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Andrew Rolfe & Other Ubuntu Fund Leaders Joining Ranks for More Impactful Change

A recent report from the Financial Times discussed how the founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief, is focusing on donors who don’t have restrictions on how the money should be spent at the charity organization. He decided to do this when he saw how the funds were coming in, but people’s lives weren’t changed.


The Ubuntu Education Fund assists vulnerable children within Port Elizabeth’s townships that is located in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. This organization started in 1999 as a small organization attempting to address one aspect of the educational crisis within South Africa. They have now expanded greatly to assist with health, education, and social welfare issues.


Andrew Rolfe is the chairman on the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu Fund. He has a bachelors degree from Oxford University and a M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School. Andrew Rolfe also holds such positions as CEO and president for other companies. Also, Andrew Rolfe has been the chairman of the Board of Directors for the Ubuntu Fund since March 2007.


Ubuntu Fund go through what they call the “Ubuntu model” which is to work closely with communities and families to produce customized plans for each child. Doing this will better sustain the children and families with health, education, and stability to escape from poverty. The problem has been that many donors want to flex their muscles in how the money should be spent. And as a result, there has been a lesser amount of donors who are giving them funds.


Donations are always needed for charities; however, at least this organization has room to innovate, according to Lief. Nevertheless, some experts specializing in charitable funding stated that there are ways to resolve conflicts with donors if the discussion is brought on early enough. They also said that, in some cases, more donors will be willing to donate if they are offered to participate on the board. There are ways to get additional funding; nevertheless, Jacob Lief, Andrew Rolf, and the entire board are remaining focused on bringing real change to families and their children.


Felipe’s Interest is To Improve The Sanitation of Brazil

Sanitation and hygiene is one of the most important discussions in developing countries. And, for countries like Brazil, this is one of the major issues affecting it. The Brazilian Government has been doing its best to alleviate this problem but there so many underlying issues. So, they recently went into a concession to improve sanitation in Brazil. The Government announced that it would be partnering with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development.


To this Felipe Montoro Jens gave his two cents. He said that one of the biggest problems in the area is water wastage. And because of this issue, it had become very difficult to reduce wastage. He attributed the problem of water wastage to the over flooding of government agencies who have been given the job of solving this problem. He recommended private companies being given contracts. This is because they have enough resources to battle this problem.


Edison Carlos from Trata Brasil supported Felipe’s point with a statistic. He quoted that 90% of sanitation jobs had been given to government institutions. He was positive that things would be better if there was a balance in the division of sanitation jobs between government and private companies. Carlos also said that if the concession was to be successful, the bank would have to restructures. They would have to learn better management. Also, it would be helpful if they got more funding.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a renowned Brazilian financial expert with deep knowledge in the infrastructure industry. He holds two degrees, one from the Getulio Vargas Institution and the other from the Thunderbird School of Management.


His good education has gotten him positions with mogul companies. He currently serves as the CEO of Odebrecht Properties. He is also the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A.


Renown Healthcare New Facility

Renown Health is a not-for-profit healthcare network based out of Nevada. Founded in 1862, the company employs over 5500 people. Facilities include three acute care hospitals, a children’s hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, skilled nursing facility, a medical group and urgent care network, and Hometown Health, which is the only locally owned not-for-profit insurance company. Anthony D. Slonim has been President and CEO since 2014.

The organization introduced the use of the country’s first angiography biplane, which is used to treat stroke victims. They are also the first hospital in Nevada to perform robotic surgery using the da vinci Surgical System S HD. An emergency room designed for children under the age of 18 is the only one in the area. They are a leader in quality healthcare.

Renown Health will be opening a new family practice at the Summit Mall in South Reno. With a staff of 11 people, the clinic will include primary care services, as well as a laboratory. The medical director of the organization says that the clinic is designed to look like a warm, inviting living room, providing a more comfortable setting for patients. The space will be adding additional services, and will also employ additional staff, including physicians and nurse practitioners. There will be a designated area where physicians can discuss health care issues with their patients. Click here to know more.

The general contractor assigned to the construction of this facility is Shaheen Beauchamp Builders, LLC. Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design is responsible for architecture and construction, structural engineering is provided by Forbes Engineering, and mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering is provided by MSA Engineering Consultants.

There is a need for additional healthcare in the area due to growing population, growing economy and better access to insurance. There are now 12 primary care clinics in the area owned by Renown.

A Review Of The Common Orthopedic Procedures Conducted By Orthopedic Surgeons Such As Greg Finch

Orthopedic procedures are used to treat injuries involving muscles and skeletons. Majority of these treatments require surgeries. However, some non-surgical approaches can be used by orthopedic surgeons like Greg Finch to treat minor cases. Below are some of the most common orthopedic procedures.

The spine is a critical part of the human body. An injury to the spine can easily lead to disability, and special care must be taken to prevent one of the critical parts of the body. Injuries to the spine can result from improper handling of heavy goods, falls, or sports injury. Accidents are also known to lead to spinal injuries. Spinal surgeries are aimed at reducing the amount of pain that a patient is experiencing and improving their physical fitness. Spinal fusion is the most common type of spinal surgery.

Total joint replacement is the second most common orthopedic procedure. This procedure is used to treat patients who have been diagnosed with severe arthritis. This method is used to provide pain relief and increased motion range to the patients. The orthopedic surgeon seeks to replace the damaged parts of the joints with plastic or metal surfaces. The implants are carefully sculptured to fit the damaged parts.

The third procedure is total shoulder replacement. This orthopedic procedure is used to treat patients who have severely injured their shoulders. Although the procedure sounds painful, it provides the patients with great relief and substantially improves their range of motion. Experienced orthopedic surgeons such as Greg Finch are well trained to conduct this intricate procedure.

About Greg Finch

Greg Finch is a revered orthopedic surgeon specializing in all aspects of spinal surgery. The doctor works for The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital. He is a member of the North American Spine Society, Australian Orthopedic Surgeon, and Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Previously, Greg Finch worked for Royal Orthopedic Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust, as well as Shriners Hospitals for Children, and Royal Perth Hospital. He is a graduate of the University of Auckland.

How Adam Goldenberg has become a leader in the E-Commerce Sector

Adam Goldenberg is a leading businessperson in the United States. He is recognized for the e-commerce business empire that has established with his business partner who is known as Don Ressler. Goldenberg formed his first company when he was 15 years old, and he has grown his entrepreneurship career over the years. He is currently the owner of renowned fashion companies such as TechStyle and Fabletics. Adam Goldenberg and Ressler have worked together to establish some of the leading businesses in the e-commerce sector. The two entrepreneurs have excellent skills in advertising and developing businesses that can be highly profitable.

Goldenberg had owned his personal businesses before he started working with Don Ressler. Running his businesses enabled him to acquire a wealth of experience that has allowed him to be successful in the corporate world. Adam founded a top company that was known as Gamers Alliance. He strived to make the company successful even though he was still in high school. After a while, Goldenberg diverted his business to Intermix Media, which appointed him as its vice president of Strategic Planning. His position made him quit high school to focus on ensuring that the company was successful. When Adam was 20, the firm hired him to be its COO. The appointment made him the youngest top administrator in a publicly traded corporation. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg started working together at Intermix Media when they were both serving the firm.

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Adam and Don resigned from Intermix Media is 2005 and decided to establish Brand Ideas, which they managed together. The company is currently known as Intelligent Beauty, and its primary business is to conduct brand incubation for emerging enterprises. Intelligent Beauty was prosperous, and it generated millions of dollars within its first year. The two businessmen used the company founding e-commerce businesses such as SENSA and DERMSTORE.

The businesses that Don and Adam founded have been a success due to the entrepreneurship and digital marketing experience that they have acquired. The knowledge of the entrepreneurs has assisted them in deciding on the most profitable emerging businesses on They managed to grow the JustFab, and the firm had more than 6 million loyal clients after its first two years. The company managed to secure funding that was worth about $250 million from different investment companies. Adam and Don changed the name of their business to TechStyle. It currently runs various subsidiaries, and they include FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics.

Learn more about Adam Goldenberg:

Andrew Rocklage – Successful Attorney and Business Owner

Andrew Rocklage is a professional businessman who currently owns one of the most popular and innovative trampoline parks in the country. It’s an indoor trampoline park called Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Rocklage is also an active attorney in the Boston, Massachusetts area, and currently continues to pursue different business ventures. With operating your own business comes the pursuit of excellent staffing and customer service, which is something that Rocklage works hard to display. He understands that in order to build a rock solid brand, you have to have an engaging implementation process. His search to find the best staff possible for Sky Zone Trampoline Park has increased customer interaction and their overall experience at the facility. With the constant work and positive environment he has displayed, he has created a great work environment that offers friendly services and is fully invested in helping customers achieve a fantastic experience.


In addition to his work as an attorney and professional business owner, Rocklage also has experience working with a prestigious pharmaceutical company. He specifically works within the corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He utilizes his vital experience in the technology industry in addition to his other talents. Rocklage has the ability to use his experience as a lawyer, skills as a business owner and tech savvy mind to promote the further expansion of his professional future.


Andrew Rocklage attended the popular Suffolk University Law School and then went on to attend Isenberg School of Management. He currently practices and manages his companies in the Boston area, but has looked into venturing out into other regions in the future. His knowledge and his business are a growing force, and they continue to build customer base that is important when owning your own business. His drive, efforts and expertise are a force to be reckoned with. Rocklage’s base for his business is essential, and he has found the root where it can blossom into a prosperous field. He has a keen sense of what it takes to successfully build a business from the ground up and implement the proper team to keep it flourishing and profitable.



Greg Secker: the Trading Expert with a Big Heart for Motivating and Helping Others

Greg Secker is a London-based inspirational public speaker, forex trade expert, successful entrepreneur, and committed philanthropist. Born in Norfolk, England 42 years ago, Greg went on to study Agricultural and Food Sciences at the well-known University of Nottingham. Currently, Secker serves as the M.D. of Learn To Trade.


Greg Secker’s Career


Greg’s became a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services when still in his early 20s. He then ventured into the forex trade industry, and by the age of 23, he had developed the first ever online trading platform for forex businesses, Virtual Trading Desk. Two years later, he joined the financial sector as a vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation. Mellon was a leading American investment bank. Greg quickly adapted to the financial industry, and within a few years, he had acquired immense knowledge in trading strategies. He eventually quit his job at the bank to establish Learn To Trade.


Motivational Speaking


Since establishing Learn To Trade over a decade ago, Greg has been inspiring upcoming traders through holding trading seminars across the world. The seminars have an average attendance of over 15,000 people annually.


Besides holding seminars, Greg has had the opportunity to speak to the world via reputable media, such as Bloomberg and CNBC. He has shared platforms with prominent personalities, such as Tony Blair, Sir Richard Branson, and Anthony Robbins.



Greg Secker and Philanthropy


Greg Secker’s strong philanthropic spirit saw his name included in this year’s 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs. He offers moral and financial support to charity organizations across the world, including Tusk, the Child Bereavement Trust, and Royal Princes chosen causes.


As a way of hastening his philanthropic deeds, Greg Secker established The Greg Secker Foundation in 2011. Since then, he has been using the foundation as an avenue to reach out to the underprivileged across the globe and improving their lives through funding education and other community empowerment programs. Some of the programs that have at one point benefited from the foundation include Youth Leadership Summit, Starkey Hearing Foundation and Global Tradeathon, and Early Childhood Development Program. Last year, the foundation funded the Build House, a project that was mobilizing funds to build homes for 100 homeless families in Lemery.



Flavio Maluf Of Eucatex Discusses Which Professionals Are In Demand

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman who leads one of the major companies in Brazil called Eucatex. This is a manufacturing and logging company that specializes in wood and chemical products. Eucatex grows and harvests trees mostly sourced from the rapid growing eucalyptus tree. It also manufactures wood products such baseboards, panels and partitions and chemical products such as varnishes and paints. The firm is also a leader in developing wood harvesting and growing techniques.


As a leader of a major company, Flavio Maluf is well aware of the trends of the future as the success of his business depends on it greatly. He recently discussed some of the most in demand professional careers for startups in Brazil on the Estadao publication of Brazil. Here is what Maluf laid out there on what kind of professions startups will require this year and into the future.


According to Flavio Maluf, startups are one of the fastest growing segments of the Brazilian economy right now. There are now over 4,200 startups in the country. Many of them fall into the category of online commerce, healthcare, software as a service, entertainment and education.


One of the most in demand professions for startups in Brazil will be that of a mobile phone application programmer. The popularity of smart phones cannot be underestimated and is only increasing by the day. More and more companies including startups are having a presence on mobile phones through applications. With this in mind, mobile phone app programmers will be required to create new applications and update existing ones.


All new startups will have to invest in customer service. Once a business or product is up and running, there will inevitably be a need for customer service staff to answer questions or help customers out with a problem. So as startups grow, expect there to be a demand for customer service representatives as well.


Online marketing is another segment where startups will have to invest in heavily. Experts in the realm of digital marketing will be required for startups to penetrate the online market. With the internet becoming more widely available and people increasingly flocking to e-commerce, opportunities for online marketing professionals should be plentiful.

How to Get Your Veggie Garden in Tip-Top Shape This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to start a vegetable garden. Naturally, where you live in the world to will make a difference when it comes to how and when you start your garden. But for most people in North America, the first months of spring are perfect for beginning seedlings indoors. Over time, you’ll begin to see them grow under grow lights, and you can transfer them to your garden or into container pots for container gardening.

How to start your seedlings indoors

To start seedlings for your vegetable garden indoors, you need to get some small containers and soil. You’ll want to have lights as well. Basically all vegetable seeds can be started in this way.

According to the directions on your seed packets, plant the seeds into the small pots that you have purchased after adding soil to them. If you don’t feel like buying brand-new pots for your seedlings, you can also use a paper-based egg carton. The great thing about using a paper-based egg carton for seedlings is that when it comes to planting your seedlings into containers or the ground, you don’t even have to remove them from the biodegradable paper cartons.

You’ll want to put Saran wrap or plastic wrap over the tops of your containers to create a greenhouse effect as well. You’ll also want to put your seedlings onto a growth mat that will provide warmth for the young seeds. Growth lights can help as well, but if you don’t have grow lights, you can put them in a window that gets a lot of Western exposure sun.

Once your seedlings have sprouted and are two to three inches high, you can plant them in containers or in the ground. Keep in mind that you should not keep the Saran wrap or plastic wrap over your seedlings once they have started, and you should be watering them regularly.

Investment Advice from Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen operates a business in the Bahamas. His business is Brainbridge Investment. Through this company, he advises clients on long term investments. Igor was born in Brazil, the football capital of the world.






Igor Cornelsen has served in various positions in different Brazilian banks. Apart from his banking experience, Igor has developed his investment acumen. Today, he advises clients on investment areas and opportunities in his native Brazil.



Investment Advice



Igor advises his clients to invest in declining stocks, since they are cheap. These stocks, he asserts, will not always be declining and when the market changes and they begin to appreciate, they can be sold hence making one profit.



Igor further encourages clients to invest in China for instance. Though he encourages people to invest abroad, he says that investment should be made after proper considerations to establish that the gains far outweigh the loss.



For clients that are interested in investing in Brazil, he encourages them to know the people as this is one way of improving chances of success. Brazil, Igor says, has many regulations and for investors to thrive here, they must understand these regulations since ignorance is not a defense in law. Investors apart from knowing where to invest, they should also know where the best currency conversion units are situated.



Igor’s advice on investing in cheap stocks is particularly interesting and appealing since it is a good bet that declining stocks will almost always improve and gain sway in the market.



Long Term Plans



Igor advises clients to go for long term strategies instead of short term plans. Long term plans have a promising return rate compared to short term investments. A short term plan looks good on paper, but may disappoint in the end.



Stock Investment



In stock investing, clients are encouraged not to buy solely in one company. It is wise, according to Igor Cornelsen, to buy stocks from various companies so as to avoid loss if the investment in one place fails. A balanced portfolio will help protect the investor in the event the investment in one place is not so lucrative.