Best Places to Visit if you are an Outdoors Enthusiast

Embarking on an outdoor tour is one of the greatest ways of escaping from the busy city and taking a break from work. When most people are asked to picture the greatest outdoors in America, the first thing that comes to their mind is the extensive national parks, the sharp Rocky Mountains, which serve as Denver’s backdrop, rocky Pacific coastline, and the expansive arid deserts, which surrounds Phoenix. Only a few people will picture Fresno Park, which is located in California.

Fresno residents can access several large regional parks such as the acclaimed Woodward Park, which consists of 300 acres of public held land that has hiking areas, a fenced-in dog park, playgrounds, and picnic sites. Woodward Park is a perfect tourist destination for bird enthusiasts, who assemble to the southeast part of the park for proper viewing.

Why Fresno Parks are unique

Fresno provides an incredible park system unmatched by most cities. The parks have high cleanliness standards and all the necessary amenities that can address needs of families that are camping or on outdoor tours.

Toledo, Ohio

This area can serve as a perfect home for people who need to access outdoors easily. The Toledo Park system consist of 15 area parks including a beautiful Toledo Botanical Garden that provides an opportunity for residents to camp, hike, bike, and fish. During the winter, many professional cross-country snowshoers and skiers visit the Toledo Park. A study conducted by The Trust for Public Land indicates that when people are allowed to have access to public parks, they adopt a healthy lifestyle and a sense of community is promoted among those living in the major metro areas.

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