Cardiologist Edward Honing: The Importance of Living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle


The human heart works tirelessly day and night to provide your body with nutrients, oxygen, and carry away waste. The heart is often considered the hardest working organ in the body and one of the most vital. Edward Honig is a cardiac physician in the state of New York and understands the importance of living a heart-healthy lifestyle and importance of seeing a cardiologist on a regular basis.


Why seeing a cardiologist is so important

A cardiologist is a doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and conditions related to the heart, cardiovascular system, and blood vessels. One of the primary reasons Dr. Edward Honig suggests seeing a cardiologist at least once a year is due to the fact that many heart problems are chronic long-term conditions that worsen over time if left untreated. With regular check-ups, many conditions can be detected early, and a treatment plan can be recommended by the cardiologist to correct or prevent any current or future heart problems.


Cardiologist Edward Honig

Edward Honig specializes in internal medicine at New York Hospital and graduated from Duke University Shcool of Medicine in 1951. Honig has many years of experience in cardiac medicine is recognized by the Healthgrades Honor Roll for his excellent service during his many years as a board certified physician. Honig understands that preventative medicine is one of the most powerful tools in a cardiologists arsenal. By preventing heart conditions before they occur through proper diet, exercise, and regular check-ups, many heart conditions can be managed and prevented.


The role of a cardiologist

Cardiologists perform a variety of services and treat heart conditions such as heart attacks, heart murmurs, hypertension, and heart disease. Diagnostic testing, preventative medicine, and electrophysiology are just a few of the tools that Honig and other cardiologist use to prevent, diagnose, and treat heart conditions. Cardiologist sometimes even perform minor surgeries as well as prescribe medications and diet and exercise regimens to treat certain heart disorders.

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