Beg Your Pardon, I Like Your Little Garden

A garden can be pretty and relaxing, but it has drawbacks. If you do the work, it may be like channeling your medieval peasant self. If you hire landscapers, that can run into money. One solution is to have a little garden.

A little garden can be a green oasis in the city. Even if you have lots of space, a little garden can be charming. It doesn’t have to be a plot of earth. It can be a decorative fence or an arbor with climbing plants. These are nice because they take care of themselves.

If you have a little garden, you can spend more on it. You can possibly hire a professional who will know what plants will look best and grow best in your space. Then you won’t accidentally put shade-loving flowers in a full day of sun.

A little garden can be just right for a focal point. That could be something that wouldn’t show up well in a big garden; for example, a small sculpture. Then you can choose plants to coordinate with it or bring out its color and shape.

You can plant vegetables and herbs in pots or raised beds, and you can plant many of them in just 2-4 square feet. There are tips on doing this at

The simplicity of a little garden can be its charm. It’s also a chance to be creative. You can make a space that’s all yours, and live a little.

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