Betsy DeVos and her Generosity

Of the many generous families in the United States that are known for the charitable activities, one family in particular stands out not only due to the charitable donations that are given each and every year, but also due to the hard work that they out into making sure that communities all over the United States see the benefits of their charitable donations. This family is known as the DeVos family, a prominent family that currently resides in West Michigan and a family that has donated billions of dollars to worthy organizations and foundations all over the country that use the money in order to help others to to present new opportunities. The DeVos family is the founder as well as the current owner of a corporation that is known as Amway Corporation, a multi-billion dollar company that produces high quality goods that are not only sold domestically, but that are also sold internationally.

Of the many successful members of the DeVos family, Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos are two individuals that stand out due to their philanthropic activities along with their business activities. Betsy DeVos is a woman of much philanthropic activity who has donated much of her time and efforts to worthy causes. Of the many initiatives that she is concerned about, Betsy DeVos works hard to help the education initiative. Both she as well as her husband believes that the education system should be about the merit of the student rather than be based upon how much money a family has. As a hard worker herself, Betsy DeVos believes that hard work in school and outside of school should be rewarded. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Betsy DeVos has targeted education reform as her main initiative in order to offer equal opportunities to each and every student across the United States. Betsy DeVos and her husband have already contributed towards education by donating millions of dollars to not only scholarships in their name that are based upon merit, but also to the building of a new school that is located in West Michigan. This new school was built in 2010 and is called the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

For future goals, Betsy and Dick DeVos hope to continue their initiatives and their goals with education reform. Dick and Betsy DeVos want to make sure that education is available to everyone due to the fact that they believe that education is the key to economic growth. Dick and Betsy DeVos not only want to see growth at the macro level, but also want to make sure that the local communities have improved lives as a result of these initiatives. The DeVos’ generosity will continue to be appreciated as well as remembered as a way to promote opportunity for all. Check this article from

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