Camping Booms in Britain Due to Brexit

New data from the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that Brexit has caused a surge in the popularity of camping nationwide. Many Britons have opted to eschew their customary holiday destinations abroad this year in favor of camping holidays within the UK. Due to the falling value of the pound sterling, many UK residents are tightening their belts and opting for vacations closer to home.

This ripple effect has proved a boon for some local businesses. National camping suppliers and domestic inns have benefited from this new trend. British retailer Halfords reported record sales of camping gear during the six-month period from March to September in 2017. JD Sports, which purchased the Sheffield-based camping chain Go Outdoors in November 2016, is also reporting record profits from the outdoor arm of the company. Fuller’s hotel chain announced that their inns have received an uptick in visitors during 2017. Sales at the company’s Southern England hotels have increased 8% from last year.

According to the ONS, 8.9 million Britons vacationed abroad this year during the peak travel month of August, a 3% decrease from August 2016. Meanwhile, foreign visitors to the UK also took advantage of the country’s weak pound sterling to flock to British shores in record numbers between April and June. When compared to statistics from the same time frame in 2016, foreign tourism to the UK increased by 8% in 2017. Spending by foreign tourists in the UK has also risen 3% since last year.

Historically, Britons are prone to holidaying abroad during the spring and summer months. European destinations like Ibiza, Majorca and Crete are especially popular among UK residents. As the UK approaches complete withdrawal from the European Union by 2019, it remains to be seen if the new staycation trend will continue to be popular among British holiday goers.

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