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The Adventures Of Visiting Nation Parks

Gasoline prices have settled at bargain prices around the United States of America and people are flocking to State and National Parks by the millions. The National Park System is celebrating a century of operation, and there is a flood of visitors lead by the recently retired “Baby Boomers” who can take advantage of senior rates at National Parks across the country. If you are 62 or older, you can get this pass. Find out how at:Your text to link… But there are two caveats for visiting the National Parks. If you and your family are camping extra protection needs to be provided to take care of a new strain of disease, the Zika virus, coming from our ubiquitous unfriendly picnic intruder, the mosquito. Repellents, long sleeves, and other basic protection from insects need to be used. Protect yourselves follow what Consumer Reports recommends here: Your text to link…
For those who might need an excuse to avoid the National Park System, there is a series of in-depth investigations into disappearances happening at National Parks which David Paulides has researched and assembled into a series of chilling books documenting this strange, gripping mystery. His books are available on-line: Your text to link… Paulides is a former cop who stumbled on this most intriguing occurrence and has investigated it with fervor and respect for those who have mysteriously gone missing. He advises anyone heading out to a National Park to never go hiking alone, and to carry a personal distress and locating device. He carries a firearm when he goes hiking and advises those who have carry permits to also take firearms with them when in the wilderness.

Ten Facts You Didn’t Know about Panama According to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Panama is quite the unique destination for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Whether it is the mountains, forests, beaches, and even biodiversity, Panama has it all. It is located at the edge of Central America and South America, therefore, linking the two continents. Below are ten facts you didn’t know about Panama:

1. The lush landscape of Panama and long coastlines provides the ideal habitat for birds. Panama is home to over 970 species of the rarest and most beautiful birds in the world. Despite its relatively small geographical area on, it boasts more species of birds than the US and Canada combined.

2. The iconic Panama Canal took 17 years to complete. It stretches over 49.71 miles. The canal is not only a popular tourist attraction but offers a passage of more than 14,000 ships. Due to its heavy traffic, the channel is estimated to generate nearly a third of the country’s income.

3. Panama’s El Valle village that is located in a volcanic crater is a tourist destination at The village is elevated 600 meters and therefore has cooler temperatures than the Panamanian lowlands.

4. Panama’s official currency is the dollar meaning strong economic ties between the two countries. Interestingly is that the currency is not minted in Panama as there is no US Treasury in the country.

5. In 1821, Panama together with Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador was known as the Republic of Gran Colombia. In the early 1900s, the US helped Panama secede from Gran Colombia and shortly afterward started the construction of the Panama Canal.

6. Panama City is the capital of Panama. It is home to approximately 3.9 million people, almost half of the country’s population.

7. The Panama Railroad is the most extravagant railway system in Panama with a cost of about $8 million according to Figueroa. Due to the outbreak of diseases during its initial construction, an estimated 12,000 constructors lost their lives.

8. Panama City has a jungle at its heart. The forest is called the Metropolitan Nature Park. It’s a popular destination thanks to its biodiversity and its lush natural landscapes.

9. The highest point in Panama is known as Volcan Baru. From that point, one can easily view both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean on a clear day. It is 11,394.36 feet above sea level.

10. Despite its small geographical area, Panama is gifted with over 1,547.214 miles of coastline because two huge water masses border it.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa was born in the neighboring Venezuela. He moved to Panama where he is now a successful businessman. He serves as President, Treasurer, and Director of five companies in Panama. Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is passionate about his local community where he mentors and empowers young people with the aspiration to become Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa also supports local businesses in the community to develop a better Panama.

Shea Butter is An All-Purpose Skin Care Product


There are many popular products that people have discovered on the internet. One of these products is Shea Butter. The product is a skin product that can be used for a variety of skin related needs.


The reason Shea Butter can be used for a variety of reasons is because the product has just the right combination of fatty acids and vitamins that work well together regarding skin needs. The product helps skin to stay young, glowing, and healthy.


On the internet, there are hundreds of blogs and beauty websites that mention the term Shea Butter. Over the years, the product has received rave reviews from users and beauty professionals regarding the effectiveness of the product related to skin use as a moisturizer.


While there are many uses for Shea Butter, there are some uses that might surprise people. Shea Butter can be used as a:


  1. Hair care accessory.
  2. Shaving accessory.
  3. Make-up accessory.
  4. Foot spa ingredient.
  5. Lip balm accessory.
  6. Perfume enhancer.
  7. Nails enhancer.


The varied uses for Shea Butter as the list above describes gives the product a large audience of potential users. Known as a skin product, the Shea Butter product helps many people to improve skin problems and keep their skin healthy. However, because of some active ingredients in Shea Butter, people discover through use that the product can help with numerous needs regarding skin and other body areas. This has allowed people to use Shea Butter as an all-purpose body product.


Shea Butter is a product that was developed from the roots of a family tradition., the company that owns the Shea Butter product is a mother and daughter team that came together to bring the product to the market. The company is dedicated to providing premium shea butter moisturizers to the general public.


The ingredients used by Eugenia Shea that go into the development of Shea Butter have a lot to do with the success of the product. The ingredients come from a carefully selected group of farmers. The products developed by Eugenia Shea use Naasakle shea butter, which sets the products apart from the competition.

Co-Working Spaces are the Places of Today not Tomorrow!


Have you ever wished you had on demand access to a particularly desk layout that helps keep you organized and focused on work simultaneously? Well have no fear because the shared coworking space revolution is here! Shared workspaces provide an environment for coworkers to be united in work and mission all in the same location. This premise allows for time saving and increased productivity because you a person is no longer spending time walking over to another persons’ desk in a far away department. In addition to this, it allows for increased productivity because all the collaboration can be done in real time with shared communication process.
Shared communication processes like Microsoft Lynx application allows for instant messaging between workers as well as sharing desktop presentations too. In fact with this program one can take over the screen and present questions for all in the group to see. Microsoft Sharepoint is also sometimes used in shared spaces to work on files together in a real time environment.

WorkvilleNYC provides premium office space in the heart of New York City. Imagine being inspired and pushed to the limits of your capabilities while hugged in a luxury office space overlooking a beautiful terrace garden. Do you like having an open custom and furnished space for a great price every week? Workville can give you that and much more as it’s flexible plan allows everyone from the weekend businessman to the diehard startup junkie to feel comfortable in a collaborative shared environment.

Workville provides free coffee and cleaning services so that you can present your best self at all times by working in an awesome workspace. Workville stations are all Wi-fi enabled as well. These shared workspaces are great for handling all work styles and temperaments. Join the shared workspaces revolution today and check out this company today!

Dumping Goldfish Into a Lake is Not Good For Anyone

Most people have heard tales of albino alligators living in the sewers of New York. The story goes that a long time ago, alligators were popular pets, or possibly a few people bought tiny gators after being told they were small lizards. Surprised by the size, the New Yorkers either flushed them down the drain or dumped them in the sewers. While almost certainly and urban legend, the moral of the story is the same. Invasive species that start out as pets can cause a great deal of damage.

A recent article in the Washington Post highlights just how big of a problem this has become. For example Australia has over 20 million feral cats, which are not native to Australia and were brought over by European settlers. They have no natural predators and are a threat to many of the native species, including 124 threatened and endangered species.

Fish are another invasive species that has been known to cause huge problems. Asian Carp, originally brought in to help control algae in fish farms are making their way into the Great Lakes. Not only do the destroy the native vegetation and animal life, but have been known to jump up and knock boaters out of the water.

And of of course there are the aforementioned Goldfish. With few natural predators, they can grow as large as four lbs when released in the wild, taking over and disturbing the populations of native species.

Because of the negative effect that domesticated animals can have on the ecosystem, its important to remember not to release a domesticated plant or animal into the wild. Instead, be mindful when choosing pets and ensure that you can care for them in the long term.

Foreign Trusts Cannot Use New Zealand As a Tax Haven

New Zealand is nothing close to a tax haven, no matter that many supposed experts have at times claimed the island country to be. According to Geoffrey Cone, who is a partner at the law firm of Cone Marshall, all the recent news stories about New Zealand being a good place for foreign trusts. The media has sensationalized these trusts as if they are the direct path to great wealth, exotic locales, and involved with many multi-faceted finance projects.

Karen Marshall LLC is one of those firms who has exposed the truth about these deals. They point to the OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters that was enacted in 2002. This major international agreements enables countries sharing tax information with different countries so they are able to enforce any domestic tax laws that might apply. The actual tax situation, according to them, is a horse of a different color. The country of New Zealand has never been listed on the OECD’s list of tax havens. There is no plan to ever add the country to the list. Since the country is now officially listed as a first country on the OECD’s “White List,” which specifically makes the country not a tax haven.

The renowned lawyer, Geoffrey Cone has stated that with so many tax agreements with double tax riders, 39 in all, imposed by New Zealand in deals with other countries, it is amazing that anyone could even try to claim NZ as any kind of tax haven. The country simply does not match the required elements that other countries that do function as tax havens always have. These characteristics include the following:

Tax havens impose little or no tax
Transparency in tax laws
Laws that help information exchange with foreign governments

These tax agreements facilitate each country in applying their particular revenue review process and laws. They give codified ways to report revenues to the appropriate tax authorities enacted in investors’ nations. With a level playing field assured, Cone says there is more reason for long term investments in the thriving country of New Zealand. This is true even though it is no tax haven.

How to Get Through a Family Camping Trip Successfully

Now that summer is here, you may be searching for fun outdoor activities for your family to enjoy. After all, you’ll need to find ways to get the kids out of the house for a while, and spending time in nature can be educational as well. These are just some of the reasons a summer camping trip may be worthwhile, especially if you don’t yet feel comfortable with sending your children to overnight camp.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure your trip is successful.

Be Prepared

Make that you’ve got everything panned out for your camping trip. This means being ready for the weather and take along extra clothing and supplies that will keep you and your family safe and warm in case it rains or gets especially cool at night.

Engage In Fun Activities

It’s likely true that technology is a huge part of your family’s life, and going camping could help you to connect with each other and stop spending so much time on your devices. Plan lots of fun activities to keep the entire family busy so they won’t think about their cell phones, tablets or laptops. Depending on where you’re going, you may not get great reception, anyway.

Be Smart

Choose camping areas that are well-lit and keep away from areas that have wild animals or harmful reptiles. Look up the camping grounds you’re considering to see which ones are safest for your family.

Remember You’ll Have Limited Amenities

There aren’t many campgrounds that have bathrooms, so make sure that your family knows that you’ll have to be “one with nature” when you’re camping. You can also rent a portable bathroom if this would make your loved ones will feel more comfortable.

These are just some of the ways that you can make camping fun and exciting. Bring along ingredients for s’mores or hot dogs for roasting as well, and you’ll be on your way to create a memory your family won’t soon forget.

George Soros And Migration

One thing that George Soros knows is that migration is something that people are going to have to deal with for as long as there is humanity. There are plenty of reasons for people to move from their home country. Among the common reasons is looking for better opportunities and a more humane lifestyle on However, the reason for the most recent wave of migrations is the conflict that has torn down the counties that people are fleeing from. This is something that the citizens had no control over. The devastation has left them with nothing good. Therefore, George Soros has taken compassion towards them so that they could have a chance to start fresh.

George Soros has made a huge donation to the cause of helping the refugees rebuild and move forward with their lives. The purpose of the donations that he has made was to help the migrants build businesses. George Soros also wanted to help build resources for the migrants so that they could get in contact with what they need in order to move forward. Among the equipment that refugees are going to get are communication devices. They will not only get cellphones, but also carrier service so that they could be on their way to a healthier life.

George Soros has followed the crises that have led to the countries losing a ton of citizens to migrations. He has provided country with a lot of suggestions on what they can do in order to bring in the refugees in a way that could be handled. Unfortunately, the countries that were accepting refugees haven’t handled it in a sensible way. As a result, there have been other problems that the refugees were faced with. Fortunately, George Soros was able to provide some assistance to the refugees so that they can adapt to their new countries. Source:

Iceland’s Great Outdoors Are Reviving Its Economy

What do you think of when you hear the words “the great outdoors?” To me it is about scenic stretches of forests, mountains and hiking through nature trails. The great outdoors to me is about the natural beauty of the land and things like fishing and hiking. It seems that the great outdoors of Iceland have received its economy.

Iceland is rich in fish and metals such as aluminum which account for a significant part of its economy. However the biggest part of Iceland’s economy now is tourism and that is directly tied into its great outdoors.

Tourists it seems are drawn to this sparsely population nation in a frenzy. Iceland is home to about 350,000 people. It draws well over a million visitors each year. In fact the number of visitors to Iceland in 2015 was almost 1.3 million. This is a big amount for a country with a small population like Iceland.

Tourism is now the country’s largest economic sector accounting for almost a third of all economic activity in the country. The number of tourists is also expected to grow. While the great outdoors have revived Iceland’s economy, it has brought other problems. The country does not have the infrastructure or hotels needed to accommodate so many visitors to the island. The increase in tourists can also threaten some of the natural wonders that draw many of them in the first place.

Still, Iceland is a prime example where if you preserve the natural wonders and great outdoors in your country then you can turn it in to something profitable and useful and not just beautiful. It is interesting to see how Iceland reacts to the tourism boom it is now experiencing. One thing for sure is, if it was not for Iceland’s great outdoors tourists would not be flocking there now.

What Tarallucci e Vino Has Done for Private Parties

The last time I went to a birthday party I was wondering how things would turn out. I didn’t know what the party would be like, but I was quite surprised to find myself enjoying the atmosphere of Tarallucci e Vino. This is a great NYC restaurant, and everyone that comes to a party here is going to be quite pleased with this environment. I think that New York has some awesome restaurants.

In addition to Tarallucci e Vino I have spent some time at Charlie Bird. This is a cool and classy restaurant that has made people recognize that that NYC offers some great places for people to dine and have a party. There is some good pasta here. Lots of locals refer to this as famous uni pasta. I have also had the roasted chicken here. That was part of the catering when I went to a private party here.

There is a lot of interest in having a party in restaurants. This is a lot less rowdy than clubs. I don’t like the club atmosphere so I put a large majority of time into attending those parties that are held at restaurants. Charlie Bird is a good place, but I probably have attended more parties at the American Cut. This is where I have been able to get some nice American dishes and chill out with friends.

The atmosphere for the parties at American Cut is contained to a dim lit room that sets the mood for a nice chilled out vibe. I certainly do believe that this is the type of place that is going to make people come back for more. Oysters and Caesar’s Salad is something that is on the menu. I think that a lot of friends come here often because they love steak. In Tribeca this is going to be one of the best places to get a steak. It may actually be one of the best steak spots in Manhattan. (Most of my friends say that it is best the steak spot in all of NYC, but I don’t know if I would take it that far). Overall, American Cut is the place to go if you want to have a private party with some American dishes.

Both of these spots are quite impressive, but Tarallucci e Vino is still going to be the place that has the best Italian meals. I have been here a couple of times for parties, and I am always amazed by how these events turn out. I just think that this is the ultimate party spot because it is just gives people access to a delectable Italian menu. The menu is so good that I have even had parties catered by Tarallucci e Vino that were held at my home.

The guests list for the parties that I have attended here have been large parties, but there never seems to be a lack of room. Tarallucci e Vino always has enough room for everyone.

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