Adam Milstein Combines Hard Work and Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is known as a real estate broker, philanthropist and leader of the community. Born in Israel, he served with the Israel Defense Forces and graduated from the Israel Institute of Technology often called Technion. He graduated in 1978.

After that Adam Milstein attended University of South Carolina and received an MBA. He developed a career in commercial real estate in California. At Hager Pacific Properties, he is the managing partner. Adam Milstein co-founder of the Israeli American Council and serves on the board of many non-profit organizations.

He and his wife Gilda founded an organization that gives free books to students. This organization teaches Hebrew and Jewish values to 15,000 Jewish Israeli families in the US. He decided to start his own company after 3 years of success in commercial real estate because he wanted to create more opportunity for himself, and more information click here.

A normal day at work for him as a investor has no pattern. He finds that helping others makes his work more satisfying. Adam finds that doing many of the tasks himself brings them to life. He always follows up and is very persistent. This make him successful.

Adam Milstein says its important to understand the issues and do the work yourself. Don’t rely on others to get the job done. He worked very hard the first few years in real estate and did not set specific goals. His expectation were that it takes a few years to be successful.

Adam Milstein believes the way to succeed is not the short way but the long way. Trying to make a quick fortune quickly does not usually work. Following up with contacts and leads has proved to be a good business tactic. His favorite software is Constant Contact for managing his many business and social contacts, and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

Adan Milstein was recently named one of the top 200 philanthropist in the world by Richtopia a London based publication and the Social Media ranking system called Rise. His rank is 187 on the list, and Milstein on Facebook.

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