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George Soros and OSF making the world better

George Soros is a man of action, whether it’s politically driven or social awareness driven. George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations, which opened in 1993. The Open Society Foundations support groups around the globe who aim to advance justice, education, public health and media. The Open Society Foundations has operations in over 37 countries and several regional foundations including the Open Society Initiative for West Africa and is headquartered in New York, New York. The Open Society Foundations has claimed expenditures over $11 billion dollars.George Soros got the OSF name from Karl Popper’s 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies. The Open Society Foundations have poured $2.9 billion defending human rights including the rights of women, European minorities, drug users, sex workers and those in the LGBTQ communities. The Open Society Foundations has also spent nearly $2.1 billion on education, almost $1.6 developing democracy in Eastern Europe and $1.5 million to promote criminal justice reform, drug policy reform, equal rights, immigration and democratic governance.

George Soros has said that open society is based on the recognition that the world is not perfect but what is imperfect can be fixed. The Open Society Foundations have been a strong financial backer of American immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.The Open Society Foundations provided millions of dollars in human aid and relief during wars in Yugoslavia, including Sarajevo, where workers faced sniper fire and artillery shells, where they were working to connect residents to gas lines, electricity and drinking water. The Open Society Foundations recently appointed Chris Stone as president. The Open Society Foundations works to fix some of the flaws faced by open societies such as improving end-of-life care, reforming drug policies, criminal justice reform, and reforming immigration laws. The Open Society Foundations has played a key role in every part of the world since 2010.George Soros launched Open Society Foundations after making money through the financial markets.

George Soros attended the school of economics in London and later emigrated to the United States where he entered the economic field. George Soros’ first major project with Open Society Foundations was in South Africa, but it failed after his attempts were not helping change anything, he then turned his focus to Central Europe, where he supported several solidarity movements.George Soros was born and raised in Hungary. He managed to survive the Nazi occupation of Hungary securing false identity papers and hiding the truth about who they really are. Following the war and as Hungary was being swallowed up by Communist takeover, he emigrated to London. George Soros and the Open Society Foundations continue to do good for the United States and the rest of the world.

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Puzzling Criminal Activities in South Brunswick


A pizza delivery man was attacked in an armed robbery in South Brunswick New Jersey in 2012. The assailant went by the name of “P Gun”, and was regarded as the leader involved in the incidence. Parysh Wood ( his real name) was said to have attacked a pizza delivery man on November, 2012 on Quincy Circle, a residential area in the N building of a complex. The delivery man was confronted with three men who claimed that they had ordered the pizza and demanded money from the victim at gunpoint.


Eyewitnesses said that the three gunmen stole money and the pizza from the delivery man and ran away in a minivan. According to cell phone site information, investigations later revealed that Wood was among the robbers. He was charged and is currently held in the Middlesex County Center on a bail of $ 100,000. The police said that violent crime was low in the area and that any robbery incidences are thoroughly pursued by security agencies with the use of digital technology. The investigations took about four months to accomplish. However, additional arrests were expected.


In October 7, 2015, another shooting incident occurred in the same county. In this incident, one person was seriously injured at the New Brunswick Apartments. The area is known to be a crime hotspot where at least four shots were heard in this particular incident. It is said that a man walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a gunshot wound that was suspected to be from the 33 commercial Avenue shooting incident. The shooting was said to have occurred in the close proximity of building number 1 of the garden apartment complex.


According to the police, it was reported that the suspect, who was armed, was wearing a hoodie and that he fled in the direction of the Neilsen Street. On investigations, the police found more bullet casings near the complex building. The identity of the injured man in hospital was held by the police pending investigations into the case. It remained unclear what transpired on this day and the police gave no clues. The incidence was a puzzling case given that no witnesses ever came forward to testify on what really happened on this day.

Eli Gershkovitch: The Fire Behind Steamworks

Craft beer is a large industry in Canada, and while the number of craft beer drinkers took a slight dip in 2016, the market is expected to rise once more in the coming years. Maybe that’s why there’s been such an explosion of craft breweries in Canada. While certain provinces are definitely leading the charge, the love for craft beer seems to be a national affection. The recent popularity of and interest in craft beer has spurred many passionate brewers to open pubs and breweries across Canada. But some entrepreneurs in this field have been going strong since before craft beer was cool ( Eli Gershkovitch certainly falls into that category.


Soaring to New Heights


In 1993, Eli Gershkovitch realized two of his dreams. He opened his first craft beer pub and obtained his pilot’s license. He’d always loved the idea of flying, and he pursues that passion to this very day. In fact, in the early 2000s he took a single-engine Cessna from Vancouver to Europe and back, truly earning his wings. However, soaring above the rest isn’t something Mr. Gershkovitch only does in the sky – he’s done it in business, too. Years after starting his little pub he expanded and soon became a formidable force in the craft beer industry.


Steamworks Group is Born


Eli Gershkovitch took his passion and expanded it into a full-on brewery. In interviews, he regularly discusses how difficult and challenging it was to transition from a pub to a full brewery, but he never let it phase him. Instead, he doubled down on his efforts to learn everything he could about the brewery business and called in international experts to help him with marketing and business growth. While he had been steadily adding to his business over the years, this transition was a pivotal moment for him. However, he rose to the challenge, fast becoming one of the most sought-after breweries in Canada.


Eli Gershkovitch is just one example of how passion and determination can fuel an entrepreneur to craft brewery greatness. If Mr. Gershkovitch was able to establish such a remarkably popular craft beer pub at a time when craft beer wasn’t even trending, only time will tell what he’ll be able to accomplish now.

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Glen Wakeman Success as an Entrepreneur

About Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur. He is also a global business executive, investor, writer, and mentor. Glen has worked in 32 countries. During this time, Wakeman lived in six nations. Glen Wakeman worked for 20 years as he progressed his career with GE Capital.

Education Background

Glen Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance. He acquired his Master`s in Business Administration from the University of Chicago. Glen is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt holder.

Glen`s Leadership

Glen Wakeman served as the CEO of Doral Financial Corporation. During his service at the company, Glen was actively involved in insurance agency operations and institutional securities. He was successful at the firm as he turned around, recapitalized and transformed the organization. He changed it from a mono-line financial institution to a streamlined community bank.

Glen Wakeman is the CEO and co-founder of LauchPad Holdings, LLC. It is a SAAS company that helps new entrepreneurs to grow by increasing their success rates. This is achieved through an online platform that facilitates business planning.

Wakeman`s leadership in these organizations has transformed various businesses. He has managed over 17,000 employees. Glen has also handled assets worth over $15 billion (BusinessWire). His main activities were searching for new markets, facilitating exponential growth and initiating start-ups. He was also involved in integrations, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions and divestitures.

Glen as a Writer and Mentor

Wakeman`s writing skills are remarkable. He is a blogger who writes about global affairs, leadership, business transformations and emerging markets. Glen provides advice on angel financing, strategic management and capital raising. Glen mentors various C-level executives. He advises new entrepreneurs, such as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded, on start-ups.

How to Contact Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman has developed various internet channels that customers can use to contact him or gather more information about his organization.


The End Of The Sumatra Elephant Is Near

Several organizations are calling for the end of deforestation that is quickening the extinction of the Sumatra elephant.

The Sumatra elephant is threatened with extinction that could come in the next 30 years. This has caused the species’ status to go from “endangered” to “critically endangered”.
A statement, warned for authorities only in Indonesia that there are only between 2,400 and 2,800 members left of the Sumatra elephant (Elephas maximus) sumatranus in nature, half of which has been here since 1985, after losing 70 percent of its natural habitat in the last two decades.

The Sumatra elephant is now combined with a growing list of species in Indonesia that are threatened with extinction, such as the orangutan of Sumatra, Java rhinoceros and the Sumatran tiger. Unless conservation measures are taken with an urgency that is effective, these magnificent animals will all disappear from off the face of the earth.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified the Indonesian elephant “critically endangered” in the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species. According to the IUCN, while the Sumatra elephant is protected under Indonesian law, 85 percent of its habitat lies outside protected areas and has been converted into farmland.

On Sumatra Island in the west of Indonesia, Sri is some of the largest populations of Asian elephants outside of India and Sri. However, the island has experienced the fastest rate of deforestation in the region, more than two thirds of the floodplain forests in the last 25 years has been cut away, which is what has caused the local extinction of elephants in many areas.

In Riau (Sumatra), industry, pulp and paper and palm oil plantations in the world cause some of the highest deforestation rates, according to the organization of animal welfare. As a result WWF urged the Indonesian government to ban all forest transformations that are part of elephant habitats until a strategy to resume protection for these animals is underway.

How Different Are Animals From Humanity?

Though we may think that we are more civilized than other animals, it is clear to see that they are not so different from us. Hygiene among types of cats is particularly good: they always buried their droppings in the ground. As a rule, most animals have their own kind of bathroom usually along the shore that is usually used for mating. Not only is this used for territory marking but also the hygienic value. Another similarity can be seen during the birth of kittens where the mother has part of the placenta to eat – a typical form similar of many animals.

Many animals can be found burying dead animals of their kind – a technique used by humans as well. This behavior was observed in badgers. As in another carrión, bears bury their fallen colleagues as well. Similarly, the act of elephants. Even the licking of wounds is medicinal, due to most animals having healing bacteria in their tongues.

Some animals feel when others are hurt or help them when they get sick. For example, when a monkey tries to support a wounded comrade in escaping a deadly adversary. These elephants have special behavior where a sick member of the herd is allowed to rest on their legs, or they hold them up so that they are resting on the shoulders. We know that dolphins who are the injured or sick of their kind are pushed up to the surface of the water so they may have a chance to breathe.

These behaviors in animals such as dogs, cats, etc. are said to have developed during evolution, genetically to determine and contribute to the survival of the species. Their abundance and specificity, although of biological importance of the community, shows the presence of animal instincts to heal themselves and others just like humans.

Goettl: Reliable Energy Cost Saving Tips for the Summer

In a year, Americans spend a thousand dollars averagely in heating and cooling their homes. The costs, however, do not necessarily have to be high if some measures are put into practice. Goettl offers some tips on how to achieve cost reduction.

Work around the Unit

According to PR News Wire, vegetation around the air conditioner prohibits the air to flow freely thereby reducing its functionality. The unit should be kept free of this barrier at a radius of two feet. Retaining a tall tree nearby is, however, recommended to block the sun from directly falling on the unit. Repairing the cracks on the walls bans warm air from penetrating to the house thus maintaining a cool environment. The unit thereby uses less energy.

Work on the Unit

The air conditioner’s air filter is an important part of the unit. When kept clean, the energy of running the air conditioner can be reduced by about 15 percent. It is, therefore, paramount to clean it regularly or replace it. Engaging the services of a qualified technician to check on the unit can save lots of cooling and heating costs. The professional performs tasks such as clearing the drain, cleaning the fan blades and dusting the evaporator coil. These simple tasks leave the air conditioner working efficiently while using less energy.


Technology has invented ways of saving costs through the invention of the programmable thermostat. This device allows one to set the unit in a way it can detect when to go on and off. The market also offers new models that utilize less energy providing another option of saving cost. Wall fans provide an alternative way of cooling the home.

About Goettl

Goettl is a world leader in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry based in Arizona. The experience of the firm dates back to the year 2016 when it was founded.

Goettl offers a range of products and services that include duct sealing, air conditioners, heat pumps, and geothermal systems among others. Visit AZ Central  for more info.

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Vicki Keyhi Is Saving Endangered Animals One Cat A time

The compassionate desire to help a homeless cat may become a habit and before you know it, at home are a dozen or more kittens. In addition to this are opposite views and complaints from neighbors about noise and odors.

Meanwhile, there are many interesting stories. For example, the love of former representative of Texas veterinarians own family of cats, deserves special attention.

A very interesting story with Dr. Vicki Keyhi addresses how one day she found a kitten in the street who had no help from anyone, so she took him home with her. It’s been decades since this all began: Today Vicky has around 27 cats. And everyone gets an equal share of care and attention.

But Mrs. Keyhi is not just any crazy old cat lady. You joke but she is known for having a caring heart, and a little more than others. Yes, and her cats are a little bigger than usual. More specifically, Keyhi has 16 home-grown tigers, two lions, pumas and six black panthers.

All these wild animals make up her family members. Vicki Keyhi sees them as her own and she is a real mother and a loyal friend to them. Between her and the animals there is a strong psychological connection. Although they are some very dangerous animals, she is family to them and she treats each as a small domestic cat. Keyhi shakes, tickles their ear, hugs their strong neck, and even pecks on her nose.

But she has friends – about 30 volunteers who help with the cats. They form the “In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue & Education Center” which only exists in donations. Their goal is to help people and explain to them that you are not supposed to keep in the captivity, wildlife or keep and breed them for money and even more – you can not get rid of them for any other reason. Vicky Keyhi is trying to create a serious organization for The protection of wild animals. “Today, the Center is trying to raise funds to build new pens for Tiger and Pumas.

Rick Smith: Good Changes Came to Securus

One of the biggest changes that Rick Smith made to Securus was the ability to take in other companies. He has worked hard on a business plan for the company and that is what has made it so successful in the past. Because of all of the things that Rick Smith has brought to the table for Securus, he knows what he is doing and he knows how to help people with the issues that they might be having. He also knows that he will be able to show others what they can do with their own businesses and within the prison industry. He hopes that his communications company will be able to set an example for other people so that they can also have great businesses. Rick Smith is dedicated to being able to help people and has come a long way since he first started working in the industry.

Before taking a position with Securus, Rick Smith was making his name at another prison industry company. There, he learned about communications and what it meant to the industry. He also learned what he could do to make things better so that people could try new opportunities. While he was working there, he was taking in all of the information that would make the most sense to him and that would give him the chance to truly grasp onto the prison concept. He learned the ins and outs of the business.

After realizing that many administrators were not having an easy time with the jobs that they were doing, Rick Smith decided that he was going to do something to change that. He tried his hardest to make sure that he was doing things differently and that he was going to be able to bring technology to the prison company that he was now the head of. He started out by creating kiosks that people could benefit from. From there, he moved to different opportunities and things that he could make better for people who were trying different things in their own prisons. He tried his best to show people what they could get from those situations.

Not only does Rick Smith do what he can to make sure that he can help people with the issues that they are having but he also does what he can to help grow Securus. One of the biggest things that he has done for the company is allowed it to grow to new levels. He tries to always show people what they are getting out of the company and what they will be able to do to enjoy the experiences that are happening in different areas. Rick Smith is confident in the skills that he has for acquisition.

Fishing Stories Go Viral in Social Media Age

Fishing stories have been told for as long as there have been fishermen and women out in their boats, casting off in the cool morning sunrise and pining after the one that got away by night. That much has not changed. But the medium has become as high tech as any other part of our ultra-connected lives.

With the average person spending ten or more hours a day online, and our smartphones getting smarter and more connected by the day, perhaps it is no surprise at all that the great outdoors has become yet another hot spot for social media buzz. Selfies with fish caught and fishing buddies grace our social media pages, inspiring envy while we sit inside, or a few extra likes on our own pages.

Many area fishing businesses have caught onto the buzz and are getting hooked onto social media trends. The Buffalo News spoke with one of the local fishing captains, Tom Marks, who has used social media postings to attract new customers and spread the word about how much fun fishing is out on the Great Lakes.

Social media allows the fishing boat captains and charters to exchange information about weather and fishing conditions, trade tips, and of course their fishing stories. It has become a popular way for the small businesses to create buzz and build a loyal following – both of which are essential to a business’ survival in the Internet age.

It also allows the fishing tradition to connect with younger generations, who are more likely to be on the world wide web than the great outdoors. Younger generations want to be able to share those exciting moments with their friends, wherever they go. And so the new generation of fish stories will be told online, for all to click like.