About Don Ressler; one man’s business acumen has led to the development and success of several businesses

Beauty, inc. was founded and registered by Don Ressler. Before he started working on this company, he was developing Fitness Heaven, another company that achieved wild success. The dream that Don had in line when he started his very first company was the creation of a company that could take advantage of the trend that was growing in the preference for online forms of trade. With the different investments that he has made, Don Ressler had been able to create profits of close to a billion dollars in sales. This is not counting the more than 500 million he has generated as capital for online based companies.

The beginning
When Don Ressler was a teenager, he met the guy who would become his longtime business partner and friend, Adam Goldenberg. He had just finished the sale of his very first company, Fitness Heaven to Intermix. Adam had also created and sold a company at a very handsome profit. Ressler and Goldenberg were not happy with the way their shareholding was being treated in their first business, which is why they decided to go back to the drawing board and create other business outfits. The many investments that they have made together are what have taken them into stardom in the world of entrepreneurship.

The creation of JustFab, Inc
JustFab is a shop that allows customers to go online, make specifications about the items that they want and then receive them as requested. When the two were creating the company, they wanted to broaden the horizons of the consumers on Brandettes. For instance, when the shopper gets online to shop for an item, there is the impression that they get to choose, but in reality, they only get to opt from the group of the supplied items, the ones that suit their needs. The idea that the duo had was to create a service that made the choice 100 percent up to the shopper. The company has since changed their name to Tech Style Fashion Group.

For six years, customers have had the privilege to choose exactly the specifications they wanted from this company, especially in custom made products. The shop has included outfits such as Fabkids, shoedazzle and Fabletics

After watching the company they had made getting ignored by the news outfit in 2005, Don and Adam went back and created something that they could manage without third party involvement. The company now has a market share of a quarter of a million dollars. Don Ressler is happy to have found the right partner to grow and create new ventures with, and that strong partnerships are what determines the level of success that a certain company will achieve.

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