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Gregory Secker Is Your Idol For Trading In Forex Exchange

Greg Secker is a 42 year old native of Norfolk, England. He is a forex trader. Secker started out as a trading technologist for Thomas Cook Financial services before establishing Virtual Trading Desk, trading platform that enabled forex traders to access real time forex quotes involving large foreign transactions in the forex market. Virtual Trading Desk got him the British Telecom Award for e-commerce innovation. He became the vice –president for Mellon Financial Corporation but later quit to start his own trading floor at home, birthing Knowledge Action Group, a conglomerate of 5 forex trading services companies.

What is Forex?

Forex is a market where international currency exchange takes place. Forex traders make trades based on their ability to predict if a given currency value will increase or decrease in comparison to another currency in the market. It is a 24 Hour virtual market that never sleeps.

The benefits of the forex trade market include:

Ease of entry: one only needs a minimum of $250 to get into forex market thusit has limited restrictions on entry. Practise: there are readily available online demonstration accounts that one can use to practice and test ones skills on before getting into the actual forex market. Convenience: forex trading only needs internet connectivity to enable one take part, the location doesn’t matter. Flexibility: whether the market is up or down, one can still profit from the forex market, unlike stock trading that goes through bear and bull runs. With over $4.9 trillion being traded in a day, the forex market is definitely a popular venture.

George Secker forex trading success tips

Mentorship plays a huge part in forex trading success; newbies should get a veteran trader with a good trading record to mentor them and for them to copy the veteran’s methods and trading styles.The second thing to do is to learn the basics of forex trading; this includes trade terminologies used and the trading methods in order to have a solid foundation. One should then perfect a trading strategy and stick to it. He also advises pragmatism in making trade choices since emotional traders make disastrous forex traders, apart from pragmatism, new entrants should know that forex trading demands persistence, time,dedication and effort. Lastly, have goals and know what methodologies you’ll use to achieve them, including how to recover losses.