Adam Goldenberg’s Impressionable Portfolio Of Entrepreneurship

Adam Goldenberg, the co-founder and chief executive of the Techstyle Group, recently appeared on CNBC to share insights about the company’s marketing portfolio and current standing in the fashion market. He stated that customers who subscribe for the VIP platform incur a monthly charge for every outfit that they receive from the brand. He, however, clarified that one could easily skip a month of purchase and shipment especially since the firm ensures that they have adequate information on the procedure. Adam pointed out that Techstyle has a focus to build an online fashion brand and not solely increase their sales revenue. According to the CEO, current giants in the fashion industry built their name in over three to four decades. Techstyle has a chance to level with those firms by utilizing the technology of the digital era to accelerate growth using the online sales and subscription model.


Adam Goldenberg earned his spot as one of the prolific executive officers in Los Angeles a decade ago when businesses began taking note of his strides. As a co-manager of the firm JustFab, Adam oversaw the company raise a funding of $33 million and purchase ShoeDazzle in 2013. In 2014, he revealed that JustFab was in for bigger growth that would see the launch of regional branches in oversea nations. Adam gained his expertise in leadership and business at an early age. He set up the gaming company Gamer’s Alliance and sold it in 1999 to Intermix Media. In 2006, he co-founded Intelligent Beauty and established JustFab four years afterward.


Adam understands that a business’s outlook and professional operations are not enough to stimulate growth. He constantly studies the sales’ numbers to check for anything that may need correction and acts swiftly to ascertain that clients receive the best. In 2014, he noted that while the firm launched an exclusive brand of sunglasses and handbags, customers were not willing to purchase them for their overpriced value. He engaged his team to draft a new sales strategy that cleared the shelves and maintained the firm’s revenue performance. Additionally, Adam invests in skilled manpower that complements his business’ mission and maintains high productivity.


After six years in operation, JustFab rebranded itself to the Techstyle Group. The new name was a reflection of the firm’s growth over the years that had the backing of technology. The firm has a massive VIP subscription and has become a leading seller of sportswear and shoes. The new name is set to accelerate plans and reflect the digital era.

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