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The Glorious Mighty Fortress Church

Cathedrals and churches of plenty, almost too much to count make a home in the state of Minnesota. They come in so many unique shapes and sizes, ranging from the mesmerizing and ancient to the simple and quiet. Each and every one of them as its own story and history to tell. There is a fair few among the many that are truly remarkable.

One that would take some breath away is the Lakewood Memorial Chapel in Minneapolis. Built in 1910, Lakewood Memorial Chapel has the architecture to honor the cemetery that it closely neighbors. It is known the be the most historic churches. Another amazing church to visit is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New Ulm. Designed in the classic Baroque style architecture, stands tall with grace and beauty. Her interior seriously matches her exterior just perfectly. Another beauty is the quaint and lovely Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Little Falls. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

There is one in particular that is exceptionally amazing. That is the Mighty Fortress church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The one thing that makes this church unique is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in a safe and loving way, in order to attract others to Him. Mighty Fortress church is always working hard to provide the right atmosphere for their church goers. It is enjoyable, encouraging and love is right through those doors. People are able to come as they are, just the way God would welcome them, with open arms. It is always welcome. There is no fear and no worry. View the interactive map at

Bishop Thomas Williams is an active minister inside Mighty Fortress Church for more than 30 years and continuing his ministry as of now. He is Mighty Fortress Church’s senior pastor and founder to boot and he uses his profound gifts to bring God into people’s lives. Graduating from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa in Oklahoma, Thomas brought his work to Minnesota with a Master of Arts degree and he continues his Ministry, good and strong. Because of him, this church is kept alive, the more people who come in.


Why You Need To Try Lifeline Screening

Lifeline screening is pain-free and non-aggressive. It only takes a few drops of blood to carry out the tests.

When it comes to preparation, there is very little that patients need to do. Some screenings require patients to fast for several hours, while others only need you to wear short sleeves or loose clothes.

The level of preparation depends on the type of screening that you are undergoing. For example, for a carotid artery condition screening, you are advised to wear a short-sleeved shirt that is open at the collar. Shirts with turtlenecks are not advised.


What to Expect

Once you are sure about how to prepare and what to wear for a life line screening, you should expect the following:

Welcome desk – Here, you will be provided with a check-in form to fill and make payments for your lifeline screening, if required.

Waiting area- Use this time to complete and hand over your paperwork. A technician will notify you when to see the doctor.

Screening area- Once your name is called, the technician will show you the lifeline screening room.

Blood testing – Few drops of blood is taken from your ring or middle finger using a simple finger-stick, and used to carry out the required tests.

Measurements – Weight, height and overall body measurements may be taken.
Bone density screening – For this test, you will be requested to take off your shoes and sock. An ultrasound machine will be placed at your foot for about five minutes. This test is only applicable to selected lifeline screening options.

PAD life line screening – Involves placement of pressure cuffs around your ankles and upper arms.
Atrial fibrillation lifeline screening – This procedure involves placement of electrodes stickers on your wrists, collarbones or ankles.

Carotid artery life line screening – You will be asked to lie on your back, and then a gel will be applied to your neck and images will be taken to assess your blood flow rate.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm life line screening – You will be asked to lie on your back, and then a gel will be applied to your abdomen and images will be taken to check for the enlargement of your abdominal aorta.

Thank you – You lifeline screening process is complete, but before you leave, you will be handed with your blood tests results, if necessary. You will get the remaining results via email within two weeks or 15 days. You talk to your doctor about your results.

Lifeline Screening Benefits

Cardiovascular illness, aortic aneurysms, stroke and several other health conditions do not manifest their symptoms right away. As much as you are scheduled for checkups, lifeline screening is more accurate and allows you to discover these problems early before they become severe. The procedure can see inside your arteries, and help prevent sudden stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.


Rick Smith: The New Face Of Correctional Facilities

In almost all organizations, success is pegged on the performance, excellence, and creativity of the CEO. Secures Technologies is no exception as the firm has achieved remarkable milestones since 2008 when Rick Smith was appointed to head the company. On his appointment by Securus Technologies’ chairman Richard Falcone, Rick Smith was mandated with steering the company into becoming the next generation service provider. Just as expected, seven years later, Rick has steered the company to unimaginable heights. Today, Securus Technologies has become the pacesetter in the Inmate communication industry.

What Makes Rick Smith Successful?

A detailed look at Securus Technologies shows that the company has transformed significantly. These outstanding transformations have been attributed to Smith’s excellence and experience. His impressive track record and skill sets make him one of the most celebrated corporate executives. Rick Smith holds an undergraduate bachelor degree in engineering from the State University of New York and a master’s degree in engineering from the same college. His interest and passion for management pushed him to join the University of Rochester and pursue an MBA. The award-winning CEO also holds an associate’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Rick’s excellence in leadership and management didn’t happen overnight. The hardworking engineer began his career in 1972 when he worked for Global Crossing North America Inc. During his 26 years tenure at this firm, Smith gained unparalleled skills in management, leadership and information technology. At this firm, he rose up the organizational hierarchy to hold several managerial positions including chief information officer, plant operation director, information technologies president, director of business development, vice president in charge of finance and controller.

After 26 years at the Global Crossing North America Inc., Smith joined Eschelon Telecom Inc. At Eschelon, he served as the chief financial officer before he was promoted to serve as the president and later the chief operating officer. It was during his tenure at this firm when smith’s magic touch was noticed as he raised the firm’s revenue from $3o million to $350 million. At the same time, he successfully led the company into IPO. With this achievement under his belt, there was no doubt that Mr. Smith was the best bet for Securus technologies.

Achievements as the CEO of Securus

At the time of his appointment, Securus was struggling in the competitive inmate service delivery industry. Under his reign, Securus has significantly grown to hold the lion share in the inmate service delivery segment. Between 2013 and 2016, Securus Technologies invested $600 million in acquisitions, patents and technologies. This massive investment shows that the firm is still focused on achieving its mission of ensuring a better and safer incarceration experience. Today, over 1.2 million and more than 3,450 correctional facilities and inmates rely on Securus for service delivery.

Jeff Yastine Career in Identifying Investment Opportunities

     Jeff Yastine is among the growing of experts that have joined Banyan Hill publishing group. Jeff has a broad experience in stock market and financial analysis matters for over twenty years. Jeff highlights the various ways of gaining an extra shilling in the market, monetary trends and helping his followers of his articles identify suitable business chances to invest. He regularly writes for the Banyan Hill sovereign investor and winning investor daily on a weekly basis.

Through Jeff writing, investors can make sound decisions in regards to investment chances. These opportunities are mainly for small stock companies and large companies who are prominent in the agricultural and the pharmaceutical development sector. Jeff has been able to maintain his massive following due to his accurate analysis of the market. In the mid-90s he warned investors on the real-estate market that would ensue and the instability of the dot-com bubble which all came to pass. In his long years of experience, he has worked various national issues including deep horizon oil spill, the financial impact of hurricane Karina, influence of foreign automakers and the handover of the Panama Canal. During his full years of experience, he has made trips to Cuba to research the role of the investors in Cuba’s economy.

In one of his articles, he has expressed cybersecurity as one of the significant investment opportunities. It has been due to the increase in the demand for cybersecurity experts, capped with low supply. With the digitization of the market, companies are spending more to safeguard their interests. With the current set up, Jeff Yastine tips the price of cybersecurity experts to double in the next two and a half his recent article on his investment opportunities, he encourages people to invest on the navy seal. The navy seal is working on the development of aircrafts that are per to the current times. The government is spending considerable amounts on the project therefore shortly it will be a potential goldmine.

During his career, Jeff Yastine has been nominated and won various wards. In 2007, he received a nomination for the business Emmy awards reporting for public infrastructures such as roads and bridges. He won the New York Society of Certified Public Accountant as part of a group for the report on the country’s market in 2002. In his successful career, he was able to horn his skill by interviewing successful business people such as Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, and many others. It’s through their marketing strategy that he has gained more knowledge on investing opportunities.

Madison Street Capital’s Incredible Reputation in their Operations

The Chief Executive Officer and President of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway has over the years exercised quality leadership to ensure that the company remains to stand tall amidst the stiff competition from other financial institutions. Madison Street Capital which based in Chicago has benefited quite a number of investors and entrepreneurs in improving the performances of their business ventures.


Resultantly, the company has gained popularity and praise from all over the world due to their incredibility in service provision. Well, these appreciations have acted as sources of motivations for the company’s skilled employees who have hence reflected their pride in the company by maximizing their productivity. In the light of all these, Madison Street Capital has grown to increase in building their reputation in all their departmental duties.


As a finance-based business venture, Charles Botchway has constantly equipped his workers with the necessary skills they need to ensure that their clients are well served to the satisfaction of their needs. Under his able leadership, the company has grown to have an incredible customer delivery system with a well-experienced team of financial advisors. All these efforts have also reflected in other departments hence the all-rounded excellent performance of the company.


The efforts of these skilled employees have greatly reflected in the performance of the company hence achieving higher ranks within the banking industry. This has been through a series of accolades that Madison Street Capital has won from various award-giving organizations. Quality work practices and upholding the integral values have contributed enormously to the growth of the company’s reputation. Most investors and entrepreneurs who have benefited from their services have as well appreciated the company’s incredible methods of service provision.


They say hard work and charity breeds success. Who would dispute this gospel truth when Madison Street Capital has shown the whole a perfect revelation of these words. These have come as a result of their active involvement in contributing to charitable organizations and partnering with many other donors to ensure that they meet the communities of the United States of America at their points of need. The American Red Cross Society is one of the foundations that Madison Street Capital has assisted in many ways. All these have contributed towards providing better healthcare and housing for many people.


These acts have been the backbone of Madison Street Capital Reputation as well as increasing their revenues. Every other company eyes their incredible performances and these pieces of information can be found on for anyone who wants to learn from the best. Learn more:


An Overview of Jason Hope Background

Jason Hope is a businessman based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason is also a futurist, philanthropist and technology investor. He grew up in Temple and graduated with a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also holds an MBA from the University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, and more information click here.

Jason is very passionate about technology and has over 13 years’ experience in the industry. He is, therefore, able to watch and predict future trends in the technology industry. For instance, based on current trends in the technology industry, Jason believes that the future of the modern society lies in the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). He believes that very soon each home will depend on their IoT connected devices. These devices can do a variety of things including monitoring biometrics and fitness with some also able to control lighting and temperature just through sensors. For example, there are IoT shoes that track fitness progress called the Under Armour Gemini 2. Jason Hope uses this footwear when on his daily running routine and admits that it is an excellent product of IoT.

At the beginning of his career, Jason founded a mobile telecommunications firm. He has also pursued several entrepreneurial ideas including technology and Computer Information Systems. He has invested in SEO marketing, Interactive Software, and Digital Media Solutions. His advice to the youth is that they should learn internet marketing skills and other social media services which are always in demand. Currently, he mainly focuses on biotechnology and philanthropy. He often invests in startups by giving grants of a minimum of $500 to students and young entrepreneurs, and

Jason is also a writer and blogs for other companies. He recently wrote a piece on prospects of the aging concept. He believes that soon enough, scientists will be able to develop drugs that counter aging. The SENS Research Foundation, which Jason has donated to, has done a lot regarding research work and suggested the use of stem cells. Though the idea has faced opposition from religious groups, Jason believes the approach is viable, and he is ready to support it from the forefront.

Apart from all these other activities, he is also very much interested in politics concerning businesses in Arizona State as well as in the US as a whole. Jason Hope recommends that for one to succeed as an entrepreneur, he must be ready for hard work. According to him, a real entrepreneur is a doer rather than a dreamer, and

Scientists have isolated 6 natural compounds that could help us slow down ageing #antiaging

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) June 20, 2016

George Soros a Successful Investor and a Passionate Philanthropist

George Soros a Billionaire, hedge fund manager, becomes the first private donor to transfer enormous wealth to a single Foundation. Soros, a major Democratic donor, is the founder of Open Society Foundation which is based in the United States. According to the New York Times Soros donated 18 billion dollars to Open Society Foundation. The donation was made some few years ago but was made public just recently. The donation has made the Open Society Foundation become the Second largest charitable organization in the United States the first being the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Open Society Foundation was founded by Soros more than 30 years ago and has since spent more than 30 billion dollars of Soros personal wealth to support the foundation philanthropic activities in more than 120 countries. The organization is a non-profit entity which seeks to promote democracy  human rights globally. The organization in recent times has focused all its energies and resources in the US in causes that seek to promote and defend gays and lesbians right including increased police brutality.

The organization was very instrumental in helping fund the Roma art culture treatment centers in 2014 during the Ebola outbreak. Open society foundation has also been in the forefront in protecting the people of the United States against hate which was wide during the 2016 election campaigns. According to New York Times, Mr. Soros made a personal commitment of 10 million dollars towards the cause. In a statement, Mr. Soros lamented what he termed as dark forces that were awakened by the election and called the Americans to come together and push against the hate that was imposed on them.

Mr. Soros is a staunch Democrat as a result of his political affiliation has made generous donations to the party and its members. In the previous election, Soros made huge contributions towards Hillary Clintons Campaigns for the coveted Presidency seat and also contributed to the election of other Democrats Politicians. Soros being one of the main sponsors of the Democrat party has become a target of huge criticism especially from those that come from the Republican Party.

Mr. Soros passion for philanthropy grew while he was still a young man. Soros lived in the Nazi-occupied Hungary and perfectly understand s what it is like to live in a closed society where democracy doesn’t exist. Sorrows in 1947 left for London and after that the United States where he became successful and eventually a billionaire on Wall Street. After Succeeding in life, Mr. Soros founded the Open Society Foundation in Hungary in 1984. Ever since then Mr. Soros has been generously contributing millions of dollars annually to the foundation. It is estimated that he has been contributing between 800 million dollars to 900 million dollars annually. Soros contribution this year according to wall street journal has increased the organization‘s endowment to more than 18 billion dollars.

In another statement, the President of Ford Foundation Darren Walker stated that Open Society is one organization that has largely impacted the world in the last two decades. The organization impact has been felt in almost all countries of the world.  and more information click here

David Giertz Educates Millennials on How Financially Plan for Retirement

Proper planning for senior age is one of the most important decisions you can ever make. According to David, the good news is that majority are now beginning to think of retirement as early as when they are just 22 years of age. However, the biggest challenge is that many do not know how to effectively plan for this early investment in order to save for their retirement. This has prompted David Giertz, a popular Ohio financial planner, to come up with 3 ways through which millennials can actually make a significant difference with the amount set aside for retirement purposes:

  1. Millenials should always evaluate their financial health

David points out that even though it’s paramount to save enough amounts for retirement, it is equally important to take care of debts as soon as they come. It’s financially healthy for you to not only start saving early but also wisely. In order to avoid future debts which may affect your retirement investment, it’s advisable that you pay your car, mortgage, and college debts as soon as possible.

  1. Focus on compound interest

David encourages millenials to make compound interest their best friend. He recommends a Roth IRA citing its key benefits including taxing money before deposit in order to guarantee tax free investment during withdrawal. The idea also allows individuals to gather significant return with time. This is mostly beneficial if you begin saving early.

  1. Create part-time money generating activities

According to David Giertz, having a hobby that can help you complement your daily financial needs makes it easy while saving for retirement. This should not replace your main job. It should, however, be there support you in meeting other needs in order to concentrate on retirement.

David Giertz

David has more than 30 years of experience in the progressive financial sector and is one of the world’s decorated financial experts. He pursued a BS from Millikin University before receiving his executive MBA from the University of Miami.

Giertz has worked with a number of organizations serving in different top management potions. He has served as the president of both Nationwide Financial Distributors Inc. and Nationwide FI Distributors Agency Inc. David has also served as the regional vice president of Southeastern USA among several other community organizations.

Talkspace: Revolutionizing Psycotherapy

Technology has revolutionized how we do things. With your smartphone, you can easily interact with people anywhere. While the internet has brought some good with it, it has been linked with cases of depression. In a recent study by South Korean researchers reveals that about 10% of teens who use the internet are at a risk of being depressed.

Talkspace: revolutionizing psycotherapy

With the increased use of the internet, certain service providers have taken advantage of the online platforms availed to them. One service provider, Talkspace, has come in to offer help to those suffering from depression. The service provider has made it easy for such people to get professional help from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Instead of paying a lot of money, or traveling long distances for your therapy sessions, Talkspace enables you to chat with a professional healthcare provider. Such online therapy platforms also provide a variety of chatting option. Whether you want to chat on Skype or through video call, the service providers ensure that communication with your therapist is seamless.

Talkspace is becoming more popular with online users, especially those seeking treatment for mental health conditions. In order to offer professional services, they have partnered with Magellan Health. This collaboration will ensure that users on the platform can get on-demand psychotherapy. This move will also be beneficial for companies that would like a package for their employees.

How it works

In order to take advantage of the services offered by Talkspace, all you have to do is sign up for their program. Once you sign up, you will be taken through an assessment process. This will help the professionals understand your mental health needs so that they link you with a suitable caregiver. You can schedule your chats according to your availability. You will also be required to pay a small fee for weekly chats with your therapist.


Recent News on Outdoor and Outdoor Activities

The sporting industry introduces a new game called Zombie Run that is typically designed to get off your feet and heart in more than the 3.1-mile course. Helicopters, carnage, and zombies will be following the participants. According to the game, those who are willing to participate do not necessarily need to prepare for the course, but a few stretches will help. Zombie Run`s Organizes will guide those who feel a little sluggish and also runners can opt out of the race as one of the undead people.

The idea of the Zombie Run came from no-eaten brains of small children friends, David Feynman and Andrew Hudis. David Feynman narrates that he always run very fast when another person is chasing him. Eventual they realized that it would be a fun race of chasing the actors all through to the finish line. The organizers say that the will benefit active Zombie Heroes and volunteered charitable organization will help the veteran and their families. The group also plan to donate a portion of the cash collected to the selected local charities. The first Zombie Run was held in Philadelphia in 2013, and it has now spread to New York, Chicago, St Luis, Seattle, Denver and many states across the country.

According to the latest news on business daily in 2017, the outdoor activities that people practiced most are walking, running, swimming, hiking and cycling. Most experts argue that every single activity is the best. The essential thing is that one should like the activity they choose. According to research many people preferred walking because it is simple. Research shows that walking improves overall health of the heart, circulatory system, and lungs. Like walking, running also improve the cardiovascular fitness. Swimming, hiking, and cycling are fun and improves the overall aerobic fitness and also ease joints and muscles.