A Champion of Michigan, Dick Devos

Dick Devos was born Grand Rapids Michgan, son of Richard Marvin Devos, co-founder of Amway. Dick Devos graduated from Northwood University receiving his bachelors in business administration. He would go on to receive honorary doctorates from Grove City College, Central Michigan University, as well as Northwood University, which also honored Mr. Devos with distinguished alumni recognition. Dick Devos is a two time national champion sailor as well as a jet aircraft and helicopter pilot.


Serving as President and Vice President, Dick Devos would go onto to lead Amways’ international sales to exceed domestic sales for the first time in company history. Dick Devos would be president and CEO of the Orlando Magic for 3 years and has been involved in politics, including a run for Governor for the state Michigan, while also serving for the Michigan State Board of Education. Dick Devos currently serves as the president of the Windquest Group. Dick Devos has wrote a book in 1998, Rediscovering American Values, which was a New York Times bestseller.


Dick Devos has chaired or co-chaired for many different Grand Rapids revitalization programs including, a downtown arena, a downtown market, a convention center, a heart hospital, a medical school, and regional healthcare improvements. Dick Devos worked with his wife on the Education Freedom Fund. Through their efforts 4000 underprivileged children received scholarships to private schools usually reserved for well to do children. Dick and Betsy Devos have also set up two scholarship funds for those seeking to further education at the Thunderbird School of Global Management and Northwood University.


Dick Devos has contributed so much to not only the state of Michigan, but to the whole world. Mr. Devos opened up over a dozen new markets during his time at Amway. He has offered opportunity to less fortunate in his home state, while also serving in public office. While also being the the father of 4, Dick Devos truly is a champion to the state of Michigan.


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