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What Essentials Do You Need for Spring Outdoor Hiking?

Hiking is a great way to burn extra calories and get outside. If you enjoy hiking or if you’re interested in starting a hiking hobby, you’ll need to have some essential products. The following is a list of essentials for hiking that you should get now so that you’re prepared when spring rolls around.


  1. A big backpack to hold everything


The first thing that you’ll need to go hiking is a great backpack. Whether you plan on hiking for a few days or a week or just going on an hour-long walk in the hills, a quality backpack will be helpful so that you can carry all of your essentials with you and have your hands free. Naturally, you’ll want a larger and more industrial type backpack for longer trips. A smaller, more lightweight backpack will be good for short hiking trips.


  1. A great sleeping bag


Of course, you’ll need to have a place to sleep on your hiking trip. A sleeping bag is the best option. There are numerous types of sleeping bags. For example, there are lots of different sizes and even different levels of warmth. For this reason, make sure that you do your research in order to find the best bag for you.


  1. An emergency bag


In addition to having a great backpack and a warm and comfortable sleeping bag, you should also have a small bag that has emergency essentials in it. You need to have first aid kit with health and safety essentials as well as a solar panel that can charge a cell phone in the event that you need to call for help.


  1. Lighting


Lastly, don’t forget that you’ll need to have lighting on your trip. It gets dark up in those mountains! A flashlight should be brought with you no matter how long you plan on hiking, and you might want to bring a lantern for your campsite if you plan on staying overnight as well.


You can find all of the products listed above on the Internet or in select brick and mortar outdoor goods stores.


Why You Should Take a Digital Detox and Get Outdoors

Would you like to become someone who spends more time outdoors in nature and with your family? Are you interested in de-stressing? Would like to be able to sleep soundly through the night?


If these sound like good ideas to you, here’s what you need to do. First, put your smart phone, tablet device and computer into a large box. Next, put that box into your closet, and shut the closet door. Now, get some hiking clothes on or even a pair of jeans and some tennis shoes. Finally, walk out your front door and get ready to spend some time outdoors.


Why You Should Consider Doing a Digital Detox


What’s a digital detox? It’s a span of time when you don’t use digital media. This includes things like social media, the Internet, television and anything to do with your smart phone. This can be tough for some people, and this is especially true if you work online or in the tech industry.


With that being said, it’s absolutely essential to make sure that you do this at least once every few months. Going on a digital detox means taking a break from the online world, and we all need this in order to stay sane.


In addition to taking a digital detox from social media and tech in general, make sure that you try to get outdoors as well. Outdoor living may not be your thing, and it doesn’t have to be. But you should still be able to recognize the importance of going outside and taking part in the natural world. It doesn’t matter if that’s with a hike, a walk or a bike ride.


Tips for Your Digital Detox


First, go slow. This will be difficult. Try just detoxing for one or two hours at a time.


Second, don’t worry if people get mad at you. It will be common for people to criticize you for being out-of-reach. That’s just the way that it has to be, and you’ll have to learn to live with this.


Finally, try to do this on a regular basis. At least once every few weeks will give you the greatest results.


New Trends in Outdoor Living

When looking for a new home to buy or rent, people have always considered whether or not the home has a nice outdoor space. Nice outdoor living spaces provide an owner or renter with a great place to relax and entertain. While outdoor living spaces have been highly sought after for a long time, a recent news article ( has pointed out that there have been a lot of new trends and advancements with outdoor living spaces in recent years.


One trend that people are looking for more than ever before is for the lot to have more functionality and technology than ever before. A growing trend in higher end homes is to have outdoor kitchens, which greatly enhance the amount of cooking and preparation that can be completed outside of the home. Many people also like to have an area where they can sit and watch an outdoor television or have outdoor speakers installed to listen to music. Another growing trend is to have a separate router outside to provide guests with access to WiFi while they are outdoors.


Those that would like an outdoor living space are also looking for their space to be lower maintenance. While having nice landscaping is important, the would like it to look nice and not take a lot of work. Because of this, installing more container gardens, patios, and other fixtures to replace open grass is ideal as it results in less time needed to mow and prepare the yard. Many people also look for yards that already have a built in irrigation system, which can reduce the amount of time that is needed to water plants.


One of the most important features that people want in their outdoor living space today is to have more durable furniture. Furniture that sits outside will have to deal with a lot of impact from weather and people coming and going. Because of this, it needs to be very durable and be able to withstand the pressures of outdoor living. Today, many people look for acrylic upholstery that is both fade resistant and can be waterproof.


Stranded Family Of Four Rescued after Kayaking Crash In Utah

With great interest, I just read a recent article that tells how a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter pilot rescued a stranded family from Colorado while he was out looking for an overdue kayaker.


This exciting situation took place on the first Sunday in April in Garfield County, Utah. A man and wife, and their two teenage daughters were kayaking on the Escalante River, and became trapped after crashing into rocks.


As it so happens, another kayaker had not returned when expected from a trip on the Escalante River that same day. A pilot named Luke Bowman from the Utah Department of Public Safety had been called in to assist in the efforts to locate the kayaker.


While scanning the river area from overhead, the pilot and a deputy spotted a man signaling for help from a sandbar. They landed the helicopter, and discovered that the man and his family had been stranded for two days.


According to the article, the family’s kayaks and paddles floated away when they crashed. They did, however, manage to save their food and sleeping equipment. The family tried to find their way to civilization on foot, but found that their surroundings were too dangerous to traverse.


The helicopter pilot said that it is very common at this time of the year for people to get lost or stranded in the local region. Fortunately, the family that was rescued this week did not experience any injuries, only some sunburn.


As for the original kayaker who was overdue, he was unable to access his destination point, so he exited the river at another spot, then made his way back.


Being a big fan of vintage TV shows, I can’t help but think of how this entire situation resembles the plot on an episode of a retro adventure television series.


How to Plan a Hiking Trip

Hiking is a fun and thrilling activity that will get you outside enjoying nature. Some people love hiking all the time once the weather permits them to take a trail and others might be planning a hiking trip for the first time in their lives. No matter how advanced you are when it comes to hiking, it’s just as important for experts to bring along supplies and provisions as it is for beginners.


To start, you’ll need to plan out the type of supplies you’ll need to bring along with you. Having a handy and rugged backpack will allow you to bring all of your items without feeling overly weighed-down. You also need to bring along items specific to the type of trip you’ll be taking. If you’re planning on camping out, you’re going to need a tent and sleeping bags to make the night a little more comfortable. If you’re only going for a few hours, you’ll need a utility knife, flashlights, rope and a walking stick that helps you to clear away debris.


Along with all of the utility supplies, you need to bring along foods and drinks. It’s easy to assume that you can get through a hike without a nourishing meal, but it’s another thing when you’re feeling lightheaded and dizzy while walking. Be sure to bring along protein-packed foods like peanut butter sandwiches and trail mix with nuts to boost your energy. You should bring along a lot of drinks to keep yourself hydrated throughout the whole trip.


Before going on a trip, you need to plan out where you’re going to be going and how long the trail is. For instance, if you’ll be taking a 7-mile hike, you should expect to be out for just a few hours and will want to go earlier in the day to avoid getting stuck out in nightfall. If the trail is 25-miles or longer, expect to have to camp out overnight with your crew. Most hiking trails won’t have cellphone service, so you’ll need another way to contact the outside world in case of an emergency such as a panic button necklace or walkie talkies.


Choose From Amazing Colors With Lime Crime

Are you looking for a radical hair color scheme that offers unique fantasy-inspired colors? You now have the option of choosing from thousand of bold colors from Lime Crime cosmetics. That’s right, the superior cosmetic line has come up with an amazing line of hair dyes that offer their customers full coverage and tint options. You can get up to 8 washes with the tint and 10 with the permanent dye option. LC is inspiring thousands of girls and guys around the world to go unicorn or find a color that goes well under the camera lights for your one of a kind selfies.


Lime Crime is unique for having a velvetine matte and super-foil base that has a moist application that dries to perfection. Your eyelids and lips experience hard to find shades that are yet to be matched by their competitors. Their creator and CEO. Doe Deere, was one of the first to base her cosmetics with these unique hypoallergenic ingredients. Her unconventional way of thinking for colors has landed her the female entrepreneur award for 2017. Her line of hair dyes is the rave among her 2.4 million Instagram customers along with her new Scandal cosmetics that has a wonderful purple-violet hue lipstick.


You will still be able to match their hair dyes with their cosmetic line. The transition is meant to compliment each other. You can change your mood with a single tint or transform your dull hair color with something totally new. You can also match their colors with their amazing Dolls Kills, sister company, that offers amazing accessories and clothing items to go with your new color choice. Join the color revolution and become a part of the amazing LC cosmetic and hair dyes today.


Visit the exclusive Lime Crime website for many first-time customer and promotional offers. Discover taking your color options to an all new color scheme that your friends will admire. Choose from an array of colors like Purple Sorbet and Radical Metallic today.

How to Plan the Perfect Hiking Trip

Hiking is a great outdoor activity that provides you the chance to explore a local area in all its natural beauty. Planning a hiking trip can be a lot of fun, but it should also be done to prevent you from experiencing problems on the trail. First and foremost, you need to have an idea of where you’re going to be hiking. If you live in an area that’s quite wooded, there are probably a myriad of trails you can take. Once you know which trail you’ll be hiking, you need to determine its length and duration. Certain hiking trails have several stop-offs which allow you to choose how many miles you’d like to walk.


Next, you need to determine who will be coming with you. If you’re going to be hiking on your own, it’s vital that you have a way to communicate with the world if something happens to you while you’re walking. Many hiking trails lose cellphone service, so it might be advantageous to invest in walkie-talkies or an emergency call button that will automatically alert police if something happens to you on the trail. You should also bring along plenty of snacks, provisions and drinks. Drinks are essential for long and intense hikes where you’ll be overexerting yourself. Protein-packed snacks like nuts and trail mix are great for when you’re feeling faint and lightheaded.


Apart from making sure you pack all of the right foods and drinks, you need to be wearing comfortable and loose clothing. You can bring along bug spray to prevent too many bugs from biting you and annoying you while you’re trying to enjoy yourself. If you aren’t going to be wearing bug spray, it’s crucial that you avoid wearing any other type of perfume, which even includes deodorant. These perfumes will attract bugs and make for a miserable hiking experience. Once you know where you’ll hike and have all of the necessities for the trip, it’s time to go out and explore mother nature. Take along your camera and get some great pictures of your experience so that you have something to look back on.


Outdoor Enthusiast Mary Anderson Dies At 107

Mary Anderson was known for her love of outdoors. She died on March 27, 2017 at the age of 107. She co-founded a company called REI in 1938 along with her husband, Lloyd. This company sold equipment that helped people enjoy hiking and climbing. REI released a statement saying that Mary’s legacy will live on. They wanted to make it easier for people to get outdoors.


Mary Anderson was born in Yakima Valley. She grew up in a family that enjoyed hiking. Mary worked as a teacher and incorporated her love for nature in the classroom. She taught for over 30 years. Dennis Madsen is the former CEO and president of REI. He stated that the first time he met Mary was in 1966. He just got out of high school and worked at the REI in Capitol Hill. Dennis stated that Mary and her husband ran their company as a team.


Mary was not only a hard-working woman, but she was also known for her sense of humor. Mary retired from REI in 1968. Because of Mary and Lloyd’s hard work, REI is a very successful business. Today, it has 6.3 million active members. It also has 140 retail stores. Additionally, the company brought in $2.56 billion in revenue.


Ms Anderson celebrated her 100th birthday in 2009 at the REI headquarters. Dennis attended the celebration. He stated that Mary was as vibrant as ever at her birthday celebration. Mary is survived by her daughter named Sue and two grandsons. Her husband, Lloyd, died back in 2000. She also has another daughter named Ruth who preceded her in death.


Funeral details have not yet been released. People who want to make a donation can send it to the REI Foundation headquarters. The address is 6750 S. 228th St., Kent, WA 98032. The donations will go towards the Mary Anderson Legacy Grant. This is a grant that helps people learn more about the outdoors.

REI Takes the Lead in Promoting Women’s Place in Outdoor World

While REI has traditionally done well in the market, focusing on people looking for active wear and outdoor gear, it turns out that they’re not only concerned about their bottom line. REI is getting set to launch Force of Nature, a project which is intended to change the way the industry views and treats female employees and customers.


In the upcoming year, the company will embark on a three-prong effort. First, they’ll feature more women in adventertising and marketing materials. Second, they’ll be prepared to spend $1 million on supporting nonprofits that promote women’s involvement in the outdoors. And third, they’ll add more technical gear and clothing specifically targeted toward women to their stores.


The outdoor industry has been traditionally dominated by males, but hopefully that will change thanks in part to campaigns like REI’s. To help them achieve their goals, REI will hold over a thousand events designed to encourage women to venture outside and participate in new activities.


Women generally feel that being outdoors is an important aspect of overall health, but many have shared that they can’t name one outdoor female role model. When men’s roles in outdoor activities takes such a more prominent role than women’s roles, the disparity can be a bit discouraging to some. Hopefully after women see themselves depicted in advertisements and recognize that certain types of equipment and apparel are being marketed directly towards them, they’ll feel more motivated to take up a new, health hobby.


This isn’t the first time that REI has taken up a social cause. In 2015, the company closed the doors on all of its stores on Black Friday while still paying employees for that day. This made a big impact in how the employees thought of themselves in relation to the company management, and it helped REI attract many more customers. In 2016, they continued to stay closed on Black Friday, and they will likely keep up that effort in the future because of the positive reaction by customers.


With this Forces of Nature campaign, REI may be able to widen its reach even further.


Maximizing Effectiveness of Donations and Andrew Rolfe Contributions to the Ubuntu Fund

It is not uncommon for a charity to take contributions from their donating organizations on a regular basis. Some of these contributions are free to use as the organization and its leaders like Andrew Rolfe sees fit. On the other hand, some contributors of a donation may have specific strings attached to them. Meaning these donations can only be used as the donator instructs and in no other manner. In some cases, the added instructions may not make a significant difference so the organization will simply follow suit without any issues or concerns. However, if Andrew Rolfe and the organization that he supports has specific kinds of needs and requirements that they want to meet, it is important that this information is expressed from the beginning. This is one of the main reasons why donations and donation match ups is essential to getting things done properly. Specifically, when the organization and Andrew Rolfe is looking to determine where the optimum advantages lies for an individual or an organization.

Either way, when the programs that Ubuntu Fund establishes, they may start their initial donations and other to follow based on set rules. One of the most effective rules or guidelines for donating financial support to Ubuntu fund is to ensure the donator knows where the money that they donate will be going. For instance, in some situations, the organization may want to donate a large sum of their money to a specific group in exchange for their name to be used in a noteworthy manner. Even though these sums can be very useful to handle certain needs, it does not provide the Ubuntu Fund organization or Andrew Rolfe with the tools that they will need order to address the concerns of individual children in the community that can benefit the most.

To assist in these situations, Andrew Rolfe and others in the organization have established guidelines that can help with matching up donations. These guidelines and provisions are made well in advance to avoid any confusion that can occur with releasing the financing in a manner that will provide the greatest help.