Adam Milstein: A Philanthropist and Astute Entrepreneur

Adam Milstein is an astute philanthropist and a business man residing in America. However his birth place is Israel, specifically Haifa. Adam was born in humble surroundings in Israel which was a developing country and concurrently faced many wars. This automatically meant that every male was to serve in the military at a particular age. Adam was no exception he served a compulsory term in the army after which he moved to the United States years later. Before moving to America, Adam Milstein studied at Technion and is now a proud graduate of the university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics. He moved to the U.S in 1981 and more information click here.


Adam Milstein has proudly worked in the real estate sector at Hager pacific Properties. After graduating from the University of Southern California with Master Degree, he worked as sales agent for the commercial real statute properties in the same company. Mr. Adam has slowly but surely climbed up the real estate industry ladder and is currently one of the most respected real estate investor and entrepreneurs in the U.S. and his Twitter.


Adam Milstein is at the helm of Philanthropists in the Israeli-American and Israeli citizens. His compassion for the Israeli and Jew community has made him a man of the people. Through various means, Mr. Adam has tried to make sure the Israeli community is empowered to come to term with their self-identification as a people. Mr. Adam and his wife have started the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This has been a leap forward in the empowerment process as it has seen many pro-Israeli and Jewish groups funded by over $1million annually. Mr. Adams deep connections with his parents’ misery and many other Israeli and Jewish people misery have also motivated him further. This is attested due to the fact that he has also spear headed the foundation of Israeli-American council. The council is aimed at creating awareness and shading light to the general Israeli-community and learn more about Adam Milstein.


Adam Milstein was named one of the most influential Jews in the United States. Mr. Adam has also contributed in many non-profit organizations. This includes the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel and Hasbara Fellowships. Mr. Adam is the true definition of a legend and a man for the people. His beliefs for a positive world will surely surpass to other generations to come and resume him.

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