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“Nick Vertucci:An Innovative Quick Wealth Maker In Real Estate”

A perfect example of a successful man that has worked his way from bottom up is Nick Vertucci. Vertucci lost his father at only ten years old, which put a strain on his family financially. As a result, Nick ended up living out of his vehicle for a short while before he started selling computer parts a few years later. His company was thriving and growing until the year 2000 when many online companies went out of business. As Nick did before, he pulled his bootstraps up and took a step forward into the real estate market. It took him over ten years to acquire the master real estate skill set that he has now. Having developed his own methodology in real estate training, Nick became an overnight sensation and quickly assumed millionaire status. Nick’s course offers all of the straightforward tips and tricks he has ascertained over the years for flipping houses and overcoming the challenges that are often encountered in the industry. The company holds an A rated standing with the Better Business Bureau and has thousands of followers with great success stories.


Nick Vertucci’s real estate course centers on accruing long-term wealth with the system he has developed in finding the right property, acquiring capital for purchase and repairs and finally making a quick profit and turnaround. The real estate courses are offered all over the United States and for the month of August include Cincinnati, Seattle, Nashville, Tampa and Baltimore. Nick Vertucci offers a free initial seminar with the opportunity to sign up for more in-depth classes. Mr. Vertucci is adamant about his courses being stress-free without any high-sales pressure tactics. Another valuable free resource offered by Nick Vertucci is his informational blog that is located on his website. NVREA workshops educates on some of the following areas of flipping real estate…


  • Techniques for establishing passive income with a 12-18% interest rate
  • Strategies for networking like a real estate expert
  • How to locate and ascertain profit producing properties
  • The principles of using others people’s money to finance the properties renovation with no cash down
  • How to proof against inflation
  • Secrets that most professionals do not want to share in regard to finding and flipping properties in one’s own area
  • How to work a second job while running a real estate business
  • How to use any retirement investments or funds as capital means

No Waste with Water

In Brazil, there is news about using water without it being wasted for sanitation. The president of Trata Brazil brought up some good points about the basic sanitation project. He believes that there need to be more improvements in the areas of management, structural, and resources area. He wants to put an emphasis on the sanitation services that is 90% is performed by public power. The 70% of the users is served by state organizations. He says that both private and public water can be performed together to make a better and more efficient water sanitation.


In terms of business, through partnership, the companies can benefit from each other because they have experienced. With that said, they can look through all the wasted water and find out where the problems lay. As a result, they can prevent any more waste of water. The wasting of water is where the financial problems arise.


Since they can figure out many problems that the waste of water and the needs of people are, they are able to calculate for further water use. In addition, having clear goals in each partnership can result in better services for the public agencies. The governors still review the changes to check which areas would be fulfilled.


Felipe Montoro Jens is on the Board of Directors. He graduated from Getulio Vargas Foundation and received his degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is responsible for investments.


Also, he has served on the board at Braskem SA. Overall, he has networked with many other board members for water sanitation. As a result, water is a very important resource along with fire, food, and shelter, so Mr. Jens job is important for the needs of people. Healthy water for all!

Incentivizing Small Businesses To Go Formal In Slums Makes Retirement Possible

There are approximately R$80 million that circulate in the small business economy within Brazilian slums, known as favelas. More than twelve million slum inhabitants are responsible for this recently studied niche of the economy according to research by Data Popular used by Sebrae – a Brazilian support service for micro companies and small companies. Flávio Maluf, tells us about the initiative in the Favela Legal project.


The Favela Legal project proposes stimulating entrepreneurship in the two largest slums of São Paulo – Paraisópolis and Heliópolis – because of the high number of small companies that are in the slums. You can find pharmacies, grocery stores, and all kinds of stores in the slums. Slums are considered cities that have an informal economy.


The informality of the economy is an important point to be looked at. One of the main objectives of the Favela Legal project is to include small store and company owners in the social security system, and register their years worked so they can retire. Flávio Maluf states that the initiative is important to increase state income by formalizing the companies through the MEI program which is directed to formalizing the individual micro-entrepreneur.


One of the measures of the Favela Legal project is to enable businesspeople living in the slums through the MEI qualification programs. The intention of this project is to provide them with solutions from Sebrae – such as SEI programs that teach people to sell, control their money and plan things.


Flavio Maluf points out that Brazilian President Michel Temer likes the ideas of this project very much and he feels this project should be stimulated since all great entrepreneurs started with a small company.


The Favela Legal is a test project in São Paulo and should be taken to other parts of the country. Projects like this and other business reports are often studied and promoted Flávio Maluf. As the president of Eucatex companies, holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering from FAAP in São Paulo, Brazil and having studied Business Administration at New York University, Flávio Maluf frequently promotes political and business synergy news.


Felipe’s Interest is To Improve The Sanitation of Brazil

Sanitation and hygiene is one of the most important discussions in developing countries. And, for countries like Brazil, this is one of the major issues affecting it. The Brazilian Government has been doing its best to alleviate this problem but there so many underlying issues. So, they recently went into a concession to improve sanitation in Brazil. The Government announced that it would be partnering with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development.


To this Felipe Montoro Jens gave his two cents. He said that one of the biggest problems in the area is water wastage. And because of this issue, it had become very difficult to reduce wastage. He attributed the problem of water wastage to the over flooding of government agencies who have been given the job of solving this problem. He recommended private companies being given contracts. This is because they have enough resources to battle this problem.


Edison Carlos from Trata Brasil supported Felipe’s point with a statistic. He quoted that 90% of sanitation jobs had been given to government institutions. He was positive that things would be better if there was a balance in the division of sanitation jobs between government and private companies. Carlos also said that if the concession was to be successful, the bank would have to restructures. They would have to learn better management. Also, it would be helpful if they got more funding.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a renowned Brazilian financial expert with deep knowledge in the infrastructure industry. He holds two degrees, one from the Getulio Vargas Institution and the other from the Thunderbird School of Management.


His good education has gotten him positions with mogul companies. He currently serves as the CEO of Odebrecht Properties. He is also the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A.


Flavio Maluf Of Eucatex Discusses Which Professionals Are In Demand

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman who leads one of the major companies in Brazil called Eucatex. This is a manufacturing and logging company that specializes in wood and chemical products. Eucatex grows and harvests trees mostly sourced from the rapid growing eucalyptus tree. It also manufactures wood products such baseboards, panels and partitions and chemical products such as varnishes and paints. The firm is also a leader in developing wood harvesting and growing techniques.


As a leader of a major company, Flavio Maluf is well aware of the trends of the future as the success of his business depends on it greatly. He recently discussed some of the most in demand professional careers for startups in Brazil on the Estadao publication of Brazil. Here is what Maluf laid out there on what kind of professions startups will require this year and into the future.


According to Flavio Maluf, startups are one of the fastest growing segments of the Brazilian economy right now. There are now over 4,200 startups in the country. Many of them fall into the category of online commerce, healthcare, software as a service, entertainment and education.


One of the most in demand professions for startups in Brazil will be that of a mobile phone application programmer. The popularity of smart phones cannot be underestimated and is only increasing by the day. More and more companies including startups are having a presence on mobile phones through applications. With this in mind, mobile phone app programmers will be required to create new applications and update existing ones.


All new startups will have to invest in customer service. Once a business or product is up and running, there will inevitably be a need for customer service staff to answer questions or help customers out with a problem. So as startups grow, expect there to be a demand for customer service representatives as well.


Online marketing is another segment where startups will have to invest in heavily. Experts in the realm of digital marketing will be required for startups to penetrate the online market. With the internet becoming more widely available and people increasingly flocking to e-commerce, opportunities for online marketing professionals should be plentiful.

Investment Advice from Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen operates a business in the Bahamas. His business is Brainbridge Investment. Through this company, he advises clients on long term investments. Igor was born in Brazil, the football capital of the world.






Igor Cornelsen has served in various positions in different Brazilian banks. Apart from his banking experience, Igor has developed his investment acumen. Today, he advises clients on investment areas and opportunities in his native Brazil.



Investment Advice



Igor advises his clients to invest in declining stocks, since they are cheap. These stocks, he asserts, will not always be declining and when the market changes and they begin to appreciate, they can be sold hence making one profit.



Igor further encourages clients to invest in China for instance. Though he encourages people to invest abroad, he says that investment should be made after proper considerations to establish that the gains far outweigh the loss.



For clients that are interested in investing in Brazil, he encourages them to know the people as this is one way of improving chances of success. Brazil, Igor says, has many regulations and for investors to thrive here, they must understand these regulations since ignorance is not a defense in law. Investors apart from knowing where to invest, they should also know where the best currency conversion units are situated.



Igor’s advice on investing in cheap stocks is particularly interesting and appealing since it is a good bet that declining stocks will almost always improve and gain sway in the market.



Long Term Plans



Igor advises clients to go for long term strategies instead of short term plans. Long term plans have a promising return rate compared to short term investments. A short term plan looks good on paper, but may disappoint in the end.



Stock Investment



In stock investing, clients are encouraged not to buy solely in one company. It is wise, according to Igor Cornelsen, to buy stocks from various companies so as to avoid loss if the investment in one place fails. A balanced portfolio will help protect the investor in the event the investment in one place is not so lucrative.