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EOS Made It To The Top With Lip Balm

Evolution Of Smooth or EOS is a lip balm company that was able to take out Chapstick in a relatively short period of time. Chapstick is the company that basically had the lip balm industry in their hands because they did not have any competitors. Many people equated lip balm with the name Chapstick. They were used to seeing their lip balm in long cylinder containers, and they were used to their lip balm feeling and smelling a certain way.

The creators of EOS lip balm wanted to do something different when it came to lip balm. They wanted to create a lip balm that was going to be appealing to women. In order to do that, they decided to take a poll of women and they asked them what things that they would want in a lip balm. EOS found the answers to be truly informative, and they made changes to the lip balm that they wanted to put out. EOS created a product that came in small round cylinders; these are lip balms that are natural and they come in many different unique flavors.

EOS did an amazing job when it came to advertising. They got in contact with different bloggers, and they had them try out their lip balms. After these bloggers tried out EOS’s lip balm, they found that it was great and they would promote the lip balm on their blog. EOS was also able to get in contact with some women in the entertainment industry as well; these women also promoted the lip balms for EOS. Today the products are being sold on the shelves of Kohls, Walmart and Ulta beauty stores nationwide.

Now EOS is a multi-million-dollar company, and they are constantly coming up with different ideas when it comes to lip balms, creams, and lotions. EOS is a company that was able to provide a product that their customers wanted, and that is what helped them to reach the top.

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Lime Crime’s New Matte Velvetine Color Scandal


Lime Crime is a Cosmetic Company that was founded in 2008 by the CEO and founder Doe Deere. They offer a a great line of unique and innovative beauty products. One of the best new products to hit the market is the velvetine lipstick in the color scandal.


Scandal is a gorgeous dark plum shade that looks great on a variety of skin tones. It is one of the newest colors to be added to the matte velvetines collection yet it is already one of the most popular shades. The matte velvetine lipsticks are a unique product that go on liquid yet dry to a smooth velvet finish. They offer a french vanilla infused scent that is both delicious as well as refreshing.

One of the most popular things about the matte velvetine lipsticks is there ability to last for hours. They are touch proof as well as kiss proof and will never fade or bleed. They come in a variety of colors including some interesting and unique colors such as green, yellow, and even black.


The mat Velveteen lipsticks are very easy to apply. Simply apply a light lip balm 15 minutes prior to application. Right before application use a tissue to Pat off the extra lip balm. Apply the velvetine lipstick directly to the lips period for a more defined Edge a lip brush may be used. Applying lip balm before helps set the lipstick in place all day long. It also allows the lips to be more moisturized. To remove the matte velvetine lipstick simply use waterproof makeup remover or oil.


The matte velvetines lipsticks are just one of the many popular products that Lime Crime Cosmetics has to offer. They also offer a variety of other lip products including lipsticks as well as lip glosses in a large variety of fun shades and textures. They also offer eye products as well as face and nail products. Lime Crime products are available online as well as in a few select retail locations including the website. Each and every product is cruelty free as well as vegan friendly.

Lime Crime is also launching a brand new Unicorn hair dye label, read more about that at the following link:

Shea Butter is An All-Purpose Skin Care Product


There are many popular products that people have discovered on the internet. One of these products is Shea Butter. The product is a skin product that can be used for a variety of skin related needs.


The reason Shea Butter can be used for a variety of reasons is because the product has just the right combination of fatty acids and vitamins that work well together regarding skin needs. The product helps skin to stay young, glowing, and healthy.


On the internet, there are hundreds of blogs and beauty websites that mention the term Shea Butter. Over the years, the product has received rave reviews from users and beauty professionals regarding the effectiveness of the product related to skin use as a moisturizer.


While there are many uses for Shea Butter, there are some uses that might surprise people. Shea Butter can be used as a:


  1. Hair care accessory.
  2. Shaving accessory.
  3. Make-up accessory.
  4. Foot spa ingredient.
  5. Lip balm accessory.
  6. Perfume enhancer.
  7. Nails enhancer.


The varied uses for Shea Butter as the list above describes gives the product a large audience of potential users. Known as a skin product, the Shea Butter product helps many people to improve skin problems and keep their skin healthy. However, because of some active ingredients in Shea Butter, people discover through use that the product can help with numerous needs regarding skin and other body areas. This has allowed people to use Shea Butter as an all-purpose body product.


Shea Butter is a product that was developed from the roots of a family tradition., the company that owns the Shea Butter product is a mother and daughter team that came together to bring the product to the market. The company is dedicated to providing premium shea butter moisturizers to the general public.


The ingredients used by Eugenia Shea that go into the development of Shea Butter have a lot to do with the success of the product. The ingredients come from a carefully selected group of farmers. The products developed by Eugenia Shea use Naasakle shea butter, which sets the products apart from the competition.

Brown Modeling Agency How-To

Many men and women dream to become famous models. However, most will not find themselves walking the runway alongside top industry professionals. Even for those fortunate enough to be the proper stature of a model, nearly 6 feet and size 6 or smaller, the challenge still remains. However, for those individuals truly driven for success, here are some pointers to guide them in the right direction.
For models just beginning, it is important that they align themselves with a quality modeling agency. Some will find an agency by being recruited by an agency scout. While reputable agencies do scout out model candidates in public spots, take precaution and avoid getting involved in fraudulent operations, like ones that require models to pay upon contract. Even prominent modeling agencies accept photo submissions by mail or email. Sometimes, simply mailing in a few simple photographs can be a promising option.
Models work with their agency to find the best possible photo shoot assignments. Still, agencies are not an all encompassing support system. When paired with a client, models must continuously uphold high personal standards. Appearing natural and well-posed in front of the camera, enduring long hours, the social pressures of modeling, as well as remaining comfortable with full and partial nudity. While modeling may not be a traditional 9-5, it is important for prospective models to think of it as a genuine profession, for which a polished, businesslike attitude is required.
Brown Agency, a relatively new modeling and commercial talent agency in Austin Texas, is a superb example of a high quality modeling agency that aspiring models should look to when seeking representation. Brown was established in 2010 and quickly aligned with well-known fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and Loreal. Brown’s models have also established roles in Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week, just to name a few. The agency represent kids, men, and women in both commercial and fashion castings. For promising models looking to a model in print or press, Brown is a well-established and prominent company in the industry.
Brown selects the highest quality models when scouting talent. The agency was founded when Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin, two of Texas’s top talent agencies, merged. As Brown, they have exceeded early expectations of success and lead many new and achieved models to significant exposure, working alongside some of the foremost fashion labels in the world.
Not all aspiring models will rise to fame, most will not even land a publication in print. However, for those destined for success, aligning with a reputable agency and conditioning themselves toward a professional career path are mandatory.

Hair Products by Wen by Chaz Dean

There are many hair products advertised on YouTube. Some of them are not what they purport to be. There are also some which do not make your healthy or good to look at. However, for anyone who takes their hair seriously, there are many hair solutions out there for you.

One of the hair products which every lady should try is Wen by Chaz Dean []. If you have not seen the hair commercials by this product line, you do not know what you are missing out on. Their advertisements show women with lovely and bouncy hair strutting it and enjoying their beauty. The good news is that it is not unreal and you too could have such hair. What you have to do is purchase their products from Amazon and see how your hair will transform.

The truth is that not all hair products are the best for your hair type. Once you realize that, you will shift to Wen by Chaz Dean. This is a product which is designed for women with various hair types. Their shampoos and hair cleansers are used on all hair types too. All you have to do is apply some of the product in the recommended amount and clean your hair with it.

While some have raised concerns about the amount recommended for washing your hair, the good news is that you only need a bit of the product to make your hair smooth, shiny and bouncy. You will also not see any greasy hair after the application. If you need to style your hair, this is also made easier. All you have to do is apply the hair treatment onto your hair after washing it and style it as you wish. You can use the treatment on your hair before you blow dry it too.


Doe Deere | The Reining Queen of Makeup and Fashion

Doe Deere is an ever inspiring young lady that has taken the world of makeup and fashion by storm. She is one of the youngest CEO’s in the makeup and fashion industry. Doe Deere founded Lime Crime because of her love of fashion.

It’s a great and inspiring story. One day, Doe was sewing another of her fabulous fashion lines. She was in a conundrum over the makeup she would have to wear to match that outfit. Now, if you know Doe Deere or her Lime Crime makeup company, you know already that she’s not one for a basic red or pink lipstick and a little neutral eye shadow, no way. She’s a bold and beautiful lady and she wants you to be the same.

The solution to her problem was to create an entire makeup line around the colors she loves the most. Pinks and purples and all sorts of fun and of course love went into that makeup name. With names like Unicorn, the makeup line conjures all sorts of magical imagery.

Her Fashion Sense

Her fashion sense is one that you’ve never heard of. Why do people love her? Because you not only feel comfortable being you with her, you’re encouraged to go out on the fringe and really be daring.
Did you know that Doe Deere is responsible for breaking each and every fashion rule there has ever been published? You may remember those silly little rules about what type of makeup you should never wear and what fashions you should never mix? Well, thanks to this little mover and shaker you can break them all and be proud of it.

Fashion Rules to Break According to Doe

Never wear bold lips and eyes Well, if you’ve ever seen Doe Deere she is always wearing a bright color on her eyes and an even bolder color on her lips.

Never Mix Patterns She is a proud advocate of mixing patterns as long as the colors go together why not?

As you can tell, there’s no stopping the girl! Be sure to follow Lime Crime on Facebook, and what’s more, their Instagram feed @limecrimemakeup.