Amid the Global Heat Wave, Major Cities May Not Hold Summer Olympics In the Future.

The rising temperatures and the green-house impact has experts thinking because cities could become too hot to host the Olympics in the future. For instance, a recent study by the medical journal, The Lancet, predicts that most of our cities will likely become ineligible to host the Olympics by 2085 even if we continue to reduce the impact of green-house. According to the study, the average temperature is not the temperature shown on TV screens, it is the actual body temperature faced by athletes competing in the Olympics.

In scientific terms, the temperature is known as ‘wet bulb globe temperature’. The type of temperature indicates the stress on human body as it generates its reading from a combination of factors including air temperature, cloud cover, angle of the sun, humidity, and wind speed. According to ‘wet bulb globe temperature’, human body is able to sustain wet bulb temperatures that are less than 82 Fahrenheit in 100 percent humid conditions or 90 Fahrenheit in 40 percent humid conditions. Considering that most events at Rio Olympics are conducted in the evening to save athletes from the rising mid-day temperatures, the ‘wet bulb globe temperature’ will likely make Rio infeasible for another Olympics in the future.

Researchers from different institutions around the world predict that only 90 cities out of 645 Northern Hemisphere cities will be able to sustain existing sports, by 2085. If we are to be careful, only 33 cities will qualify for holding Olympics, in the future. The fact that the study only focused on Summer Olympics creates even more problems for the Olympic Committee as the current heat wave has already reduced the viability of many Winter Resorts as a suitable venue for the Winter event.

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