Andrew Rocklage – Successful Attorney and Business Owner

Andrew Rocklage is a professional businessman who currently owns one of the most popular and innovative trampoline parks in the country. It’s an indoor trampoline park called Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Rocklage is also an active attorney in the Boston, Massachusetts area, and currently continues to pursue different business ventures. With operating your own business comes the pursuit of excellent staffing and customer service, which is something that Rocklage works hard to display. He understands that in order to build a rock solid brand, you have to have an engaging implementation process. His search to find the best staff possible for Sky Zone Trampoline Park has increased customer interaction and their overall experience at the facility. With the constant work and positive environment he has displayed, he has created a great work environment that offers friendly services and is fully invested in helping customers achieve a fantastic experience.


In addition to his work as an attorney and professional business owner, Rocklage also has experience working with a prestigious pharmaceutical company. He specifically works within the corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He utilizes his vital experience in the technology industry in addition to his other talents. Rocklage has the ability to use his experience as a lawyer, skills as a business owner and tech savvy mind to promote the further expansion of his professional future.


Andrew Rocklage attended the popular Suffolk University Law School and then went on to attend Isenberg School of Management. He currently practices and manages his companies in the Boston area, but has looked into venturing out into other regions in the future. His knowledge and his business are a growing force, and they continue to build customer base that is important when owning your own business. His drive, efforts and expertise are a force to be reckoned with. Rocklage’s base for his business is essential, and he has found the root where it can blossom into a prosperous field. He has a keen sense of what it takes to successfully build a business from the ground up and implement the proper team to keep it flourishing and profitable.



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