Bear Essentials

For those who love the outdoors and camping where they may encounter wildlife, you may be interested to know about Bearcam. This creative “reality show” is currently due for its fourth installment on and promises to be an enlightening look into the private lives of these powerful animals. Even if observing bears going about their daily business doesn’t strike your fancy as the most enjoyable time, being able to study their behavior and movement patterns can help you to plan your camping trips and be prepared should you happen upon a grizzly in the wild. This unique opportunity is a great chance for amateurs and scientists alike to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions between bears and their natural habitat to keep both them and humans safe as they experience each other.

Set in Katmai National Park in Alaska, the show is a mixture of interesting moments in the bears’s lives and the beautiful scenery in which they live. Having already aired for three “seasons,” this latest installment promises to bring even more of the battles for dominance and family occasions that dedicated onlookers have come to anticipate. Even more exciting are the opportunities to interact with the park rangers who will be narrating the live streams via chat platforms. And if even that isn’t enough to get you interested, is planning for exclusive content releases on multiple social media sites. To see more about this fascinating show and all it has to offer those who love the outdoors, check out the full article at

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