An Inspiring Businessman, Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider was born in Manhattan but is currently living in Austin, Texas. He has created himself an astounding business career in the financial services. Jeffry graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, from where over the years of Jeffry’s employment he has worked for several promising and well-known financial firms. As well, he’s gained a variety of different and very well useful skills from working with many different diverse companies. One of those skills is his wide understanding in the alternative investments space as well as creating unique bonds between his clients and coworkers.

Before starting his current job, he worked for the Paradigm Global Advisors. He started this job in 2002, during his time there he happened to develop a very valuable ability. Which was the ability to analyze managers? After gaining such extremely useful knowledge, he had decided he had had enough of working for other people. He felt as if he could own his own business, and that is exactly what he did. Jeffry Schneider, being the cunning and resourceful person that he is, used the trusting friendships he had gained over the years of working in the financial field. In doing so, he got a head start. His knowledge of the alternative investment space was one of the key factors that his business partners loved and got him to where he is today. Jeffry is a very respected man in this day and age. He has certainly built himself a wonderful legacy, and this is only the beginning.

Currently, he is the financial founder of the Ascendant Capital LLC. The Ascendant Capital is a unique investment firm that focuses on sourcing private equity, hedge funds and the most popular and leading real estates. The most growth he’s seen in his company has been over the past five years. When his company had started, he only had two employees, and now he has over thirty, and that is because of his company’s open-mindedness. Ascendant has a very wide spectrum of talent in the marketing industry as well as education and operational services. Jeffry provides an innovative approach to the financial structuring. Ascendant Capital works with a number of different networks including family offices, private banks, broker-dealers and several registered investment advisors. Jeffry has been known for his help in raising close to one billion dollars for his current company. Jeffry has also helped the company grow. He is a very resourceful individual who is keen on showing his respects to the financial business. He is not only a very smart and talented person but a kind, caring and compassionate one as well. This trait has helped his company grow exponentially. Jeffry is definitely a money-minded man, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of him giving back to the world. He is a firm believer in helping one’s fellow man and has been known for donating large sums to charities such Wonders and Worries; God Loves We Deliver and the Cherokee Home for Children.

Aside from all the business that goes on in Jeffry’s life, he has always found the time to do the things he loves, such as cooking healthy meals and staying in shape by running. He has always had a passion for running marathons. It’s not hard to tell that Jeffry’s dedication and hard work pays off in the end. This is exactly how he likes to get it, meaning to actually earn it for himself. Jeffry is and adventurer. He loves traveling and has been across South America, Asia, and Europe. Many people may not know this, but Jeffry is an ambitious individual who will achieve many great things in his life.

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