Brazilian Advertising Executive José Borghi Knows Brazil Is One Of The Most Emotional Regions in The World

There are several hidden worlds within the borders of Brazil. Some of those worlds are filled with parties and celebrations, and other worlds are emotional powder kegs waiting to explode at the drop of a hat. Brazil is a minefield of human emotions. That’s why the Brazilian advertising industry is so successful. Ad agencies play on people’s emotions to sell products and services. Brazilians are extremely passionate about football, and they are very sensitive and responsive when it comes to the ads they see and hear. The reason for that sensitivity and responsiveness is Brazilian ads cross the threshold storytelling, and they dive deep into the human psyche. Ad agencies are the diving boards that jettison great storytellers, poets, and artists into the pool of idiosyncrasies, and advertising professional land in the liquidity of human frailty. José Borghi is one of those professionals. Borghi has been called one of the great storytellers in the advertising business for the last 20 years.

Borghi was bitten by the advertising bug before he went to college to study the art of advertising. After graduating from PUC-Campinas in 1989, he went to work for Standard Ogilvy. But José got a real baptism in the ad industry when he went to work for the Leo Burnett Agency. José was exposed to several big name companies at Leo Burnett, and he rose to the challenge. Eventually, Borghi was named president. His reputation for being an effective leader and outstanding ad creator spread around the industry. Borghi left Leo Burnett and started his own ad agency, but he was approached by another top advertising executive, Erh Ray, and they decided to join forces. Ray and Borghi had some very successful ad campaigns. Those campaigns helped automobile companies and tech companies sell more products and services. It didn’t take long for the BorghiErh Creative Intelligence Agency to rise to the top of the Brazilian ad market.

The Lowe Network liked what the BorghiErh Creative Intelligence Agency was doing, so a merger was put together. The Borghi/Lowe Group was formed, and almost immediately, the client list exploded. The Borghi/Lowe Group got the attention of the Mullen Group. The Mullen Group is an international advertising and media company. Merging with the Mullen Group was a dream come true for Borghi. He was named co-CEO of the new Mullen Lowe Brazil Group, and he began to live his dream. That dream was being part of an international advertising agency with hundreds of talented employees and offices around the world.

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