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Brown Modelling Agency On Modeling Careers

Just about every young girl and some guys too, think about joining the modeling profession. The fact is that the modeling profession appears very glamorous and exciting. Certainly, it is very glamorous and exciting. However, modeling is also hard work and requires a true dedication to the profession. Many people would like to model, but few really make it in the modeling world because of the strong competition. Still, those with the right requirements have a better shot at becoming a model. Let’s take a look at the requirements to enter this highly competitive profession.

Typical Industry Measurements
Perhaps, you are thinking about walking the runway at a high fashion show. Well, the basic requirements for a female model are that she should be between 5 feet 8 inches to about 5 feet 11 inches. Male models should be around 6 feet tall and up. The industry prefers taller models because the clothes are displayed more prominently on a taller figure. Slender male and female models are preferred in general. Females should measure around 31 to 36 inch bust, 22 to 24 inch waist, 32 to 35 inch hips. Males should have slim frames and wear about a 40 size jacket.

Changes In The Modeling Industry
The described measurements are generally the standard measurements for male and female models in the industry. However, the model industry is starting to accept the fact that people are not the standard industry size. People come in all sizes and shapes. Today, the industry embraces the curvy figure and more plus size models are debuting on the catwalk, magazines, television, and catalogs. Now, the industry standards for height and measurements are slowly starting to change. Therefore, the opportunities in the modeling field are opening for people that do not fit the typical industry standards.

Brown Modelling Agency
The Brown Agency is one of the leaders in the modeling industry. They’ve been bringing their expertise to the modeling profession in Austin, Texas since 2010. People in the industry regard the Brown Agency in high regards because of the high standards and expectations that they’ve established. Thus, raising the bar for other modeling agencies in the area.

The Brown Agency has a long list of very successful models that have worked with many of the leading brand names around today. They include well known brands like Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, Loreal, and many more. Their elegant fashion models have set high standards for other models in the industry. Their models have appeared in numerous fashion shows and graced the runways of numerous high end designers in the country. Justin Brown is the President of the modeling agency and takes pride in supplying the modeling industry with the most elegant and talented people in the industry today.

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