Bernardo Chua Works On Expanding the Organo Gold Brand

Coffee that can help people with migraines, asthma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol seems almost seems to good to be true. It doesn’t seem like something that people would even have access to, but they do. Bernardo Chua has given consumers access to this. He has created this wonderful brand of coffee called Organo Gold, and many people are discovering this brand for the first time.

That is where Chua is right now in the marketing phase. He has made this a global brand while he runs another successful company called Gano Excel. Chua is passionate about the coffee business, and that is one reason that he has been able to expand his brand. His has multiple favors for the consumers that are interested in something beyond the regular brand. Organo Gold comes in a multitude of flavors and this company is even expanding to tea.

Facebook indicates that Chua has even made an effort to take his marketing effort further by producing personal care products. This is all because of the Gandoderma mushroom. This is the healing agent that is found in all of the products that are being produced by OrganoGold. This is the cornerstone healthy ingredient that has allowed Chua to become one of the most celebrated leaders in the coffee industry. It has also given him a platform to expand his brand and reach even more customers. If there are people that are not fans of coffee they still have the opportunity to try this brand by considering the tea.

Bernardo Chua has built a very successful business entity, and there are a lot of people that are still just finding out about this brand. It does have customers around the globe, but there still so many people that have never experienced this type of healing coffee. That is why Chua is still working very hard and researching ways to improve the ingredients in the beverages that his company is known for.  Bernardo Chua’s diligence has seen them expand into Turkey for the first time, and they keep moving forward as a major global force.

He is still using the finest coffee beans and making room for a bigger customer base as he continues to perfect what many coffee drinkers are already calling the perfect cup of coffee.  CrunchBase has further information about what Bernardo Chua is doing next.

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  • Jerry Filsaime
    February 26, 2017 - 2:49 am | Permalink

    This type of marketing and brand expansion allows this company to move in a variety of different directions and attract a wide spectrum of consumers. If they are not tea drinkers they still have the ability to check out the personal care products. There are certain things that makes want to get everything want to work out well for them too which is not very surprising.

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