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A Pioneer in Investment Manager

Timothy Armour aka Tim Armour is a pioneer in investment management industry with decades of experience in investments. The Chairman and Chief Executive Office of one of the largest and oldest investment management firm, Capital Group, has made the firm being expanded across the world and diversified its investment strategy. He is instrumental in shaping the vision of the organization with respect to industry expectation on investment management. As a keen promoter of aggressive and active investment strategy, he exhorts the fellow managers to enhance the knowledge about various industries to get excellent results on investments.

His investment advice have helped the firm to withstand with global trembles, and he looks for long-term growth and not bothered about short-term falls. It was evident in the market selloff in September 2015 as he was able to predict and manage the market correction. During those days, he said that considering the positive movements of developing the world and the U.S. markets for six years, the correction was expected. He further said that such corrections are good for the market as it removes any excess in the market. Tim further said that the Federal Reserve has to increase the interest rates periodically considering it was all time low then, to increase the flow of funds to investments, as it leverages the financial system.

Tim’s calculated movements have helped the Capital Group to consolidate its position in the investment management industry. He played a vital role in expanding the business of the firm beyond the traditional geographies, and thus it has got a global footprint. He has also helped the firm to initiate a transparency drive within the organization that includes communication of major changes, movements, and strategies in the organization, to the public.

He joined the Capital Group in 1983 through the Associate Program of the firm. In his 33 years of career, he took care of various responsibilities in the organization. In July 2015, he was named as the CEO of the firm in the wake of the demise of the then CEO James Rothenberg. He completed his bachelor degree in Economics from Middlebury College. He is based out in the Los Angeles office of the firm.

The Used Car Experience with BMW

Today BMW is a leader in the fiercely competitive automotive industry. From hatchbacks to motorcycles to formula 1 racecars, BMW has its fingers in nearly every aspect of the industry. The 1-7 series, BMW i, and X series are BMW’s flagship luxury car models and are definitely worthwhile for consideration by the savvy car-shopper.

Beverly Hills Auto Group offers a fantastic selection of both new and used vehicles. While the typical BMW shopper may be one who is discerning in their tastes and may opt for a newer vehicle over one that was previously owned, it would be unconscionable to not consider the price reduction and supreme quality of their used selection.

Purchasing one of the used vehicles from the Beverly Hills Auto Group( could not be an easier process. Many car dealerships have numerous hoops for you to jump through when you are buying a used car. There are no such unnecessary obstacles with BMW.


Snowboarder Survives Avalanche Thanks to Inflatable Backpack

A snowboarder at Whistler ski resort in British Columbia, Canada has just released his GoPro footage of what it’s like being caught in an avalanche. The video can be seen on here.

The clip starts just as the snow begins to break away from under the feet of the stationary rider. The camera quickly goes white as he is surrounded by snow and falling rapidly down the mountain. Moments later a loud whine can be heard as the rider surfaces but is still unable to escape the avalanche. Finally, he comes to a stop and the snow settles around him, the entire ordeal lasting a mere 30 seconds.

The mechanical whines being heard in the background are most likely the only thing that saved this rider’s life; his Halo 28 Jetforce Avalanche Airbag Pack.
The pack is about the size of an everyday school backpack and weighs just under 8 lbs. When activated the pack inflates, increasing tenfold in size, and helps the wearer stay above the crashing snow of an avalanche. Watch the pack in action here.

The pack fully inflates in 4 seconds, then automatically deflates after 3 minutes with the intent of leaving a pocket of air around the wearer. It can be repacked and deployed 4+ times on a single battery charge allowing for practice or multiple uses, let’s just hope you don’t get caught in more than one avalanche a day!

The Halo 28 isn’t really cheap, retailing at just under $1100, but when the alternative is being buried alive on a frozen mountain, it seems a worthwhile investment.

National Park Service Looking for Sponsors to Raise Money

Millions of people visit the National Parks each year, but park officals say that visitors fees are not enough to keep the parks open. That is why, accordign to a recent article on WBAL TV’s online website, the National Park service is considering selling sponserships to help keep the parks open.




The proposal would allow sponsors to put logos on just about everything, including bathrooms, benches, and the pavement under people’s feet. For most people this would take away from the pristine beauty of the parks. People come to the parks to experience nature and get away from the crass commercialism and noise that comes with everyday life.


While their is no certainty that the proposal will get approved, it is clear that the push for corporate sponsors is a troubling one, particularly for many of the park’s regular visitors. The money from corportate sponsors could help the National Park system make some much anticipated and much needed improvments in order to ensure that none of the parks are closed to the public. Fort Hood in Baltimore, for example hopes to add a piece of the National Anthem that they are missing.



A decision like this could set a terrible precident. Old stadiums were once great exampls of classic architecture, but today, stadiums are often covered in as much advertising as possible. Many people think that this is very distracting and takes away from their enjoyment of the game. Decline in the attendance at certain sporting events certainly supports this theory to an extent. While the temporary influx of money into the National Parks System would be welcome it is very important to consider the cost.


Dumping Goldfish Into a Lake is Not Good For Anyone

Most people have heard tales of albino aligators living in the sewers of New York. The story goes that a long time ago, aligators were popular pets, or possibly a few people bought tiny gators after being told they were small lizards. Suprised by the size, the New Yorkers either flushed them down the drain or dumped them in the sewers. While almost certainly and urban ledgend, the moral of the story is the same. Invasive species that start out as pets can cause a great deal of damage.


A recent article in the Washington Post highlights just how big of a problem this has become. For example Australia has over 20 million feral cats, which are not native to Austrailia and were brough over by European settlers. They have no natural predators and are a threat to many of the native species, including 124 threatened and endangered species.


Fish are another invasive species that has been known to cause huge problems. Asian Carp, orginally brought in to help control algea in fish farms are making their way into the Great Lakes. Not only do the destroy the native vegitation and animal life, but have been known to jump up and knock boaters out of the water.


And of of course there are the aforementioned Goldfish. With few natural preditors, they can grow as large as four lbs when released in the wild, taking over and disturbing the populations of native species.


Because of the negative effect that domesticated animals can have on the ecosystem, its imporant to remember not to release a domesticated plant or animal into the wild. Instead, be mindful when choosing pets and ensure that you can care for them in the long term.


Lapland to be a Major Tourist Draw in 2017

Serious travelers are constantly looking for new sights and experiences. In 2017, Lapland, with its majestic fjords and stunning sky, might be the new destination of choice for many. It offers unique activities in a beautiful setting, as well as stunning hotel options. reports that Lapland represents a new travel trend in 2017, and claims that unique accommodations are driving the trend. The Icehotel, which is constructed from ice and used during the winter months in Finland, is fairly well-known. Forbes cites some less well-known accommodations, such as Norway’s Lyngen Lodge, which overlooks a fjord and serves as a base for outdoor activities like dog sledding and snowmobiling. Another unique option is the Logger’s Lodge, a new Lapland facility that is all-inclusive and features a sauna and whirlpool.

Even without exotic accommodations, the appeal of Lapland and surrounding areas is clear. Tourists can enjoy snowmobiling, dog sledding, gazing at the Northern Lights, or going for a polar bear dip in the frigid Arctic waters. Each of these activities is a compelling vacation option, even if they do not involve luxury accommodations.

While the appeal of Lapland might draw a new wave of tourists, many of these tourists will also benefit from the recent low-cost airline tickets to Northern Europe. As airlines compete to open new, low-cost routes between the U.S. and Europe, it is getting easier for Americans to visit Norway and other European locations.

For tourists who want a five-star experience, there are many hotel options to choose from in this natural setting. Whether you want to sleep in a treehouse, an ice castle, or a cozy lodge, Lapland has you covered. Regardless of your accommodations, the view will be stunning.


The Copa Star Has A Different Look

One of the most important aspects to medical services is the hospital. There have been many medical advancements over the past few decades. Technology has allowed many things in the medical profession to be done that were not possible in prior decades, and technology has improved how many things are done in the medical profession. While technology has made a huge impact on medical advancements, the hospital still remains as the core component regarding how medical services are provided to patients.

Although medical advancements have been numerous over the past few decades in many areas of the medical profession, the hospital remains as one of the most traditional aspects of the medical profession. The hospital still serves the same purposes and functions that the hospital has since the initial use of hospitals. This is a consistent aspect of the medical profession that will probably remain the same. However, there are some aspects of the hospital that have been modified through the years. One of the aspects of the hospital that is under a microscope is the look of the hospital.

The traditional hospital has a certain look that many people recognize as the hospital. In recent years, there have been some new hospitals that have shifted away from this traditional look. A new hospital in Brazil that was built recently has a look that is far removed from the traditional look of the hospital. This new hospital is name the Copa Star. The hospital is situated in Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães, Brazil.

The Copa Star has received a high level of discussion inside and outside the medical profession. The hospital has a look that is more like a five star hotel than a hospital. The owners and builders of the Copa Star wanted to build a hospital that provided the look that was desired and not feel the need to follow tradition related to the look of the Copa Star.

The Copa Star provides a look of luxury. The hospital gives people an environment that makes people feel special. Every aspect of the Copa Star was built to show a first class environment. Driving up to the Copa Star, many people would not recognize it as a hospital. However, the Copa Star has some of the best medical facilities, medical equipment, technology, and medical staff in Brazil.

All the patients and visitors at the Copa Star are treated very well. Customer service is a high priority at the hospital. In addition, the owners of the Copa Star want the hospital to be recognized as one of the best hospitals in Brazil. They want the hospital to be able to compete with the most respected and popular hospitals in Brazil. The purpose of the Copa Star is the same as any hospital, but the unique look of the Copa Star has made Copa Star one of the most talked about hospitals in Brazil. Visit their facebook page.

Real Estate Development in the US by Jason Halpern

JMH Development is a real estate development company which is much experienced in residential and commercial properties across the U.S. The company has a record of designing and developing the major markets in the city such as Miami, Brooklyn and Williamsburg. One of the reasons for the great success of the company is its great leadership under Jason Halpern. With his knowledge, experience, focus and vision, Jason has led his company in getting contracts in constructing and developing of historical buildings.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

Mr. Halpern is the Co- Founder and principal of JMH Development. He is one of the people who have set record in New York City in real estate development. Under Jason’s leadership, MJH has undertaken several projects. Some of them include the 184 Kent project to build 340 luxury apartments from a warehouse and the Townhouses of Cobble Hill project to add 9 luxury houses in Brooklyn. The company is currently undertaking condominium projects in 8945 Collins Ave, 2901 Indian Greek Dr. and 300 Collins Ave in Miami Beach. One of JMH’s project; topping of of the Aloft south Beach was sold in 2015 for $105 million.


Moreover, Jason is unique in his own way in that he has a passionate in the development of historical sites. He is also committed to his work and has invested massive resources and time in projects as a way of bringing back to the community. Jason donates to the Westchester Medical Center through the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. Through the contributions of Halpern and others, the Center has been able to offer open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery. In 2015, JMH launched a partnership to facilitate the donation of water to countries that suffer water problems such as Nepal and Ethiopia. It has donated $20,000 of every contract signed.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

JMH Development is a leader in real estate industry with experience as developer and also owner of major properties across the U.S.; both residential and commercial. It makes great use of technology and creativity to come up with quality, unique and distinctive luxury properties. One of the strength of JMH is its able team who are engaged in the development process. The team is engaged in all the stages such as due diligence, design, construction, marketing and even branding. The team understands the market place very well and use their extensive skills and expertise to ensure that their products are at the top of the market. The philosophy of historic preservation has enabled the company to focus on restoring historic properties and project reuse. Despite the great success of JMH, Jason remains dedicated, involved, and committed in the development of real estates, ensuring that the community around him benefit from them and also from the different projects he has initiated.


Rugged Camping: Is It Worth It?

Sure, you can take your camping supplies and visit your local campground that’s specifically designated to help you have a relaxed experience away from home, but true campers argue that this isn’t real camping. Rugged camping refers to getting out into the wilderness and setting up camp where provisions are nowhere near to your location. You won’t have access to water pipes, portable toilets or already-built fire pits. You will be totally and helplessly on your own with just your camping bag to keep you going.


Rugged camping is always worth the trip because it teaches you valuable survival techniques that you wouldn’t experience in a campground. When primitive camping, you’ll need additional supplies that you might not think about, such as a gas-powered portable stove, knives, building tools for tent repair and thermal-lined clothing. Having a foreknowledge of how to properly camp outdoors helps as you’ll be on your own for possibly days at a time. The worst thing you can do is go into the woods unprepared, unable to find your way back out because you don’t have the necessary navigation system.


When wilderness camping, you need to find a spot that is safe and legal for you to stay. Camping on private property is a surefire way for you to either get hurt or arrested. While you don’t need to be stuck in a designated camping zone, you at least need to know that you’re not camping on someone’s property. Have an available emergency phone with good service for your trip in case you need help quickly. Creating a checklist of important tools and necessities you’ll need will prevent you from forgetting anything once you settle in. You might have to spend more on higher-quality camping supplies, but it’ll be worth it when using these items over and over.


Adam Milstein: Behind the Business

Adam Milstein is an accomplished real estate investor, community leader, and philanthropist. However, his background is fascinating and tells the story of a man who is relentlessly optimistic, gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit, and Adam is always looking for opportunities where it may seem that there are none.

Milstein is a native of Israel and served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. Three years after he gradutaed from the Technion in 1978 he came to the United States to pursue his higher education. He received his MBA from USC and immediately began working in Commercial Real Estate in Southern California in 1983.

However, he didn’t start out working for other companies. When recruiters came to the USC campus, his conversations with them showed that they didn’t seem to appreciate his unique life experience, his skill set, or what he had to offer. He was routinely offered pay that was below what he should have been earning even as a recent MBA graduate. So, instead of getting upset or settling, he decided to simply set out on his own and create his own business.

After working in Commercial Real Estate for awhile, he turned his attention to real estate investing and eventually created Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate investment firm of which he is a Managing Partner.

His business success is notable, but his contributions to the community are just as impressive. He is the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, a philanthropic organization that he co-founded. He works with the organization to help drive their national expansion efforts. In addition, he also sits on the board of many other philanthropic organizations that focus on Israeli-American relations, Israeli nationals, and the Jewish community.

Adam  Milstein’s approach to life is similar to his approach to business, a somewhat non-traditional path that often flies in the face of the status quo. For instance, he says he never makes specific goals because they’re too restrictive. He just does the best he can every day, and so far it has worked for him. Perhaps that optimism, flexibility, and positivity is something everyone could use to help improve their life and business.

Adam Milstein’s LinkedIn and Twitter.