Alexei Beltyukov Russian Godfather Of Technology

Alexei Beltyukov is a philanthropist, an educator, an entrepreneur, and a very charismatic man. Although he started out in medicine, he graduated in 1997 with an MBA from INSEAD Business School, an innovative international program that encourages diversity in research and teaching. It took him a year to learn French so he could attend the school, so the man’s motivation is boundless. Since that time he has devoted himself to a multitude of projects, interests, and new technology.

Russian born and bred, he has launched a variety of businesses, all technology based. When Beltyukov saw the need, he founded Endemic Capital, an angel investing club, to fund Russian start-up companies. He is the founder of A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies, and several other businesses. In February 2015, Beltyukov became Chief Operating Officer for his latest pet project, SOLVY, an interactive educational tool that is primarily used to teach math, according to PRNewswire. The program connects teachers with their students, and the teacher can instantly offer assistance with the learning process, or change directions. Math issues need to be addressed immediately to facilitate the learning process. Instant feedback is at hand for the students and assessments are designed toward their individual needs.

Beltyukov is the vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation, which operates through the Russian government to provide economic guidance, education, and support. It is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to enhance Russian educational opportunities. Focused on non-traditional courses of study, the Foundation fosters start-ups and venture capitals in the areas of energy, biomedical, IT, nuclear, and space science.

The Foundation is responsible for Skolkovo Innovation Center, which has a main focus on commercializing advanced technology for profit. The Center is a technology park outside of Moscow that is still being put into full operation. Big name Silicon Valley companies like Cisco, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft all signed agreements to invest in the Center. MIT is advising on the creation of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, an ongoing process. This unique project is actually a small city where technological education and research is emphasized. There are more than 1000 resident companies already. Tax breaks and other incentives are offered to participants. The Center is a work in progress, and the godfather of Russian Technology, Alexei Beltyukov, will, no doubt, be monitoring every step on Twitter.

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