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Things you need to know about ClassDojo

ClassDojo has played a significant role in transforming education children’s education in most schools of the United States. The app which teachers, as well as parents, can use to follow up on their students has now been availed to most individuals in various schools. Teachers have now maintained and created an incredible classroom environment for their children as they can quickly follow up with their students using the ClassDojo app.

Additionally, the app has not only encouraged the sharing of ideas among students, but it has also seen a significant number of students be innovative and inventive in their studies. The togetherness that the app brings has seen most parents and teachers quickly guide their students and equip them with appropriate skills to perform better in school.

ClassDojo has also made it easy for teachers to track down the behavior of their students in the classroom as well as monitor their performances. By monitoring the student’s behavior, the tutors can easily guide their parents on the students conducts and encourage them to correct them in the identified problem areas.

Since the launch of ClassDojo, the platform has attracted millions of users in the country, and a vast number of individuals are profoundly pleased with its convenience. The introduction of the app`s Android version has seen a huge number of people willingly use it to keep track of their classroom activities. The features of the app are easy to use for both parents and students as long as they register in the account created by their teachers.

The Brilliance of Equities First Holdings in Australia

The U.S. Equities First Holdings is owned and led by Al Christy, Jr who founded it in 2002. It has since spawned branches in nine other countries around the world. Christy says that in 2016 the Equities First Holdings branch in Australia partnered with Environmental Clean Technologies to construct a research and development facility in India. The Australian branch is headquartered in Sydney with satellite offices in Perth and Melbourne. The firm is legally licensed to do business in Australia, being in possession of an Australian Financial Services License. The team in the Australian offices have proven themselves capable of managing complicated transactions and forming partnerships as in the India project and to know more

Imran Haque adn his Take on Technology

Imran Haque is one of the leading internal specialists in North Carolina. He is at the forefront of trying to solve the complicated puzzle of diabetes. Imran Haque also takes a look at the advantages of robotic cosmetic surgery for patients.

Imran Haque has been practicing internal medicine in North Carolina for over fifteen years. He is a dedicated doctor to his patients, particularly when they have diabetes. He takes the patient through a step by step program in order for the patient to maintain a healthy weight. He helps patients make good lifestyle choices in order to maintain control of diabetes. A determination to figure out the pieces of what makes diabetes tick and how to cure it make Imran Haque one of the finest doctors in North Carolina, if not the country.

Imran Haque is also not afraid to use the latest advances in technology to get the job done. One area in which robots have been helpful for him is simple cosmetic surgery. According to Imran Haque, there are key benefits to having a robot do the surgery. One is the robot can provide a perfect view of the area to be worked on. Another big plus is the fact that the surgical area is much smaller. A third and final benefit is the amount of down time for the patient is much less. This allows the patient to get back to living a normal life in no time flat.

Imran Haque is one particular doctor that is ahead of the curve when it comes to treating diabetes and performing cosmetic surgery. With a doctor like him around, patients can bet on the best care possible. As technology improves and gets more advanced, he will continue to provide the care patients need when they need it most.

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About Talk Fusion

Talk fusion is the worlds first all in one video marketing solution. They are dedicated in standing out from their competitors, increasing their sales and profits, and in keeping their customers coming again and again. They also offer dynamic ways to market engaging, memorable, and persuasive with video. They are marketed in over 140 countries and their products are marketed from person to person by independent associates. They also offer a 30 day trail free period for the all in one video in marketing solution. That way you can have a free trail before you pay. A credit card isn’t even required. Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by a man named Bob Reina. This company holds a well commitment in giving back to family, friends, communities, and even animal charities that are across the world!


Since this company began in 2007 they have dedicated them selves to helping many dreams come true. They’ve helped people build futures and has helped changed the lives of many. The creator, Bob Reina has also dedicated himself to finding new ways in helping people reach their goals. He aspired to help charities and nonprofits across the world reach more people, spread the word, and further their cause. Bobs main interest is to hear the ways in which the company has changed lives. Bob gives personal donations and he also helped with the earthquake victims and individuals effected by the tsunami in Japan. Bobs mission was always to change the lives of many, and he has been successful in doing so. Learn more:

OneLogin Simplifying the Cloud Technology

OneLogin was founded by Brothers Thomas and Christian Pederson in 2009.The Company is based in San Francisco.The two brothers were no strangers to this kind of technology as they had been involved with the on demand application Zendesk. The idea came to them when they realized that companies and individuals were encountering problems when moving into the cloud technology. To solve this, they decided to build an access management that was easy to use.

Envoy Company deals in soft wares that lets office visitors login using iPad instead of the old log books. Envoy recently collaborated with OneLogin to implement the system for cross-domain identity management protocol which aims to simplify user provisioning and management. Applications that are enabled by SCIM enable permit clients to speed up the application rollout and adoption through the synchronization of user attributes into the desired application.

The application of OneLogin SCIM technology enabled envoys customers’ provision fields such as names and office location through the OneLogin directory into Envoy. The integration of the Envoy system to OneLogin let their customers use OneLogin as the source of truth by synchronizing all their employee data to the Envoy directory.

OneLogin focuses on supporting the adoption of identity and access management standards. They also provide assistance for executing single sign-on and also free developer toolkits. The standards that they focus on represent tested schema and APIs that can be used by SaaS vendors who visit their website. OneLogin was elated to work with Envoy in the application of the SCIM technology. The OneLogin API does not only provide endpoints through the SCIM, they also have other products such as SAML, OpenID connect and OAuth.

OneLogin also provides SAML toolkits for programming languages such as pythons, php, java and Ruby. All this go a long way in ensuring that the company is profitable because of the huge downloads that these products have received.

The partnership between OneLogin and Envoy was successful and the clear API documentation made it easy to integrate the OneLogin system. Most of the customers who have been served by the OneLogin system have been able to apply the cloud system in their organizations making huge profits.

Aloha Construction Reports Improvement in the Construction Industry

Employment opportunities available in the main sectors of the economy have been dwindling. However, the America’s construction industry has remained bullish providing thousands of jobs every year. Before last year’s presidential elections, the construction sector availed over 18000 new jobs for Americans each month. Although many areas of the economy were adversely affected by the presidential polls, the construction industry has remained resilient with over 6000 jobs each month, and major players in the construction sector like Aloha Construction are reporting that the sector is rolling back to its former glory.

The construction industry is huge with different segments. The residential part of the construction sector has been credited for the new emerging jobs. There are many companies in the residential segment of the industry each specializing in a particular area. For example, Aloha Constructions is famed for its expertise in roofing. The lake Zurich based company has successfully undertaken over 18,000 projects. Aloha Construction is often called in to provide their roofing services even if the main contractor can do the roofing job. Specializing is crucial in the construction industry as it enables a company to provide the services it feels it is excellent in providing. Although Aloha Construction is famous for roofing, the company also offers door &window replacement services, siding services, and guttering services.

The slowdown experienced by the construction industry right after the election has helped cement the position of the sector in the economy. Apparently many industries depend on the construction sector. Contractors such as Aloha Construction obtain loans from a financial institution and use the loans in their development activities including purchasing building materials from manufacturers. Potential home-owners receive loans from the banking sector to finance home buying from companies like Aloha Construction. Therefore a slowdown in the construction industry is a slowdown in many sectors of the economy.

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Orange Coast College’s New Recycling Center

Orange Coast College, located in Costa Mesa, California, just opened a new recycling center. OCC was founded in 1947 from the decommissioned Santa Ana Air Force Base. Since then the 164 acre campus has been a leader in community colleges for the state. Offering classes year round to over 24, 000 students it has grown exponentially since its inception. Its previous 1-acre recycling center needed an upgrade to maintain and keep pace with the growing needs of the community. Learn more:

September 14, 2017 marked the start of a new era for OCC’s recycling program. A brand-new $7.5 million facility was officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony after 16 months of construction. Funded by Measure M, a state Coast Community college bond, and CR&R Environmental Services whose founder and chief Clifford R. Ronnenberg has long held a belief of stewardship towards the environment and community.

The new facility now offers classrooms and office spaces, first aid center, men’s and women’s showers, and more parking, 45 new spaces. The administrative offices are powered by solar panels, and have eco-friendly solar-tubes for interior lighting. Officials are working on getting the building energy-efficient certifications.

Orange Coast College has had a recycling center in the same location for the last 45 years, providing jobs for students and a much needed recycling center for the community. The recycling plant is open to the public and accepts aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, and scrap metal, as well as most electronic waste: televisions, computer monitors, and fax machines. There is even a place to turn in household cooking oil, fluorescent lights, and household batteries. It does not accept larger automotive or marine batteries, motor oil, or hazardous materials and chemicals.

The new center is part of the larger OCC Vision 2020 project that will eventually encompass student housing, improvements for student needs, and a new planetarium to replace the original built in the 1950s. Learn more:

Imran Haque’s Specialism in Numerous Treatments

Dr. Imran Haque has become a highly esteemed figure in professional medical care in North Carolina. He specializes in internal medicine and has gathered 15 years of experience attending to patients who needed his services. Imran Haque is affiliated with a number of hospitals such as the Randolph Hospital (NC). His skills have gotten him to a level that he can treat numerous ailments and perform related diagnosis. From this, the doctor became highly sought after, which led him to start his own medical facility. The Horizon Internal Medicine, located in Asheboro, North Carolina, is where he currently performs the treatment of illnesses and administration of internal medicine.

The Horizon Internal Medicine is dedicated to providing quality services through its huge body of staff. Dr. Imran Haque is the lead doctor, but is always keen to make referrals to other capable medical specialists. His education equips him with the skills to diagnose illnesses such as pneumonia, glaucoma, diabetes and epilepsy. His medical center provides treatment by applying some state of the art technology to come up with some of the best treatments.

One of the unique treatments is 360 resurfacing. The treatment works by rejuvenating the skin, especially on the chest, face and neck. Due to its complexity, the treatment requires the expertise of a doctor like Imran Haque, who offers the best chance of treatment. The treatment helps to enhance skin tone and texture as well as tightening it. The doctor is also a weight management professional. He understands the risks associated with being overweight and, therefore, offers solutions by use of some cosmetic procedures that give the body sufficient nutrition.

Another treatment used is laser hair removal. The method is used to get rid of hair from a certain area of the body or slow its growth. The expertise of Dr. Imran Haque assures patients of clean and safe treatment. The medical specialist has great passion for his patients.

Larkin & Lacey

Various organizations and groups that play a significant role in advocating for human civil and migrant rights. Within this collective is the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU was founded during Attorney General Mitchell Palmer’s tenure. Palmer initiated the creation of laws that sought to detain immigrants on the grounds of subversion and communism. As a result, the ACLU engaged in opposing these laws by defending the rights of immigrants.

This made it the leading human, civil, and immigrant rights advocate in the USA. A mandate of the ACLU is litigating against government legislation designed to discriminate against immigrants. In addition to that, the Union tries to debunk stereotypes that affect immigrants and the basis of discriminatory laws.

To achieve its objectives, the ACLU in 1987 created the Immigrant Rights Project (IRP) tasked with protecting immigrants against federal efforts to deny them citizenship. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Government action in denying immigrants full citizenship makes results in segregating immigrants from the rest of society. Past precedence indicates that anytime the state needs to increase its power over the citizenry, it revokes immigrants off citizenship rights.

This is why the IRP focuses on the enforcement and expansion of civil and liberty rights of noncitizens, fights against the public and private discrimination of all immigrants. In addition to that, it debunks the ideological basis of anti immigration legislation.

ACLU’s attorneys based in both New York and California offer legal services to any organization engaged in immigrant rights advocacy within the nation. As such, its program is the largest of all human, civil, and immigrant rights advocacy.

A core part of its activities involves public education and litigation on immigrants rights in the United States. Areas that ACLU’s IRP targets include initiating efforts aimed at a judicial review of immigrant laws, advocacy against mandatory detention, and indiscriminate decrees.

Besides that, it is involved in fighting against overt discrimination of immigrants in all spheres of public and private life. As an affiliate of the ACLU, it supplements efforts geared towards the protection of civil, human, and immigrant rights.

About Larkin & Lacey

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund with money awarded to them in a lawsuit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Frontera’s objective is helping create understanding and awareness amongst US citizens of ongoing discrimination and unjust practices against immigrants. For this reason, the Fund collaborates with various organizations to achieve its goal. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

One of its main collaborators is the Border Angels that work with authorities to help reduce immigrant killings along the US-Mexico border.

Apart from that, both organizations are active in highlighting the need for immigration law reform and immigrant rights. Frontera Fund’s outreach program provides services that link immigrant families. It achieves this through creating platforms and forums for discussing issues related to the plight of immigrants.

Lacey and Larkin also contribute financially to the activities of the Border Angels. With funds from Frontera, the Border Angels help establish watering points, provide clothing, books, food, and toys to immigrants along the immigration route.

Bob Reina: Fearless and Motivated

In order to run a company and run it well, there needs to be someone in charge that is going to be driven, motivated, and fearless as well. Whenever someone starts up a company, especially Talk Fusion in 2007, there is always a little risk involved in it. Someone is putting up money for this, and they need to make sure all of their ducks are in a row and everything is running as smoothly as possible. There is also a chance of failure as well and losing money. There is a lot to consider in the big picture of things. Bob Reina was fearless when starting Talk Fusion since he was smart and prepared.


He saw how technology was changing the world in so many ways with text messages, emails, and social media. He saw a chance to do something positive with that. For other people, they only saw it as a chance to better themselves and get themselves exposed to more people. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself or get your name out there, there are also other ways to use video, voice, and data. It is why Talk Fusion has what they have: video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. Learn more:


Everything is about bringing people together as one and allowing everyone that uses Talk Fusion to fully embrace the person they are and what they stand for as a human being. They should feel free, as we live in the United States of America. We are all about freedom. Bob Reina wants people to feel free in their personal lives and in their professional lives as well. When they use Talk Fusion, they have that freedom and that freedom brings a lot of happiness with it. It is people not having to pretend and not having to be afraid anymore.


Bob Reina’s fearless approach is at the forefront of Talk Fusion. It is why the company has been around for ten years and why they have had the success in terms of awards and customers. Everything truly happens for a reason.