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Taking a Business Conference Camping

Camping has always been regarded as a great way to get a group of people motivated and out of their rut, but now an annual business conference is trying to apply this common wisdom to entrepreneurship. The conference is called CAMP and it takes 150 young business people out into the wooded mountains of Big Bear, California. Conference creator Sonja Rasula was inspired to host this event as a way to break away from the usual business conferences, which can seem very repetitive.

The conference has regularly sold out since 2014, and it hosts a wide variety of speakers and attendees. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the conference is attended by fashion, web, and start-up professionals.

CAMP reaches for a throw-back summer camp experience. Aside from the included yoga, ropes-course, and bunk bed experiences, part of the draw seems to be the no-phone policy. Attendees have to wait to update their social media on the experience until after it is completed.

CAMP is advertised as a way to get professionals thinking and doing outside their comfort zones. But the childhood throw-back theme might seem just the opposite. Many entrepreneurs are known for having truly adventurous outdoor hobbies. While CAMP does provide disruption to the work-a-day word, it is a curated and plotted experience like many other business conferences. It may be awhile before the camping world sees the likes of a white water rafting business conference, or a conference in the wilds of Patagonia.