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Waiakea Water: Refreshing Hope with Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Bottled water has a bad reputation for being a blight on the ecosystem with its packaging materials to conveniently deliver hydration. Waiakea water is a naturally created product with very little added to it after it has been bottled. Water coming from the springs of a Hawaiian volcano naturally adds health beneficial minerals during its filtration process, making it a top pick among their competition. Waiakea takes it one step further by the creation of a new form of plastic bottles that reduces the degradation time by about 98%.

Plastic water bottles are convenient. They’re made world-wide to store various forms of drinks. Ryan Emmons, CEO of Waiakea, explains how he and his company devised their solution to the longstanding issue. Much of the competition were aiming for an alternative form of packaging that would make the bottles completely degradable. Emmons’ solution would instead find a way to keep the plastic bottles that people are familiar with with a twist in its composition. Chemically, plastic is formed in a complex configuration that keeps it’s structure so durable. While this is good for a quick drink by the consumer, nature pays a deeper price with every carelessly tossed water bottle.

During the manufacturing process a cost effective additive is added to the plastic to begin the degrading process creating a less

complicated polymer. Thanks to this, the properties are still comparable to other plastic bottles and can even be recycled with them. Despite this, it is actually a carbon based wax that balances strength to deliver water while weak enough to degrade in nature. Waiakea may be the first to move to a sustainable way of packaging, but they pave the way for other companies to join in to lessen people’s carbon footprint. The extremely low cost additive is the gateway towards an industry-wide standard.