Cassio Audi’s Journey From Music To Finance

What began as metal music vastly transitioned a preferred genre of rock music in the 1960s. Coupled with an iconic combination of metal music, hard rock and tempo became the major rhythms in America and the United Kingdom. In addition, there was machismo and acidic rock. However, as time elapsed, there was a quick transition of these genres into heavy metal music. Brazil became the hot-bed of some of the world’s iconic brands. In it, was the prominent Cassio Audi, a member of the Viper Rock band.

Viper Rock Band

Interestingly, even as the music industry evolved, none of the bands beat Viper. Cassio Audi was in charge of drumming. He was one talented instrumentalist who ,put in a lot of work ,to develop a music career. It is factual that as a drummer, he inspired an unprecedented sound that featured thick, loud, emphatic sounds. As a drummer, he also introduced an unpredictable, disruptive tune that most Brazilians fell in love with.

Cassio’s role as a drummer

Cassio Audi played a key role in introducing foreign, preferred tunes to his people. He was loved for that. He was also adored because he took time to interact with the people at a personal level. These are some of the characteristics that set him apart as a musician in Brazil. His early music career also depicts the value of cultivating patience in career growth.

Cassio delves into career development

Cassio closely worked with Felipe Machad and Andre Matos. He was the lead drummer and facilitator of the group. Knowing how vital his role to the group was, he put more work to its growth, through drumming. Most people admired his work and effort. After producing a couple of albums, Cassio retired. He ventured into the business, career, and investment world. At that juncture, he developed the passion to elevate his people by offering financial services to clients.

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