Anthony Marsala Takes Home The M&A Awards

Madison Street Capital is an independent financial institution that offers investment banking solutions on a global platform. The company has attained lots of success due to the solid reputation made by the enterprise. Madison Street Capital also offers quality advisory services to other financial institutions and government agencies in an efficient manner.

The company works with other middle-market organizations to achieve the best in the capital markets. Madison Street Capital acts as the intermediary between investors and businesses. The firm also offers business valuations and mainly mergers and acquisitions assistance. The company observes the professional code of ethics while dealing with clients. For more than 25 years, this company has been in the industry providing diverse ideas to customers with a sole aim of providing an efficient network in the banking sector.

Madison Street Capital has also been contributing towards the realization of an enabling community environment. This firm has been supporting education institutions and charitable organizations, a scenario that has made the company to be famous. Madison Street Capital headquarters are located in Chicago, USA, with Anthony Marsala serving as the president and the principal of the firm. Since the establishment of the business, the firm has entered into an agreement with affiliates such as Lasalle Capital Advisors.

Recently, Benzinga publishers made a release on the appointment of Anthony Marsala as the best-performing investor in the capital market. Mr. Anthony was awarded the M&A Awards for offering quality mergers and acquisition services. According to the release, Anthony Marsala was chosen as the awards winner on the basis of his performance in the stock markets and his experience in offering advisory services. He is among the investors who have been working closely with their employees to achieve the company’s primary aim in the market.

Investor Marsala made a compelling speech regarding his appointment, where he congratulated the Madison Street Capital staff for working with him in such a passionate manner. Since 2010, the United States has been awarding the top-notch investors in the financial markets, where this year Anthony Marsala managed to take the prize home having worked in a competitive environment.

According to David Fergusson, the senior executive of M&A Advisor board, the current method of choosing the top performers in the market is entirely different with the earlier one, as the present approach also involves the youth managers. For more information on the appointment of Anthony Marsala as the winner of M&A Awards, open .

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