California Residents Find Creative Ways to Have a Green Lawn

California’s drought is so bad that residents that want a green lawn resort to lawn painting and fake grass.


In certain areas in California, a historic drought has been going on for years. What was once vibrant green landscape now resembles brown hay. In America, there is a high value placed on having a lush, green lawn. The problem with this is, that in climates that are historically prone to drought, such as central California, homeowners are forced to find unconventional ways to turn their lawn green.



According to Buzzfeed News, more and more California homeowners are getting creative when it comes to having a green lawn. Lawn painting is becoming very popular in California as homeowners get tired of seeing a constant reminder of what California’s drought as done to their lawn, not to mention plunging property values when they go to sell their properties due to having a lawn that looks dead. According to the Huffington Post, the industry has become so competitive that business owners are reluctant to release information about their growth to reporters. Although painting lawns is a very popular method to have a green lawn, this is only a temporary fix to what is a longstanding problem.



Other home and business owners are looking towards a more long-lasting solution for an evergreen lawn in the form of fake grass. In Massachusetts, which is also experiencing a drought, artificial turf companies report seeing a 200 percent or more increase in sales, especially in coastal towns where the drought has been severe. In California, homeowners and business owners can receive rebates for ripping out their lawns and installing fake grass. In 2005, California’s governor, Jerry Brown, encouraged home and business owners to remove 50 million square feet of lawn. Residents were offered up to $3.75 per square feet to replace their lawns with artificial grass.



A long-lasting solution to this problem probably entails installing drought resistant landscaping, such as native plants and artificial turf, in areas that are prone to drought.


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