A Review of the Legal System of Brazil

Brazil is a civil law controlled country and its system traces origin to Roman law as implemented during the colonial period by the Portuguese. Such a system is structured in the form of codes and legislation that is enacted by the federal government and legislatures from the states and municipalities.
Brazil applies the federal system of governance and the system was created by the indissoluble union encompassing states, municipalities and the Federal District. Therefore, the government is made up by the legislative, judicial and executive branches.

Levels of the Brazilian court system
The highest court in the land is the Federal Supreme Court, which is tasked with safeguarding the country’s constitution and conducting reviews to the laws therein. The court can apply original jurisdiction in which case it decides actions of unconstitutionality of state or federal regulations. Although Brazil does not apply the principle of stare decisis, the 2004 amendment to the constitution made it possible to apply the same only in special situations where decisions are binding.

Federal justice
The federal justice system is made up of regional tribunals which apply original jurisdiction when hearing cases brought up against federal judges, criminal reviews and actions of annulment, writs of mandamus, conflicts of jurisdiction and habeas corpus. The federal justice is made up of seven judges that are chosen by the president and must be aged above 35 years and below 65 years.

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