process.

We enjoy losing weight with the people at NutriMost where we get all the help that we need on their website. We have learned about the food we need to eat, and we have been able to see that we can lose more weight than we planned. We could think big for once, and we have been able to get the results that we need no matter what we are eating or where we are eating it with NutriMost.

Andy Wirth as a Humanitarian and a Business Manager in Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth is the current CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a leading company in skiing activities. The company engulfs the Squaw Valley and the Alpine meadows both which have attractive sites for extreme sports lovers. It is found in the Olympic Valley and attracts many people annually.

Featuring luxury hotels and spa lounges, it has become a perfect getaway spot for most of the individuals in the US and those who fancy the cold climate. Andy Wirth was elected the leader of this company after its purchase by the KSL partners from the original owners’ native to the Squaw Valley.

Andy Wirth has been quite visionary with Squaw Valley despite strong opposition from the neighboring communities on environmental issues. However, Squaw Valley and the parent company spearheaded by Andy has developed over the years to become a green company. Andy has faced fatal obstacles in life such as almost losing his arm completely in a skydiving accident.

He has, however, risen past these setbacks and pushed himself to the limits to be competent both as a business manager and an athlete. His cycling career is yet to get back to glory, but he trains hard despite having been taken back to ground zero by the accident.

According to Bloomberg, Andy Wirth’s potential is recognized by many people such as the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, who recently elected him chairperson and the president to their executive board.

Having been humbled by this achievement, Andy expresses his gratitude and focuses on exploring the potential of the region served by the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service. He feels that the company will enable him to provide an opportunity also to recognize new prospects for flight in the region as well as promoting tourism. His position allows him to merge the interests of the two companies he is affiliated to for development in both.

Andy Wirth is also recognized for his philanthropy works he launched after the near death experience. The initiative deemed the Navy Seal Foundation is bent on recognizing the efforts of the Navy Seals warriors who have suffered injuries and fatalities in their service to the country.

Andy together with other two affiliates from the Seal who’ve had the experience first-hand feels it right to give back to these people. The funds amassed from this foundation will be used to cater for their injuries such as lost limbs and also serve as appreciation for giving their all on behalf of their country.

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Saving the Great Barrier Reef Comes with a Hefty Price Tag

Located off the coast of Queensland, Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest system of coral reefs in the world. It encompasses 2,900 reefs and 900 islands, stretching over 1,400 miles. This system supports numerous forms of wildlife, many of which are vulnerable and endangered species, including thirty species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Without the reef, many of these species would become extinct. The reef is an important part of an entire ecosystem. Unfortunately, this natural wonder is under threat from climate change and human impact, such as over-fishing and pollution. Saving this natural gem is going to come at a price.

According to the Huffington Post, the Great Barrier Reef is going through the worst-ever recorded coral bleaching event. In fact, ninety percent of the reef has been affected, and one-third of the coral has been killed. Bleaching occurs when the coral becomes stressed; it is theorized to be a defense mechanism. Coral bleaching is usually the result of increased water temperatures in the ocean, which are currently being caused by climate change. In order to help save the Great Barrier Reef, drastic measures are going to need to be taken. As of right now, the Queensland government has agreed, in principle, to all measures established by the Great Barrier Reef Water Science Task Force report, which will end up costing the government $6.3 billion over the next decade.

The majority of these costs come from cutting the sedimentation load caused by runoff from various basins in half. $4.94 billion, alone, is set to go towards reducing the sediment runoff from the Fitzroy Basin. In addition to reducing sediment runoff, another goal established by the report is to reduce nitrogen pollution by eighty percent. The Queensland government is willing to spend this money to not only help preserve this natural wonder, but to help maintain a major source of income for the area.

The Great Barrier Reef brings in an estimated $4.59 billion annually to the area. In addition, it is responsible for employing over 70,000 people. The destruction of the Great Barrier Reef would be a huge economic loss for Queensland. By helping to improve water quality in the area, Queensland hopes to preserve the reef, its inhabitants, and their economy.

Eight Useful Rules for Young Entrepreneurs in Panama

There are many opportunities in Panama when it comes to the world of business. There are certain rules to follow especially for youngsters that wish to venture into their businesses on The rules are the same in every part of the world, but Panama has favorable factors that make success much easier.

The rules are as follows:
1. Be a mobile person that can move around and not just stick to one place. Create a brilliant idea and ensure that you implement it. An online business can be a perfect venture in Panama because of the high-speed services that are available here.

2. Strive to be number one in your area of expertise. Consider your skills and experience in whatever business you want to do. Make sure that whatever field it is, you have the necessary skills that will get you ahead of your competitors.

3. You do not need the best grades to make it as an entrepreneur in Panama. All you need is self-confidence. Make yourself the boss. Create business cards with your name clearly embedded on them with titles such as “president’ or “CEO”. Such is the initiative and morale that you need as the stepping-stones to higher grounds in the corporate world.

4. Look for an ethical and trustworthy business partner such as Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa with the same vision as yourself. Do not hold back thinking that you will make it on your own. Collaborate with other entrepreneurs. That way you will accomplish a lot more.

5. Do not take any shortcut whatsoever. A successful business demands that you work hard. Be prepared to start from zero by doing a lot of research. Set your goals and reward yourself whenever you achieve them.

6. Be ready to learn new things. Look for a mentor like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa who can take you through the whole process by giving you relevant advice on some mistakes that can cost you your career.

7. Acknowledge that failure is part of learning. Do not take it negatively or allow it to put you down. Learn from others’ mistakes and accept criticisms because that is what will build you.

8. Minimize your budget as much as you can. Avoid those business ideas that require many expenses. You can join arms with other young innovators and split the cost of such thing as electricity, rent, and the internet.

There many role model entrepreneurs that surfacing entrepreneurs can look up to like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Figueroa is a notable figure in the business community in Panama. He holds very influential positions of Presidency, treasury, and directorship in five companies. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa assists in the growth of firms as well mentoring the youth.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa:

Changing Your Finances

Personal finance is a tough subject for many people to grasp. There are a lot of variables to consider when thinking about the long term financial objectives for your life. Brian Bonar is an investing expert who wants to help other people get to the next level. He has done a great job of helping other people in their journey to wealth.

He is an investing expert who has a track record of success in the field. If you are someone who wants to learn more about investing, he is a great resource to have. The career of Brian Bonar has been filled with a lot of great accomplishments and awards. Here are a couple of reasons why.
Finance Expert

The world of finance is confusing and complicated. There are few people who truly have firm grasp over this area of the world. The good news is that there are ways that people can learn how to drive results in this area. If you are struggling with money, there is probably a reason that can be easily identified. Read more: Brian Bonar / People / MG2

For example, if you fixed expenses are really high, cutting down on your expenses will allow you to save more money. This seems obvious, but these are often the little things that prevent anyone from taking the next step in their financial life. There are a lot of people who are looking to experts for advice in this area.

The great thing about the internet is that you no longer have to see these people in person. Brian Bonar has written a ton of content online about investing and other subjects. If you want to learn, you now have the opportunity to do so simply be conducting a search online.


Debt is one of the biggest issues that people face today. Millions of people feel trapped because they have too much month left at the end of their money. If you are struggling with debt, this is an issue that you can resolve simply by paying down the debt.

Although it sounds complicated, working an extra job or cutting other expenses opens up cash flow and allows you to take the next step in this area. Instead of getting trapped by debt, you should actively work to avoid it. In this way, you can learn to take the next step with your money and change your family in the future.

Future Plans

Brian Bonar wants to continue to work in the world of personal finance. There are a lot of people who are looking to take their finances to the next level, either by paying down debt or investing more.

Anyone who wants to learn how to take control of their money should look at Brian Bonar. He has a great track record of success in helping others.

National Park Service Might Sell Corporate Sponsorship to Rename Classic Parks

National parks could soon be splattered with new colors, new signs and new looks. Instead of the classic Grand Canyon, visitors could drive up to see the bright yellow and red McDonalds Grand Canyon sign. Nothing is set in stone, but national parks are considering selling their naming rights and corporate sponsorships.

Millions of visitors flow into national parks each year, but there is an $11 billion backlog of maintenance projects and a lack of overall funding. Parks want to attract a diverse, younger crowd. Many of these national treasures have remained the same for decades. For some visitors the classic look and feel is part of America’s legacy. Some visitors feel national parks should be funded by state and federal governments instead of reaching out to corporations. Some fear corporations will make the appearance of parks littered and take away from the history.

The National Park Service Director’s Order No. 21 details the consideration of naming rights and corporate sponsorship. Logo displays can be places on every park fixture, but the parks will not be renamed. This means there will not be a Pizza Hut Yellowstone National Park. The rooms inside the park, the vehicles, benches, paving stones and landscaped areas can be renamed. Logos and colors can be placed throughout the park. A red and white Coca Cola Fort McHenry garden inside the park might seem strange, but the National Park Service promises it would bring in more money for a better park experience.

Some National Park employees say this type of funding will help pay for landscaping, museum and restroom upgrades, public demonstrations and bus rides for city school visits. Critics fear corporations will begin to take over not only the look of the park, but how they operate. The classic look and feel could be diminished.

Ricardo Tosto: How To Choose A Good Lawyer

Looking for a lawyer for advice or legal representation? Need a reliable lawyer to represent you in court or in a negotiation proceeding?

There are several ways to go about looking for a lawyer for your legal representation or advice. Once you follow the right steps and get a reliable lawyer you can have peace of mind in knowing that your case will be handled properly.

Review and compare the attorney’s track record. You need a legal representative who continually obtains favorable outcome for his/her clients. Search online for your prospective attorney, using reputable Lawyer Directory sites and other reliable resources. Search for news items regarding their past records, honors, awards, client references, remarks and success rates, and peer ratings from other lawyers. Check out the attorney’s website, but do not rely upon it without researching properly.

To get the best settlement or resolution in your case, you need a lawyer whom the opposing side knows is able and prepared to handle the case. Having an attorney whom the opposing party knows can do the job could raise the settlement value of your lawsuit significantly. An attorney who goes to trial and wins could walk all over a lawyer who does not in negotiating a settlement.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a highly knowledgeable lawyer in Brazil. He has practiced for over 22 years and is highly respected in the law field by his peers and clients. Although Ricardo Tosto practices in Brazil, he has world wide recognition as a leading litigation strategist and one who obtains great outcome for his clients. His clients include, corporations, large companies, small businesses, mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and high-profile individuals.

Ricardo Tosto’s litigation background includes vast experience in the business and corporate law arena. Ricardo Tosto utilizes a vast array of legal resources to help him render top notch advice and guidance to his clients, protect their rights and obtain the outcome they desire. Mr Ricardo Tosto stays at the cutting edge of new developments in business law, and comes highly recommended in the industry.

Twitter: @ricardotosto01

Expanding Your Living Space With Outdoor Living

Home owners who live in areas which support outdoor living are finding that they do not need to move to a new home to expand their living space to keep with their expanding family. Many families are realizing that they can make modifications to their yards to enjoy additional living space. These families find that such an expansion not only saves them the cost of purchasing a new home and the disruption of moving to a new location for the entire family but these improvements can also increase the value of the home.

Some of the types of outdoor living space improvements that home owners are investing in are as follows:

1: Swimming Pool: One of the most popular manners of outdoor living improvements is the installation of a swimming pool. The pool can be various sizes and shapes and the size of the house does not matter. Some homes which have small rear yard space can include wadding pools or hot tubs.

2: Backyard Patios: The traditional use of one’s yard space for outdoor living is a back yard patio design which can facilitate barbecues, wet bars or grill facilities. Based on the size of the home, the backyard patio space could include all of the facilities listed above.

3: Gardens: A versatile use of outdoor living space is a planted garden. The garden can be a functioning garden that produces food or it can be decorative for admiration. Many are familiar with the beauty of Japanese style zen gardens. These gardens are specifically designed to promote meditation and can be as beautiful as is the imagination of the home owners.

4: Play Equipment: Families with children find that a yard space designed with recreational equipment for children is a major asset. Many families live in areas which are not supported by public parks and recreational sets such as trampolines, swing sets and slides provide the homeowner to provide an area for their children to play safely. As the children become older,
the recreational play sets can be updated or the space reconfigured for more adult related uses.

5. Lounge Space: A newer trend in outdoor living space is the use of one’s outdoor living space as an extension of their living room. These spaces include gazebo’s and sofa’s areas as well as televisions and other forms of outdoor entertainment.


How Clay Siegall Has Improved Seattle Genetics And Healthcare In General

Dr. Clay Siegall has made notable strides in the healthcare sector by working with leading companies to avail solutions to problems ailing the industry. One of the companies he works with is the Mirna Therapeutics, a company focused on commercializing and developing microRNA therapeutics. He received the appointment to work as an outside director in 30th January, 2013.

One of the qualities that inspired the company to hire him is his expansive experience and knowledge in the field of clinical medicine, and they expressed confidence in the appointment citing that he would be a vital addition to their team.

More about Mirna Therapeutics
Mirna Therapeutics deals with the manufacture and commercialization of microRNA Therapeutics. The company applies its own unique strategies developed by their scientists and professionals in-licensed and the portfolio of the company contains more than 300 miRNAs that can be applied in oncology and several other diseases.

Mirna Therapeutics, located in Texas, was founded in 2007 and has all through invested in research and development of treatment methods for cancer through the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute.

Seattle Genetics
Founded in 1998 by Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that has specialized in the development of cancer treatment methods through antibody-drug conjugates technology, which works by empowering monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of cancer.

Having been in the industry for more than one decade, Seattle Genetics has developed industry-leading and proprietary technology that works through monoclonal antibody specifics that help to deal with tumor-associated antigen and cell-killing agents. The company has also been having clinical trials and volunteers can get in to help in the process, which includes testing of various diseases to come up with ideas for the development of drugs.

About Dr. Clay Siegall
Clay B. Siegall is a co-founding member of Seattle Genetics and is the current CEO and President of the company. Siegall is trained as a scientist and his area of specialization is cancer therapeutics, which explains the reason he built Seattle Genetics on a foundation that respects scientific innovation, research and drug development.

Clay Siegall’s leadership has been vital in enhancing the development of antibody-drug conjugates and helped to secure the FDA approval in 2011. Through his support, Seattle Genetics has entered into several licenses for the ADC technology, which include major players in the industry like GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, AbbVie and Gentech.


Raj Fernando looking to make a Leader in Provision of Market Information

Raj Fernando is best known for his role in political fundraising and for being the founder of Chopper Trading. A graduate of Beloit College, Raj overcame the odds to become one of the few successful traders in US. His passion for establishing information symmetry in the markets has also earned him national acclaim. He is also a renowned philanthropist who has been at the forefront of various humanitarian causes.

At Chopper Trading, Raj Fernando established among the most advanced trading technologies to aid in seamless trading. Through his leadership as the CEO, he oversaw the design and installation of highly advanced monitoring and source code security systems, some highly sophisticated trading, risk management, and communications systems in the financial and securities trading industries.

Through Raj’s contribution to the development of various information systems, he was appointed to be a member of the International Security Advisory Board. Further, Raj has been on the forefront in the war against cyber crimes. As a member of the board of American Security Project, Raj has been helpful at designing cyber security systems. He is also a board member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Fernando likes operating with stable teams to achieve the highest productivity. At Chopper Trading, he initiated a strong workplace culture that lives on even after he left the firm. Employees were selected based not only on their capabilities but also their enthusiasm towards working at the firm. Subsequently, the firm was able to have the lowest turnover rates in the industry while still being able to land some of the most skilled candidates in the market.

He believes in creating a workplace environment that promotes productivity. At Chopper Trading, employees were given the best incentives to boost their self-drive and teamwork. Apart from enjoying such facilities like state of the art work out equipment, they also enjoyed regular team outings to various events such as watching sports.

In his philanthropic endeavors, Raj Fernando believes that the action has to be driven by compassion. As a result, he always ensures that he participates in charitable events that achieve a direct positive impact in society. For instance, he has been a big supporter of such causes such as Canine Therapy Corps (CTC), E-sport After-Hours League, and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Raj Fernando sold off Chopper Trading to DRW Trading Group in 2015. A year later, he launched, a firm that deals in market information. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and History. He has been active in securities and forex trading for over 20 years.