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VTA Publications, your Ultimate Partner in Stock Trade

Investments are an integral part of a successful business person. Therefore, many people have delved in many investment ventures for the lone purpose of adding an extra coin to their pockets. According to Jim Hunt on, to succeed in the stock market, one needs not only professionalism in the area but also needs to understand its trade tricks.

Jim Hunt stands as the CEO of VTA Publications and also a financial advisor. He is known for his ability to predict market trends and activities in the stock market with high certainty. Besides, he also offers investment and strategic advice via VTA Publications, aimed at teaching minor investors on the safe investment. VTA Publications, established in 2012, publishes distance learning courses and also deals in event organizing, mainstreaming on a specialist category. VTA Publications also offers its products in information to users globally, with a sole purpose being to provide first-hand information in finance and economics.

Amongst its various products is Make Mum a Millionaire in just 10 Trades. To prove the simplicity of his stock trading system, Jim Hunt is trying to make his mother a tax-burden-free millionaire. In this, he puts emphasis on the power of compounding on He makes use of a propriety method to determine the stocks that are silently accumulating and buys a stake as they continue to rise leading to a steady stream of earnings that can eventually lead you to hit the millionaire’s mark.

Secondly, VTA Publications has launched another product, Wealth Wave, which is a strategy to spot a stock market on the drop and make huge profits out of it. He explains that for it to work, one requires precise timing. He further emphasizes that the key to ripping benefits from a crumbling market is making use of already tried and tested signs. He continues to create awareness that the money in this market does not get lost but is only transferred elsewhere.

Cardiologist Edward Honing: The Importance of Living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle


The human heart works tirelessly day and night to provide your body with nutrients, oxygen, and carry away waste. The heart is often considered the hardest working organ in the body and one of the most vital. Edward Honig is a cardiac physician in the state of New York and understands the importance of living a heart-healthy lifestyle and importance of seeing a cardiologist on a regular basis.


Why seeing a cardiologist is so important

A cardiologist is a doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and conditions related to the heart, cardiovascular system, and blood vessels. One of the primary reasons Dr. Edward Honig suggests seeing a cardiologist at least once a year is due to the fact that many heart problems are chronic long-term conditions that worsen over time if left untreated. With regular check-ups, many conditions can be detected early, and a treatment plan can be recommended by the cardiologist to correct or prevent any current or future heart problems.


Cardiologist Edward Honig

Edward Honig specializes in internal medicine at New York Hospital and graduated from Duke University Shcool of Medicine in 1951. Honig has many years of experience in cardiac medicine is recognized by the Healthgrades Honor Roll for his excellent service during his many years as a board certified physician. Honig understands that preventative medicine is one of the most powerful tools in a cardiologists arsenal. By preventing heart conditions before they occur through proper diet, exercise, and regular check-ups, many heart conditions can be managed and prevented.


The role of a cardiologist

Cardiologists perform a variety of services and treat heart conditions such as heart attacks, heart murmurs, hypertension, and heart disease. Diagnostic testing, preventative medicine, and electrophysiology are just a few of the tools that Honig and other cardiologist use to prevent, diagnose, and treat heart conditions. Cardiologist sometimes even perform minor surgeries as well as prescribe medications and diet and exercise regimens to treat certain heart disorders.

Lime Crime’s New Matte Velvetine Color Scandal


Lime Crime is a Cosmetic Company that was founded in 2008 by the CEO and founder Doe Deere. They offer a a great line of unique and innovative beauty products. One of the best new products to hit the market is the velvetine lipstick in the color scandal.


Scandal is a gorgeous dark plum shade that looks great on a variety of skin tones. It is one of the newest colors to be added to the matte velvetines collection yet it is already one of the most popular shades. The matte velvetine lipsticks are a unique product that go on liquid yet dry to a smooth velvet finish. They offer a french vanilla infused scent that is both delicious as well as refreshing.

One of the most popular things about the matte velvetine lipsticks is there ability to last for hours. They are touch proof as well as kiss proof and will never fade or bleed. They come in a variety of colors including some interesting and unique colors such as green, yellow, and even black.


The mat Velveteen lipsticks are very easy to apply. Simply apply a light lip balm 15 minutes prior to application. Right before application use a tissue to Pat off the extra lip balm. Apply the velvetine lipstick directly to the lips period for a more defined Edge a lip brush may be used. Applying lip balm before helps set the lipstick in place all day long. It also allows the lips to be more moisturized. To remove the matte velvetine lipstick simply use waterproof makeup remover or oil.


The matte velvetines lipsticks are just one of the many popular products that Lime Crime Cosmetics has to offer. They also offer a variety of other lip products including lipsticks as well as lip glosses in a large variety of fun shades and textures. They also offer eye products as well as face and nail products. Lime Crime products are available online as well as in a few select retail locations including the website. Each and every product is cruelty free as well as vegan friendly.

Lime Crime is also launching a brand new Unicorn hair dye label, read more about that at the following link:

David Giertz Explains the Importance of Social Security in Retirement Portfolios

David Giertz is a famous financial advisor and broker who works out of Dublin, Ohio. He is the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Unlike other financial advisors, David is knowledgeable and understands the importance of including social security in a retirement portfolio on Twitter. He emphasizes that up to 40% of a retirement portfolio could be social security. In turn, it is extremely important that the portfolio is optimized to include social security so that investors get the most out of it.

David Giertz explains that many financial advisors do not include social security in their clients’ retirement plans on because they either lack knowledge about how to integrate it into the retirement plan, or they are not knowledgeable about the rules. As a matter of fact, there is a handbook about social security rules that contains around 2,700 rules. Not only is this time-consuming to read, but it is also complex to comprehend.

Read more: Insurance Agent at Nationwide Financial Institution in Fort Lauderdale, FL

David Giertz, also known as Dave, explains that around 80% of retirement investors would change financial advisors if social security is not a part of the retirement financial plan on

It is crucial that social security is managed properly in a retirement account at If it is not managed properly or is turned on too early, investors could lose up to $1,000 per month. That obviously would add up over time.

Dave is a registered licensed broker in many different states in the United States. He has over 31 years of experience and is able to broker in a handful of northwestern states and southeastern states.

Vincent Parascandola Trains High-Performance Professionals

Vincent Parascandola is a man who knows his business from the bottom up. He’s a man who gets more out of others. He also sets some pretty high standards for himself. This makes him a natural for the job he now serves in. Vincent, or Vinny as his friends call him, is the Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors LLC.

Vincent Parascandola started in financial services as an agent for Prudential. As such, he won National Rookie of the Year. Destined for bigger things, he moved into a series of field management positions with MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990. After a solid 14 years, he took on even more responsibility as President of AXA Equitable. Here he was responsible for recruiting, training and developing promotions for top-notch proven financial managers and agents. He excelled. He was also briefly recruited as co-manager of New York Metro Branch, an office of over 400 professionals before taking his current position.

Mr. Parascandola, a prominent member of GAMA, has won awards for career development and for Master Agency. He has also been called upon as as a spokesman. He is a master in the fields of leadership development, financial planning products and promotion and marketing. This has made him a highly sought after speaker throughout AXA, the second biggest insurance and financial products company in the world.

In the financial services market, helping new agents develop into polished professionals in their own right is a unique challenge. It takes being able to identify the right people, giving them the right training and trusting them to make strong decisions for their clients. Decisions the company can stand by. Vincent sets a high standard, and gets people to meet it.


Equities First Holdings Allow Flexibility To Clients

Equities First Holdings tends to have a niche approach towards lending that is securities-based. This means that clients will have much more flexibility and be able to manage their own pursuits in a better way. Equities First LinkedIn .

Equities First Holdings has a 24hr response time. This means no time wastage for the client. They have a 75% LTV ratio. The average rate interest is around 3-4%. No wonder that all this is highly attractive information for any client.

The fact remains that finding liquidity is tough as well as expensive. One option, therefore, is those traditional investment houses. Another option can be banks. But all these options typically require an incredible amount of red tape that needs to be navigated. Besides, the LTV ratios will not be so desirable. Click Here to contact Equities First .

With regard to capital, finding efficiency, speed, as well as flexibility, can be a rare option. Hence Equities First Holdings is providing an alternative source of capital. This is for individual investors as well as for businesses.

The stock loan is one such option. Here equities are used as loan collateral. This is for a fixed period which is typically three years. This way a borrower can decide to enter into a transaction with Equities First Holdings as he has stocks in a company and believes they will appreciate in value. This means that there is no need to liquidate the shares. Rather, the borrower can simply transfer these shares as collateral to Equities First Holdings. In return, he will receive the loan proceeds. Read BusinessWire news for EFH.

Hence one of the important features of this stock loan will be in terms of security for the borrower. In case the stock of the company appreciates during this loan term, the borrower will still be retaining 100% of their market value at maturity. This way investors are getting more attractive terms which include lower interest rates than the ones being offered by any other financing vehicles. for more.

Goettl Air Conditioning Is Building Its Presence In Las Vegas

Goettl Air Conditioning has been increasing its services and adding to its customers thanks to mergers its made with contractors in Las Vegas. The latest such contractors to team up with Goettl include Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air who have serviced commercial and residential clients. The merger worked out well for all parties involved because Las Vegas Air CEO Stephen Gamst was a longtime friend of Goettl CEO Ken Goodrich is happy that his company now has increased funding and resources. Goettl has been supplying air conditioning and heat installation services to Arizona for many years and is with Air Conditioning Contractors of America (AACA)

Goettl has made it their mission to install the most cost-effective heating and air conditioning systems for all residential customers. They hire only qualified people to visit homes and consult with homeowners on the system that will fit their needs, and all their units are measured to appropriate size and energy capabilities. Goettl has ongoing maintenance plans to make sure the ducts are free of debris, the filters are changed and air quality tested to make sure its up to standard. Goettl’s systems are certified by ENERGY STAR and meet environmental safety regulations.

Goettl is willing to provide for people in their community as an act of charity. Even this last year a family in Las Vegas who couldn’t afford to pay their heating bill received a gift from Goettl in the form of a new central air and heating system that also employed zone control technology. Thanks to this gift that family has been able to keep their home warm while also saving hundreds on their heating bill. Goettl also has helped former armed forces members enroll in local HVAC programs in community colleges and even purchase tools for on-the-job training and certification.


Overcoming Challenges the Kabbalah Way

Challenges are a part of life. They are there to make us stronger. The horrific challenges we face will ultimately lead us to become better versions of the people we are.

“God will be there to help us, but he expects us to do the work”.

This is a spiritual principle that many seem to forget. You will be reminded of this principle and more once you start studying at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles.

To get you started I have outlined a few more concepts that center teaches. These will help you in deciding if the center is the right spiritual path for you.

1) Resisting the reactive behavior will create more light. Reactive behavior may serve in the short-term, but it will create more darkness in your life later on.

2) The greater the challenge, the more potential you will have to shine your light. To think as a victim is to think in a limited way. There is not much room for light then.

3) The negativity you see in others is a reflection of your own negativity. This is one of the hardest concepts for students to grasp and accept.

4) Never blame anyone for your problems. Do not blame external factors or situations for your problems. You are there for a reason. They are your problems. You are the only one who can fix them.

Teacher Yehuda Berg explains this more in his book The Power of Kabbalah. I used to have a copy. It is a good read. I do not agree with everything the book has to say, but it does offer some good learning tools for everyday life. You can find it at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles.

All we need is love. The rest is just commentary.

National Park Service Looking for Sponsors to Raise Money

Millions of people visit the National Parks each year, but park officials say that visitors fees are not enough to keep the parks open. That is why, according to a recent article on WBAL TV’s online website, the National Park service is considering selling sponsorships to help keep the parks open.




The proposal would allow sponsors to put logos on just about everything, including bathrooms, benches, and the pavement under people’s feet. For most people this would take away from the pristine beauty of the parks. People come to the parks to experience nature and get away from the crass commercialism and noise that comes with everyday life.


While their is no certainty that the proposal will get approved, it is clear that the push for corporate sponsors is a troubling one, particularly for many of the park’s regular visitors. The money from corporate sponsors could help the National Park system make some much anticipated and much needed improvements in order to ensure that none of the parks are closed to the public. Fort Hood in Baltimore, for example hopes to add a piece of the National Anthem that they are missing.



A decision like this could set a terrible precedent. Old stadiums were once great examples of classic architecture, but today, stadiums are often covered in as much advertising as possible. Many people think that this is very distracting and takes away from their enjoyment of the game. Decline in the attendance at certain sporting events certainly supports this theory to an extent. While the temporary influx of money into the National Parks System would be welcome it is very important to consider the cost.

Dumping Goldfish Into a Lake is Not Good For Anyone

Most people have heard tales of albino aligators living in the sewers of New York. The story goes that a long time ago, aligators were popular pets, or possibly a few people bought tiny gators after being told they were small lizards. Suprised by the size, the New Yorkers either flushed them down the drain or dumped them in the sewers. While almost certainly and urban ledgend, the moral of the story is the same. Invasive species that start out as pets can cause a great deal of damage.


A recent article in the Washington Post highlights just how big of a problem this has become. For example Australia has over 20 million feral cats, which are not native to Austrailia and were brough over by European settlers. They have no natural predators and are a threat to many of the native species, including 124 threatened and endangered species.


Fish are another invasive species that has been known to cause huge problems. Asian Carp, orginally brought in to help control algea in fish farms are making their way into the Great Lakes. Not only do the destroy the native vegitation and animal life, but have been known to jump up and knock boaters out of the water.


And of of course there are the aforementioned Goldfish. With few natural preditors, they can grow as large as four lbs when released in the wild, taking over and disturbing the populations of native species.


Because of the negative effect that domesticated animals can have on the ecosystem, its imporant to remember not to release a domesticated plant or animal into the wild. Instead, be mindful when choosing pets and ensure that you can care for them in the long term.