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Talk Fusion Awarded for Their Extraordinary Achievements

Talk Fusion has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other from the company’s inception and as a recognition of some of the achievements they have made, Talk Fusion was recently recognized with a special award. This award, 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award, was given by the Technology Marketing Corporation for the companies revolutionary video chat program, according to an article on PR Newswire. This is the second award that Talk Fusion has received from Technology Marketing Corporation.

The award is given to the leaders in innovative products relating to communication, specifically voice, data, and video communications. Talk Fusion’s video chat program allows anyone to communicate with anyone face to face anywhere on any device, including phones, tablets, and computers. What makes this program so unique is the easy in which it can be used, as well as the versatility of the product. It is available for users in both the GooglePlay and iTunes app stores, and is one of the only cross platform and multi-device applications for video communications.

CEO Bob Renia, who started the company when trying to find a way to send video in an email without using attachments, believes that this is just the beginning for the company and for their service. The company recently launched their brand new and innovative All-in-One video chat and video marketing service, which they believe will help companies better attract and communicate with new and existing customers. This program furthers Talk Fusion’s goal of helping businesses stand out from the competition and better communicate with and reach customers.

The double recognition by Technology Marketing Corporation is only one of many achievements that Talk Fusion has achieved in the last year. In addition to relaunching their flagship product, they have also launched WebRTC Recorder and started offering free trials to new customers.

Talk Fusion was started in 2007 by Bob Renia, the companies current CEO. He was looking for a way to embed video directly in e-mails without using an outside link. After American Online told him it could not be done, he teamed up with some of the world’s best computer experts and created his own product.

Cleaning Economy Consolidates With Handy Getting Over One Million Bookings Every Week

Handy is expected to announce its progress soon, and many people expect the profits to be huge this time. The demand for mobile and online home cleaning and repair has risen significantly, and many consumers have embraced the idea quite well.

Handy was launched two years, and since then, the company has hit more than $1 million bookings every week. Mr. Umang Dua, the operational manager for the company, says that the institution has gone from $3million to $52 million in run rate.

The owners of the company are Mr. Hanrahan and Umang Dua. According to the two, the services provided by the company are good for the consumers and the people working in the institution. Handy has a new mobile device app, commonly known as an ATM in a consumers pocket by the company’s employees. The app has made things very easy, and consumers can order the service using the app.

Handy ensures that its clients and professional employees are treated well. All the clients booking the service are given the best service, and this makes them order even more services from the company. On the other hand, the employees are treated well, and the pay is quite good. The average wage for an employee in the institution is $18 every hour. The job offered by Handy is very convenient, and the professionals can choose their working hours.

Apart from Handy, the other company providing home cleaning services online is Home joy. The two companies have managed to get a lot of profits after redefining the businesses by rebranding and also bringing new apps for mobile phones.

As time goes by, many people have adapted the idea of booking home cleaning services using their mobile phones. The booking is quite safe, and the consumer is assured that they will not have to worry about security. Some mandatory checks are always done on the cleaners to ensure the consumers safety. These employees are vetted thoroughly in all levels to ensure professionalism.

The company is also looking for ways to improve their facilities to serve the consumers even better. Apart from doing the home cleaning, they are planning to offer the consumers more services like home repairs. Handy is now in 25 cities in the United States. Others countries like Canada and London are also enjoying the service.

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SKOUT app helps people find people online

According to a survey conducted by SKOUT, an online app that helps people connect with people, found that three out of four people have an online friend they have not met in real life, and they would like to meet them someday. SKOUT released its findings in conjunction with the observance of International Online Friendship Day early in February, according to an article on Newswire.

The day was set aside to mark the establishment of friendship around the world which has become much more popular as technology makes connecting easier than ever. SKOUT is an online APP that helps people connect. People may use the SKOUT online app to meet people, to find random people to chat with, and lets you keep in touch with people you meet in casual settings but may never see again.

“Technology enables us to connect and stay in touch with new friends around the world,” CEO of SKOUT, Christian Wiklund said. He also noted that having online friends is now as normal as it is to have them in the material world.

According to the survey of 23,000 users of SKOUT, 76 percent of Americans have online friends that are online only, and 83 percent said they would like to actually meet those people. The survey also showed that 62 percent of Americans said they have at least five online friends, and 41 percent said they have 10 or more.

Of those surveyed 64 percent said they have friends online from other countries, and 92 percent said they use a mobile device instead of a computer. SKOUT is for mobile devices. Sixty percent also said they connect with online friends daily.

The way people communicate has changed due to technology, but people still need friends, and to feel connected to specific people. While real life friendships may seem the most real to most people, online friends can also offer positive feelings and morale support.

SKOUT representatives say 16 million connections were made in 2015 with the travel feature. It operats with IOS, Andriod or Windows. SKOUT can be found on Facebook and Twitter, and can be found online at SKOUT is available in 16 languages and 180 countries.