Bernardo Chua’s Passion for Helping Others

Bernardo Chua is the creator of an international company that specializes in providing a healthy and delicious brand of coffee for the consumer. Not only is this brand of coffee easily accessible, but this brand is also cheap and affordable for individuals who do not make a lot of money on an annual basis. Bernardo Chua has designed his company known as Organo Gold to provide health benefits to the consumer when doctors can be expensive. Organo Gold products include a variety of items such as coffee, hot chocolate, as well as tea.

The secret to the success of Organo Gold is the use of a special ingredient that Bernardo Chua found during his travels in China. This special ingredient is known as Ganoderma and has been used in ancient Chinese remedies for thousands of years. To prove this, Scientists have tested this herb and have indeed found that Ganoderma provides many health benefits on account of the herb increasing the overall oxygen levels in the body. Some of the health benefits that are provided include weight loss, reduced stress, as well as the improvement in the overall sleep cycle.

Bernardo or “Bernie” as his friends call him has used Ganoderma to tie himself to his Chinese heritage. Having grown up in an impoverished community, Bernardo Chua has first hand experience of knowing how to combat poverty. With this in mind, Mr. Chua has been able to formulate a product that has been able to save thousands of dollar for the consumer in hospital and other medical bills. The health benefits of Ganoderma are extensive and can help individuals feel happy and focused without having to pay much.

Bernardo Chua has always put the consumer first in all of his products. As a result of this, Mr. Chua has formed his empire into a direct sales company. This not only allows for the consumer to also be the producer, but also makes the product a bit more trustworthy. Consumers that are guaranteed a delicious product by their family and friends are more likely to buy the product. As a businessman who is dedicated to serving the people, Bernardo Chua, @OGBernie on Twitter, has become one of the leaders of the direct sales industry.

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