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George Soros and OSF making the world better

George Soros is a man of action, whether it’s politically driven or social awareness driven. George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations, which opened in 1993. The Open Society Foundations support groups around the globe who aim to advance justice, education, public health and media. The Open Society Foundations has operations in over 37 countries and several regional foundations including the Open Society Initiative for West Africa and is headquartered in New York, New York. The Open Society Foundations has claimed expenditures over $11 billion dollars.George Soros got the OSF name from Karl Popper’s 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies. The Open Society Foundations have poured $2.9 billion defending human rights including the rights of women, European minorities, drug users, sex workers and those in the LGBTQ communities. The Open Society Foundations has also spent nearly $2.1 billion on education, almost $1.6 developing democracy in Eastern Europe and $1.5 million to promote criminal justice reform, drug policy reform, equal rights, immigration and democratic governance.

George Soros has said that open society is based on the recognition that the world is not perfect but what is imperfect can be fixed. The Open Society Foundations have been a strong financial backer of American immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.The Open Society Foundations provided millions of dollars in human aid and relief during wars in Yugoslavia, including Sarajevo, where workers faced sniper fire and artillery shells, where they were working to connect residents to gas lines, electricity and drinking water. The Open Society Foundations recently appointed Chris Stone as president. The Open Society Foundations works to fix some of the flaws faced by open societies such as improving end-of-life care, reforming drug policies, criminal justice reform, and reforming immigration laws. The Open Society Foundations has played a key role in every part of the world since 2010.George Soros launched Open Society Foundations after making money through the financial markets.

George Soros attended the school of economics in London and later emigrated to the United States where he entered the economic field. George Soros’ first major project with Open Society Foundations was in South Africa, but it failed after his attempts were not helping change anything, he then turned his focus to Central Europe, where he supported several solidarity movements.George Soros was born and raised in Hungary. He managed to survive the Nazi occupation of Hungary securing false identity papers and hiding the truth about who they really are. Following the war and as Hungary was being swallowed up by Communist takeover, he emigrated to London. George Soros and the Open Society Foundations continue to do good for the United States and the rest of the world.

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Rick Smith: Securus Tech’s Guiding Star

Rick Smith is currently the leader and CEO at Securus Technologies. Securus is a telecommunications company that works with inmates as well as public safety, law enforcement, and corrections companies all over North American. Mr. Smith earned his Bachelor’s Degree at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He studied engineering during time there. After graduating, he got into the State University of New York and was awarded his Master’s Degree in Engineering. He also went to the University of Rochester and got his MBA. Mr. Smith currently lives in Dallas, Texas and is entirely devoted to leading Securus to success.

Fresh out of college, Mr. Smith went to Integra Telcom and he worked as their Director. Then for two years, he was the Chief Financial Officer at Echelon Telecom. In 2008, he was given the position of President and CEO at Securus. One year later in 2009, he also became the Chairman of the company. According to Wikipedia

Mr. Smith’s background in telecommunications and his impressive education foundation is what led to his appointment of CEO at Securus. He continues to work hard at Securus and improve their service quality. In addition to working in telecommunications, Mr. Smith is also experiences with finances, acquisitions, and investment. This sets him apart from other leaders in the industry and allows him to stand out. Additionally, Mr. Smith is a natural leader and his team thrives under his guidance. Securus has grown under Mr. Smith and they are now able to support a million inmates. They have managed to maintain and even improve upon their customer service despite their growing expansions.

The Global Tel Link Company is Securus’ major competitor. Rick Smith Securus has been able to surpass them and they are now able to provide more services to more inmates and agencies. Securus features a domestic call center that strives to provide the best customer service possible. Mr. Smith really focused on this aspect and under his leadership; the call center performed 600 percent better than its competitors. Mr. Smith is very interesting in advancements in technology and encouraged Securus to invest in it. They now have over $600 million invested in acquisitions and technology. Mr. Smith believes that it is important to invest a lot of time in training employees, and by doing so they are able to build an impressive and capable team of professionals. Securus is also now the largest contributor of the VOIP Corrections calling platform. Mr. Smith had led Securus into the future and they continue to exceed their clients and customers expectations. Mr. Smith incorporates innovation and technology into his methods, and by doing so he has proven himself to be one of the best leaders in the industry. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

Adam Goldenberg’s Impressionable Portfolio Of Entrepreneurship

Adam Goldenberg, the co-founder and chief executive of the Techstyle Group, recently appeared on CNBC to share insights about the company’s marketing portfolio and current standing in the fashion market. He stated that customers who subscribe for the VIP platform incur a monthly charge for every outfit that they receive from the brand. He, however, clarified that one could easily skip a month of purchase and shipment especially since the firm ensures that they have adequate information on the procedure. Adam pointed out that Techstyle has a focus to build an online fashion brand and not solely increase their sales revenue. According to the CEO, current giants in the fashion industry built their name in over three to four decades. Techstyle has a chance to level with those firms by utilizing the technology of the digital era to accelerate growth using the online sales and subscription model.


Adam Goldenberg earned his spot as one of the prolific executive officers in Los Angeles a decade ago when businesses began taking note of his strides. As a co-manager of the firm JustFab, Adam oversaw the company raise a funding of $33 million and purchase ShoeDazzle in 2013. In 2014, he revealed that JustFab was in for bigger growth that would see the launch of regional branches in oversea nations. Adam gained his expertise in leadership and business at an early age. He set up the gaming company Gamer’s Alliance and sold it in 1999 to Intermix Media. In 2006, he co-founded Intelligent Beauty and established JustFab four years afterward.


Adam understands that a business’s outlook and professional operations are not enough to stimulate growth. He constantly studies the sales’ numbers to check for anything that may need correction and acts swiftly to ascertain that clients receive the best. In 2014, he noted that while the firm launched an exclusive brand of sunglasses and handbags, customers were not willing to purchase them for their overpriced value. He engaged his team to draft a new sales strategy that cleared the shelves and maintained the firm’s revenue performance. Additionally, Adam invests in skilled manpower that complements his business’ mission and maintains high productivity.


After six years in operation, JustFab rebranded itself to the Techstyle Group. The new name was a reflection of the firm’s growth over the years that had the backing of technology. The firm has a massive VIP subscription and has become a leading seller of sportswear and shoes. The new name is set to accelerate plans and reflect the digital era.

Incentivizing Small Businesses To Go Formal In Slums Makes Retirement Possible

There are approximately R$80 million that circulate in the small business economy within Brazilian slums, known as favelas. More than twelve million slum inhabitants are responsible for this recently studied niche of the economy according to research by Data Popular used by Sebrae – a Brazilian support service for micro companies and small companies. Flávio Maluf, tells us about the initiative in the Favela Legal project.


The Favela Legal project proposes stimulating entrepreneurship in the two largest slums of São Paulo – Paraisópolis and Heliópolis – because of the high number of small companies that are in the slums. You can find pharmacies, grocery stores, and all kinds of stores in the slums. Slums are considered cities that have an informal economy.


The informality of the economy is an important point to be looked at. One of the main objectives of the Favela Legal project is to include small store and company owners in the social security system, and register their years worked so they can retire. Flávio Maluf states that the initiative is important to increase state income by formalizing the companies through the MEI program which is directed to formalizing the individual micro-entrepreneur.


One of the measures of the Favela Legal project is to enable businesspeople living in the slums through the MEI qualification programs. The intention of this project is to provide them with solutions from Sebrae – such as SEI programs that teach people to sell, control their money and plan things.


Flavio Maluf points out that Brazilian President Michel Temer likes the ideas of this project very much and he feels this project should be stimulated since all great entrepreneurs started with a small company.


The Favela Legal is a test project in São Paulo and should be taken to other parts of the country. Projects like this and other business reports are often studied and promoted Flávio Maluf. As the president of Eucatex companies, holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering from FAAP in São Paulo, Brazil and having studied Business Administration at New York University, Flávio Maluf frequently promotes political and business synergy news.


How Adam Goldenberg has become a leader in the E-Commerce Sector

Adam Goldenberg is a leading businessperson in the United States. He is recognized for the e-commerce business empire that has established with his business partner who is known as Don Ressler. Goldenberg formed his first company when he was 15 years old, and he has grown his entrepreneurship career over the years. He is currently the owner of renowned fashion companies such as TechStyle and Fabletics. Adam Goldenberg and Ressler have worked together to establish some of the leading businesses in the e-commerce sector. The two entrepreneurs have excellent skills in advertising and developing businesses that can be highly profitable.

Goldenberg had owned his personal businesses before he started working with Don Ressler. Running his businesses enabled him to acquire a wealth of experience that has allowed him to be successful in the corporate world. Adam founded a top company that was known as Gamers Alliance. He strived to make the company successful even though he was still in high school. After a while, Goldenberg diverted his business to Intermix Media, which appointed him as its vice president of Strategic Planning. His position made him quit high school to focus on ensuring that the company was successful. When Adam was 20, the firm hired him to be its COO. The appointment made him the youngest top administrator in a publicly traded corporation. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg started working together at Intermix Media when they were both serving the firm.

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Adam and Don resigned from Intermix Media is 2005 and decided to establish Brand Ideas, which they managed together. The company is currently known as Intelligent Beauty, and its primary business is to conduct brand incubation for emerging enterprises. Intelligent Beauty was prosperous, and it generated millions of dollars within its first year. The two businessmen used the company founding e-commerce businesses such as SENSA and DERMSTORE.

The businesses that Don and Adam founded have been a success due to the entrepreneurship and digital marketing experience that they have acquired. The knowledge of the entrepreneurs has assisted them in deciding on the most profitable emerging businesses on They managed to grow the JustFab, and the firm had more than 6 million loyal clients after its first two years. The company managed to secure funding that was worth about $250 million from different investment companies. Adam and Don changed the name of their business to TechStyle. It currently runs various subsidiaries, and they include FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics.

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Flavio Maluf Of Eucatex Discusses Which Professionals Are In Demand

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman who leads one of the major companies in Brazil called Eucatex. This is a manufacturing and logging company that specializes in wood and chemical products. Eucatex grows and harvests trees mostly sourced from the rapid growing eucalyptus tree. It also manufactures wood products such baseboards, panels and partitions and chemical products such as varnishes and paints. The firm is also a leader in developing wood harvesting and growing techniques.


As a leader of a major company, Flavio Maluf is well aware of the trends of the future as the success of his business depends on it greatly. He recently discussed some of the most in demand professional careers for startups in Brazil on the Estadao publication of Brazil. Here is what Maluf laid out there on what kind of professions startups will require this year and into the future.


According to Flavio Maluf, startups are one of the fastest growing segments of the Brazilian economy right now. There are now over 4,200 startups in the country. Many of them fall into the category of online commerce, healthcare, software as a service, entertainment and education.


One of the most in demand professions for startups in Brazil will be that of a mobile phone application programmer. The popularity of smart phones cannot be underestimated and is only increasing by the day. More and more companies including startups are having a presence on mobile phones through applications. With this in mind, mobile phone app programmers will be required to create new applications and update existing ones.


All new startups will have to invest in customer service. Once a business or product is up and running, there will inevitably be a need for customer service staff to answer questions or help customers out with a problem. So as startups grow, expect there to be a demand for customer service representatives as well.


Online marketing is another segment where startups will have to invest in heavily. Experts in the realm of digital marketing will be required for startups to penetrate the online market. With the internet becoming more widely available and people increasingly flocking to e-commerce, opportunities for online marketing professionals should be plentiful.

Adam Milstein: Behind the Business

Adam Milstein is an accomplished real estate investor, community leader, and philanthropist. However, his background is fascinating and tells the story of a man who is relentlessly optimistic, gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit, and Adam is always looking for opportunities where it may seem that there are none.

Milstein is a native of Israel and served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. Three years after he gradutaed from the Technion in 1978 he came to the United States to pursue his higher education. He received his MBA from USC and immediately began working in Commercial Real Estate in Southern California in 1983.

However, he didn’t start out working for other companies. When recruiters came to the USC campus, his conversations with them showed that they didn’t seem to appreciate his unique life experience, his skill set, or what he had to offer. He was routinely offered pay that was below what he should have been earning even as a recent MBA graduate. So, instead of getting upset or settling, he decided to simply set out on his own and create his own business.

After working in Commercial Real Estate for awhile, he turned his attention to real estate investing and eventually created Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate investment firm of which he is a Managing Partner.

His business success is notable, but his contributions to the community are just as impressive. He is the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, a philanthropic organization that he co-founded. He works with the organization to help drive their national expansion efforts. In addition, he also sits on the board of many other philanthropic organizations that focus on Israeli-American relations, Israeli nationals, and the Jewish community.

Adam  Milstein’s approach to life is similar to his approach to business, a somewhat non-traditional path that often flies in the face of the status quo. For instance, he says he never makes specific goals because they’re too restrictive. He just does the best he can every day, and so far it has worked for him. Perhaps that optimism, flexibility, and positivity is something everyone could use to help improve their life and business.

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An Inspiring Businessman, Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider was born in Manhattan but is currently living in Austin, Texas. He has created himself an astounding business career in the financial services. Jeffry graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, from where over the years of Jeffry’s employment he has worked for several promising and well-known financial firms. As well, he’s gained a variety of different and very well useful skills from working with many different diverse companies. One of those skills is his wide understanding in the alternative investments space as well as creating unique bonds between his clients and coworkers.

Before starting his current job, he worked for the Paradigm Global Advisors. He started this job in 2002, during his time there he happened to develop a very valuable ability. Which was the ability to analyze managers? After gaining such extremely useful knowledge, he had decided he had had enough of working for other people. He felt as if he could own his own business, and that is exactly what he did. Jeffry Schneider, being the cunning and resourceful person that he is, used the trusting friendships he had gained over the years of working in the financial field. In doing so, he got a head start. His knowledge of the alternative investment space was one of the key factors that his business partners loved and got him to where he is today. Jeffry is a very respected man in this day and age. He has certainly built himself a wonderful legacy, and this is only the beginning.

Currently, he is the financial founder of the Ascendant Capital LLC. The Ascendant Capital is a unique investment firm that focuses on sourcing private equity, hedge funds and the most popular and leading real estates. The most growth he’s seen in his company has been over the past five years. When his company had started, he only had two employees, and now he has over thirty, and that is because of his company’s open-mindedness. Ascendant has a very wide spectrum of talent in the marketing industry as well as education and operational services. Jeffry provides an innovative approach to the financial structuring. Ascendant Capital works with a number of different networks including family offices, private banks, broker-dealers and several registered investment advisors. Jeffry has been known for his help in raising close to one billion dollars for his current company. Jeffry has also helped the company grow. He is a very resourceful individual who is keen on showing his respects to the financial business. He is not only a very smart and talented person but a kind, caring and compassionate one as well. This trait has helped his company grow exponentially. Jeffry is definitely a money-minded man, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of him giving back to the world. He is a firm believer in helping one’s fellow man and has been known for donating large sums to charities such Wonders and Worries; God Loves We Deliver and the Cherokee Home for Children.

Aside from all the business that goes on in Jeffry’s life, he has always found the time to do the things he loves, such as cooking healthy meals and staying in shape by running. He has always had a passion for running marathons. It’s not hard to tell that Jeffry’s dedication and hard work pays off in the end. This is exactly how he likes to get it, meaning to actually earn it for himself. Jeffry is and adventurer. He loves traveling and has been across South America, Asia, and Europe. Many people may not know this, but Jeffry is an ambitious individual who will achieve many great things in his life.

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InnovaCare Health Conquers Demanding Health Care Requirements with Rick Shinto

The complexity and difficulties of managing a health care company are compounded by a kaleidoscope of shifting conditions in the healthcare field as a whole. InnovaCare Health has overcome these difficult conditions with strong leadership and well-thought-out procedures that keep mistakes at a minimum.

Good leadership is a big key to the success of the company with President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Richard “Rick” Shinto at the helm. Dr. Shinto has over 20 years of experience in the field of managed care. His previous position was as President and Chief Executive Officer of Aveta, Inc., and before that as Chief Medical Officer of NAMM, California.

Dr. Shinto is an accomplished author and is considered to be an expert in managed care concepts and clinical operations.

Penelope Kokkinides is Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare Health, and she is the former Chief Operations Officer of the company. The strength of Penelope Kokkinides is her grasp of the complexity of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs and clinical programs. Her expertise in organizational structuring to effect efficiency and optimal productive systems is remarkable.

InnovaCare Health is a leading managed care provider in the United States. By using two primary care delivery systems, comprised of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs, and Provider Networks. Building sustainable systems that are backed up by well-trained, and competent personnel makes the difference. Coupled with a comprehensive quality assurance system, InnovaCare Health has created a suburb healthcare delivery system.

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The utilization of the latest technological systems and the high level of expertise of employees has been a major factor in the company being able to monitor and have up-to-date information on all fronts. It is vital that any managed care company have statistics and data that can make the latest data available.

InnovaCare Health holds staunchly to its corporate mission statement of putting the customer first, and the resolve to deliver quality care at all times. The relationships between the providers and the patients are at an all-time high, and this is vital, as patients understand in detail the status of their care.

The valued experience of the leadership of the company has not only help to chart the progress of the company but holds great promise for the future. InnovaCare Health is the largest Advanced Medicare, Medicaid and Preferred Provider company in Puerto Rico, with 233,000 active members. There are over 7,500 providers, making the relationship and extremely reliable partnership.

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Don Ressler Uses Fashion As a Medium For Self Esteem Improvement

Don Ressler believes that all people have the right to feel good about themselves. However, in most cases, people are not going to feel good unless they like the way they look. This doesn’t necessarily mean for women to dress in formal wear. One thing that can be said for people is that they have different tastes. Therefore, women are also going to have different styles on Don Ressler and the other founders of JustFab understand this. For this reason, they use the analytical tools in order to find out what people like. Then they take the time to provide these types of products for people.

JustFab is run under TechStyle. TechStyle has been established with the purpose of bringing a great influence to the fashion industry. Given Adam Goldenberg’s attention to what is selling and the ideas of Don Ressler, it was certain that TechStyle was going to be a major success. One thing that contributed to the success of the company was the experience of both founders in the fashion and beauty industry. Other companies that Don Ressler has founded were Intermix and Intelligent Beauty. These companies offered different forms of fashion for women.

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While the other fashion companies that Don Ressler was a part of sold clothing and make up, it was when he has started JustFab and the divisions that he has decided that he wanted to take a different approach to fashion. He has come to understand that beauty comes in diversity. He has also come to understand that not everyone is going to look good in the same type of style. He has decided that his company is supposed to be all inclusive. This means that the company is going to sell all styles for all body types and sizes.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have decided to establish the TechStyle headquarters at ElSegundo CA because of the opportunity that is available for growth. One thing that is very important when it comes to business is that there is a lot of room and opportunity for growth. Don Ressler understands the importance of progress, which is why he makes sure that he is constantly looking for ways to move forward.