Camping in the Winter. Is it Possible?

There is a growing trend among outdoor enthusiasts all across the country: camping during the wintertime. The wintertime is associated with frigid temperatures, icy conditions and perilous weather, so why would anyone want to camp out before the weather has a chance to warm up? The answer to this isn’t simple if you’ve never camped out in the winter before. There is a certain serenity and peacefulness that comes with camping in the wintertime. It’s an experience that improves outdoor endurance, condition tolerance and survival persistence. However, it is important if you want to camp outside in the winter that you do it safely and responsibly.


Wintertime camping requires a plethora of tools and gear that you might not otherwise bring on your routine trips (source). You will need thermal clothing that is specifically meant to withstand low temperatures. You can also find heated clothing, such as vests and socks, that use battery packs to provide warmth. While heated clothing can be expensive, it is worth the price of admission when you find you’re using the pieces constantly during those frosty nights. Your sleeping bag needs to be thermal-lined, ensuring a safe and comfortable night under the frozen stars.


Along with all of the proper wearable and sleeping gear, you need a source of heat. This can be in the form of a kerosene heater, propane radiator or gas stove. There’s also nothing more reliable and comforting than a hand-built fire. Before embarking on your journey into the ice-peaked woods, be sure to outline a game plan for the night. Ensure that you have all of the proper provisions, enough fuel for your heater and that all battery packs are fully charged. The worst thing you can do is go winter camping unprepared and with no way to successfully get back to a car or building to seek warmth.


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