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Scientific Approach Used in Wingsuit Design

A University of Southampton researcher and skydiver named Angelo Grubisic is doing highly technical research to make wingsuits safer and better. The outdoor sport of wingsuit skydiving – where participants jump out of airplanes or off of cliffs and use a special suit to “fly” through the air before landing with a traditional parachute – is growing increasing popular, but the wingsuits themselves are not always designed using rigorous scientific principles and development techniques.


To change this, Grubisic is working with a team of fellow researchers at the University of Southampton and testing wingsuit designs in a wind tunnel and crunching the data using a supercomputer. The result, he hopes, will be new wingsuits that allow humans to sail through the air in the manner of a flying squirrel for many miles at great speeds.

Until now, wingsuits have mostly been developed by trial and error rather than by using established aeronautical research and testing methods simply because the sport is still developing.


Grubisic says he is creating better wingsuits to reduce deaths and injuries; however, his critics counter that current wingsuits are safe enough, it’s just that some people practice the sport in a reckless manner. Regardless, if Grubisic can bring a high-quality and relatively safe wingsuit to market, it is likely that the sport will undergo an enormous boost in popularity.


In my opinion, what Grubisic is doing is a good thing. While some people will always refuse to take safety precautions when wingsuiting, just as some people will always refuse to wear a seat belt in a car, at least the option to do so will be there. I’m looking forward to hearing about some record-breaking wingsuit flights in the near future.

George Soros Fully Backing Hillary Clinton for President

George Soros is a true billionaire turned philanthropist. He is a product of a critical time period in history. When the world faced frightening forces vying for word domination. He saw it firsthand in his native country, Hungary, when Hungary was occupied by the German war machine and later when it was “liberated” by the Russian forces. He would be able to move to London to study; there he would experience the recently war-torn United Kingdom Constitutional Monarchy dealing with air raids and bombing from V-2 rockets launched at London from Germany. The time he witnessed was the Second World War. A savage and deadly time when millions died in battles and bombings in England, Europe, Russia, and Japan. George Soros saw the political impact and its implications, felt the suffering of the casualties of war, and directly witnessed the evolving political power struggles taking place. He learned first-hand and directly the effects of Fascism, Communism, and a Constitutional Monarchy when he was a student in London. Finally arriving in New York in the United States of America, he learned of a Federal Democracy on Twitter, which he adopted as his own. It is here where he claims a residency and has a strong interest in protecting his adopted democracy from negative political influences.

Soros amassed a fortune in trading the currency markets as a trader on Wall Street. After he had accumulated his wealth and had secured a future for his family, Soros began his work on his foundation in 1993, the Open Society Foundations, which is donating close to $1 billion every year to the cause of transparency in government.

Soros is a figure hated by the Republican Right. They propagandize against him and his world efforts. They feel that anyone so rich should support the Republican cause, but Soros was opposed to George Bush’s incursion into Iraq and in hindsight his fears of a destabilized Middle East have come true.

Soros has written countless books, articles on economic policy, and political pieces. He lectures around the world on matters economic and political. He seems indefatigable at his age, and sadly he will not be with us much longer. A man with his world experiences and wisdom should be applauded and recognized and not insulted by the Republican Right.

Soros has fully supported the election of Hillary Clinton and has committed millions to her campaign on She wisely will listen to his counsel on matters of world economy and governance, and just maybe the world will become a better, freer, safer place.

Essential Items to Have for Eating Outside

Even though the season of picnics might be coming to a close right around now, eating outdoors can still be an enjoyable activity into the fall and into the winter in some parts of the U.S. But eating outside is not always easy. In fact, it can be slightly less enjoyable when it comes to the materials and eating tools that you’ll need. To make it more pleasant, try these essentials!


  1. Trays


Most people think that trays are for restaurants and butlers, but there are many tray options for the lay person as well, and they can come in quite handy.


Consider getting trays for taking your plates, glasses, cups, silverware and dishes outside. When you need to clean up, you can use the same trays for going inside. Just make sure not to overstuff the trays as nasty spills can cause lots of breaks.


  1. Blankets for Picnics


If you are planning to have a picnic, you won’t want to sit on the ground as bugs and other creepy crawlies may be just a bit too ready to jump on your plate. Instead, try using a blanket as something to both sit on and eat off of. It makes for a much more enjoyable experience.


  1. Picnic Baskets


Picnic baskets are another essential for going on picnics. Coolers may be good for food and drinks, but when it comes to carrying your plates, silverware and glasses, you’ll need something that will hold all of these breakable items in a secure way, and you’ll want it to be easy to carry as well. There are many different types of picnic baskets on the market. Find one that fits your needs and price range.


  1. Chairs With Cup Holders


For a night around the fire, prevent drink spills by purchasing foldable chairs that have cup holders already installed in them. It’s a good idea to make sure that the cup holders are the right size as well because some cup holders may only hold beer bottles or smaller plastic bottles of water, but if you want to have a coffee mug nearby, it won’t work.

How to Keep Both a Nice Lawn and a Happy Dog

Having a dog in your family is such a blessing in so many ways. Dogs become part of the family the minute that you bring them home, and throughout their time with you, they bring so much light and love to your household.


With that being said, those little rascals also know exactly how to anger you to the point of no return when they chew your favorite high heeled shoes, pee on your brand new sofa or carpet and mess up your lawn outside.


The latter is what we’ll be discussing in this article, and most importantly, we’ll be talking about how you can avoid having your beloved canine family member screw up your garden too much.


Keeping Your Dog Happy and Your Lawn Looking Nice


  1. Deal with digging.


One of the biggest issues that pet owners have with their dogs is digging. To deal with this, you must first identify the issue at hand. What are the dogs doing in your lawn when they dig?


For some, it may be that they are trying to escape. Others are trying to get out of the heat and are looking to lay in the actual dirt and not the grass. Others just like to dig, and still others may be looking for little critters or bugs. Once you know what’s going on, you can better deal with the issue.


  1. Keep them in a secure area.


Some dogs like to roam all around and make your yard or garden their own special territory. This is okay if they don’t screw everything up out there! But if they are tending to make your lawn look like a desert without grass or beautification, you might think about sequestering your little ones in a certain area that they can make their own.


  1. Handle their business.


Finally, when dogs are outside, they naturally go to the bathroom in places where you may later step. To keep poo bombs from hampering your ability to walk barefoot through your yard, go out once every week and clear the area with a pooper scooper or a shovel.

California Residents Find Creative Ways to Have a Green Lawn

California’s drought is so bad that residents that want a green lawn resort to lawn painting and fake grass.


In certain areas in California, a historic drought has been going on for years. What was once vibrant green landscape now resembles brown hay. In America, there is a high value placed on having a lush, green lawn. The problem with this is, that in climates that are historically prone to drought, such as central California, homeowners are forced to find unconventional ways to turn their lawn green.



According to Buzzfeed News, more and more California homeowners are getting creative when it comes to having a green lawn. Lawn painting is becoming very popular in California as homeowners get tired of seeing a constant reminder of what California’s drought as done to their lawn, not to mention plunging property values when they go to sell their properties due to having a lawn that looks dead. According to the Huffington Post, the industry has become so competitive that business owners are reluctant to release information about their growth to reporters. Although painting lawns is a very popular method to have a green lawn, this is only a temporary fix to what is a longstanding problem.



Other home and business owners are looking towards a more long-lasting solution for an evergreen lawn in the form of fake grass. In Massachusetts, which is also experiencing a drought, artificial turf companies report seeing a 200 percent or more increase in sales, especially in coastal towns where the drought has been severe. In California, homeowners and business owners can receive rebates for ripping out their lawns and installing fake grass. In 2005, California’s governor, Jerry Brown, encouraged home and business owners to remove 50 million square feet of lawn. Residents were offered up to $3.75 per square feet to replace their lawns with artificial grass.



A long-lasting solution to this problem probably entails installing drought resistant landscaping, such as native plants and artificial turf, in areas that are prone to drought.


The Best Outdoor Activity Destinations in the US

Most people often get caught up in the daily routine of work and indoor activity 24/7 chasing dreams. However, it is good practice to help yourself unwind to some exciting outdoor experience. There are several spots where you can visit ranging from parks to picnic sites to help you release stress hence live healthily. Therefore, this article shares some of the best amusement parks in the US for an outdoor experience like no other.


The Carowinds starts the list off with breath-taking features for you to explore. The park is strategically placed on the state line between North and South Carolina. Therefore, people in this fun spot reside in both states. The park brags of the best roller coaster in the world, Fury 325, based on the Golden Ticket Awards. The cuisine here is also great being from the two states. The Carolina water harbor is also an excellent site within the park that promises an enthralling adventure.


Holiday World is yet another ideal location for a day out. Characterized by four themes depicting Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and 4th of July events, the Park is jam packed with unmatched fun. It also brags of the best water park globally due to the state of its maintenance and hygiene. There are a lot of activities to engage in such as rides and five different roller coasters. Their customer service is one of the best, with services such as free drinks (soda), free parking and sunscreen for all their clients.


Six Flags Fiesta Texas is another competing amusement park with its unique design. The park has its backdrop integrated into a quarry wall in the most amazing way ever. It is arguably the best looking Six Flags Park located in the South of Texas. When in Pennsylvania, make sure to drop by the famed Hershey for a treat like no other. Not only does it provide the best chocolate but it also has thirteen roller coasters snaking around the place through loops, drops, twists and turns. It has its affiliate parks which also fall in this list of the best amusement parks in the US.


A ten-minute drive from Disneyland, lies the Knott’s Berry Farm, America’s first theme park established in 1920. The place is proud to offer visitors with a live ghost town in addition to foods, roller coasters, rides and charming people. Another fantastic place for the outdoor activities for your off day is the Six Flags Great Adventure. It is undoubtedly the largest amusement park in the world. The package includes 13 roller coasters, family rides, safari and animals strewn within the park for a surreal adventure. Kingda Ka which is the tallest roller coaster in the world, towering to a height of 456 meters is found here.


Kings Island, Dollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Cedar point summarizes the list with each having unique scenery and fun activities to offer. Therefore, you need to re-energize your outdoor living by visiting any of the above parks, if not all, for a time of your life.

Give Your Garden the Modern Touch

Creating a home environment that you are happy with is a process that never seems to end. After all, there are always new gadgets, decorations and design ideas coming out, and you don’t want to get lost in the past.


With that being said, it is definitely difficult to get lost in the past. Who can find time to always stay up to date with the latest and most modern fashions for the home? Furthermore, many of us may stay up to date with designs for the inside of our homes, but the outdoors is left alone.


Fortunately, getting creative and modernizing your outdoor area is not difficult. With a few tips and tricks, you can have a sleek, fashionable outdoor living area that you would be proud to host a party in.


Modernizing Your Outdoor Area in a Few Quick Steps


  1. Make things look bigger.


Gardens in many people’s homes are a set size, so you can’t make them bigger, but you can make them appear larger, and that’s the trick. Start by adding mirrors onto fences or walls just as you would add them indoors.


  1. Add modern decking for a great price.


Redoing your deck may not be in the financial cards for you, but an inexpensive trick is to use composite decking. This can be installed on almost any type of surface, and it’s great for patios as well. You can choose from faux wood or stone or many other fashionable materials. It’s great because it is particularly designed to be outdoors, so it won’t rot, fade or warp.


  1. Try a garden room with an extended roof.


If you have a little more money to play around with or you’re planning on getting a new roof anyway, consider extending your natural roof out a little bit more to cover some patio area. You won’t need to add walls or full insulation here. Simply create faux walls as you might in a sun room, breakfast nook or green house. Keep in mind that this tip is best for areas of the United States that don’t have heavy winters.

Tips to reduce the cost of Cooling to the lowest: Goettl

Even though there are parts of the country that are experiencing cooler weather, at Arizona we have certain foreseeable sunny and hot days in the future. In this case, you need to ensure that your air conditioner can be relied upon since you will need to run it more frequently or better consistently. Its efficiency during hot days matters. Of course you don’t want to spend a lot trying to cool your home wherever you are. You do need to replace your entire air conditioning system to ensure you pay less and cool your home at the same time. Well, while at Phoenix, AZ, use the following tips for air conditioning that costs you less.
Block the sun out.
It is possible to have so much heat spreading to your house through the windows when the sun is hot shining. Your next option could be blacking out the windows to ensure the sun rays do not access your home. But that is not necessary. All you need is to buy energy efficient curtains which are quite affordable and available in the market. When you leave the curtains shut throughout the day, it helps eliminate any heat that could have raised your house temperature.
Monitor your AC accurately.
Maybe this is the right time you got a chance to replace your old slide regulator to ensure that the temperature you set in your house is as accurate. Investing in a good digital device will not only help you have the actual temperatures but also reduce your energy usage. A digital device could be in the form of a programmable thermostat and is more efficient.

Call up for maintenance.
There is no better or more efficient way you can protect the efficiency with which your household cooling system operates. If you want to reduce the cost at which your cooling system is running on, then scheduling for air conditioning maintenance should be your next action.
At Phoenix, AZ, any air conditioning service can be handled by Goettl Air Conditioning.
About Goettl
Goettl Air Conditioning is a company in Phoenix that is known for heating and cooling services. Goettl has an experienced team of technicians and management that operate for both commercial and residential HVAC services as well as installation applications. They have been working in Phoenix and Tucson Metropolitan Areas since 1939. Goettl has flourished in business and technology transitions as well as offering exceptional customer service. Goettl services include Phoenix heating services, Phoenix cooling services, and Phoenix indoor air quality. This is all to ensure you are comfortable anytime, anywhere in Phoenix, Az.

Why You Need to Know Jose Borghi Mullowe

Brazilian advertising industry is full of wonders. The industry is graced with some of the most creative advertisements in the whole world. One of the individuals who have made a significant impact on Brazilian advertisement industry is Jose Borghi. He is one of the few who have amassed large fortunes from the industry since they joined it. His advertisement firm, Mullen Lowe Agency is one of the most popular in the country.

Jose’s life in advertisement started at a small age when his sister took him to a cinema in a small town located in the southern suburbs of Sao Paulo. Jose Borghi was impressed with the performance, which featured graphics and some forms of animations. Mullowe drew his inspiration from what he saw at the cinema. He was determined to be one of the individual behind the scenes of such great productions.

Today, his company is known for producing advertisements that grace TV screens in Brazil. Jose Borghi’s firm has also made partnership deals with multinational companies such as Nike and Toyota to produce advertisements on their behalf. The company is behind the creation of the famous advertisement known as “Mammals Parmalat” where children appear dressed like animals as they sing great jingles. The firm also produced “Marathoner,” an advertisement that inspires people to hold on until they reach their goals despite the challenges and obstacles that often come their way. The advert was widely applauded by pundits who termed it an embodiment of creativity and brilliance.

Jose Bhorgi graduated from Pontifical Catholic University-Campinas with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising. After graduating in 1989, he got a job at Ogilvy as a writer. He later worked in FCB and DM9 before starting his company Borghi Lowe in December 2006. His strong affinity for new and mind-blowing creations made him an instrumental figure at the company on The company quickly climbed the ranks of advertisement to become one of the best in the country. He is in charge of every operation division of the company. He dedicates his time to ensuring the company remains relevant and retains its position as an advertising giant in Brazil.

As a result of his hard work and brilliance, Jose Borghi has been a nominee for several prestigious awards in the country and abroad. He has won 14 Lions Canne awards and also 7 awards from the London Festival. Individuals like him are rare to find, and if you find them, they will cost you a lot.

Wolf In Pup’s Clothing

An Arizona man was offered a free puppy. Who wouldn’t want a cute little puppy, and it’s free? But from the start, there was something about Neo that was a little odd.


For one thing, Neo had a very rough coat and unusual gray color for a dog. But it was his behavior that was really puzzling. He couldn’t be housebroken, he wouldn’t take treats and he never looked humans in the eye.


Worse than that, the neighbors had two German shepherds, and Neo could not stay away from them. Neo’s owner built his fence higher, but the canine culprit just chewed right through it. The neighbors began to guess what the real situation was. So one day when they found Neo in their yard once again, they brought him to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Humane Society CEO Maureen O’Nell greeted them with, “You know that isn’t a dog, right?”


Indeed, Neo wasn’t a dog, he was a wolf or, more properly, a high-content wolfdog. That means he’s way more wolf than dog. That explained his appearance and his lack of response to humans. It also explained his need to be with the neighbors’ dogs; his instinct to join a pack was very strong.


Since wolves, dogs and coyotes can all interbreed, wolfdogs sometimes occur naturally in the wild. However, they’re also bred and sold as pets. The USDA estimates there are about 300,000 wolfdogs in the U.S. Eighteenth-century British nobles kept them, and German shepherds were originally bred from wolfdogs. There’s evidence that wolfdogs go back as much as 10,000 years and were used by early humans to hunt woolly mammoths


As Neo grew, his size and inability to be trained made it clear he was not a good house pet. Arizona also requires a permit to keep a wolfdog. So his owner found a place for him at Wolf Connection, a wolfdog shelter that also serves at-risk youth. Now Neo has a pack of his own, and he’s having a howling good time.