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Cassio Audi and Musical Skills

Cassio Audi is without a doubt a big fan of music. He absolutely adores music and always has. Many people do not know that about him, interestingly enough. Cassio Audi spent a lot of time honing and sharpening his musical abilities when he was young. He’s not only someone who has a zeal for music. He’s also an individual who has the ability to impress people with his musical abilities. Although he’s currently a financial planning powerhouse, he hasn’t lost his adoration for music. It’s rare to find financial experts who also happen to shine in musical realm. There’s no doubt that Audi, however, is a musical gem.

He was part of musical group that was known as “Viper” back in the day. Cassio Audi had a great time playing in this band. He made lasting friendships with the other members of the band, too. These were people who enjoyed music just as much as Audi did. Viper had a track that was known simply as “Soldiers of Sunrise.” Audi played the drums on this song. People who take the time to listen to this song can enjoy it immensely. They can enjoy drumming abilities Audi brings to the table as well. There’s no disputing that Audi is someone who has spent a significant portion of time practicing the drums. Music is something that has made Audi excited and enthusiastic for a long time.

Cassio Audi likes to listen to music. He doesn’t make new music at the moment. That doesn’t mean, though, that the idea is totally out of the question. People get a lot out of listening to Audi’s music. His music makes People feel good. It makes them feel vibrant and lively, too. Audi is someone who has a musical power that’s powerful and beautiful.

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Cassio Audi’s Journey From Music To Finance

What began as metal music vastly transitioned a preferred genre of rock music in the 1960s. Coupled with an iconic combination of metal music, hard rock and tempo became the major rhythms in America and the United Kingdom. In addition, there was machismo and acidic rock. However, as time elapsed, there was a quick transition of these genres into heavy metal music. Brazil became the hot-bed of some of the world’s iconic brands. In it, was the prominent Cassio Audi, a member of the Viper Rock band.

Viper Rock Band

Interestingly, even as the music industry evolved, none of the bands beat Viper. Cassio Audi was in charge of drumming. He was one talented instrumentalist who ,put in a lot of work ,to develop a music career. It is factual that as a drummer, he inspired an unprecedented sound that featured thick, loud, emphatic sounds. As a drummer, he also introduced an unpredictable, disruptive tune that most Brazilians fell in love with.

Cassio’s role as a drummer

Cassio Audi played a key role in introducing foreign, preferred tunes to his people. He was loved for that. He was also adored because he took time to interact with the people at a personal level. These are some of the characteristics that set him apart as a musician in Brazil. His early music career also depicts the value of cultivating patience in career growth.

Cassio delves into career development

Cassio closely worked with Felipe Machad and Andre Matos. He was the lead drummer and facilitator of the group. Knowing how vital his role to the group was, he put more work to its growth, through drumming. Most people admired his work and effort. After producing a couple of albums, Cassio retired. He ventured into the business, career, and investment world. At that juncture, he developed the passion to elevate his people by offering financial services to clients.

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An Overview of Jason Hope Background

Jason Hope is a businessman based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason is also a futurist, philanthropist and technology investor. He grew up in Temple and graduated with a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also holds an MBA from the University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, and more information click here.

Jason is very passionate about technology and has over 13 years’ experience in the industry. He is, therefore, able to watch and predict future trends in the technology industry. For instance, based on current trends in the technology industry, Jason believes that the future of the modern society lies in the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). He believes that very soon each home will depend on their IoT connected devices. These devices can do a variety of things including monitoring biometrics and fitness with some also able to control lighting and temperature just through sensors. For example, there are IoT shoes that track fitness progress called the Under Armour Gemini 2. Jason Hope uses this footwear when on his daily running routine and admits that it is an excellent product of IoT.

At the beginning of his career, Jason founded a mobile telecommunications firm. He has also pursued several entrepreneurial ideas including technology and Computer Information Systems. He has invested in SEO marketing, Interactive Software, and Digital Media Solutions. His advice to the youth is that they should learn internet marketing skills and other social media services which are always in demand. Currently, he mainly focuses on biotechnology and philanthropy. He often invests in startups by giving grants of a minimum of $500 to students and young entrepreneurs, and

Jason is also a writer and blogs for other companies. He recently wrote a piece on prospects of the aging concept. He believes that soon enough, scientists will be able to develop drugs that counter aging. The SENS Research Foundation, which Jason has donated to, has done a lot regarding research work and suggested the use of stem cells. Though the idea has faced opposition from religious groups, Jason believes the approach is viable, and he is ready to support it from the forefront.

Apart from all these other activities, he is also very much interested in politics concerning businesses in Arizona State as well as in the US as a whole. Jason Hope recommends that for one to succeed as an entrepreneur, he must be ready for hard work. According to him, a real entrepreneur is a doer rather than a dreamer, and

Scientists have isolated 6 natural compounds that could help us slow down ageing #antiaging

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) June 20, 2016

Louis Chenevert: Investing in People at UTC

Louis R. Chenevert is a Canadian businessman and executive who is most well-known as the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He previously worked with General Motors for more than a decade before deciding to move to the Pratt & Whitney Canada, one of the business units of United Technologies Corporation. He became the president of this business unit in 1999, and he showcased exceptional performance to lead. Because of his brilliant leadership skills, he was selected to become the company’s CEO in 2006. Being the CEO of one of the largest tech companies in the world, he had to think about what he can do to take the business to the top, which is why he formulated several programs that will help the company and the employees alike. Under his leadership, the company managed to generate more than $100 billion revenue, happening in a single year. This feat is only achieved by a few executives, and Louis Chenevert is one of them. Also, Louis Chenevert wanted to expand the business, resulting to more acquisitions. He decided to acquire Goodrich for less than $20 billion, and he believes that this is a good investment.

Believing that employees are one of the great resources of the company, Louis R. Chenevert invested in training thousands of people to become a part of the company later on. He sponsored stewardship programs and the Employee Scholar Program, which would allow their employees to study further and receive their degrees on their respective fields. There were 40,000 people around the globe who benefited from this program, and more than $1 billion has been invested in the United States alone to support the scholarship program.

The United Technologies Corporation also gained several achievements under Louis R. Chenevert. He wanted to innovate their products and develop better technology, resulting to the creation of several high tech products that instantly became a hit. He also made partnerships with the military, supplying equipment and parts that is used for weapons and military vehicle manufacturing. Louis R. Chenevert left so many legacies at the United Technologies Corporation, and even if he already stepped down as the company’s CEO in 2014, the foundations that he created is standing still, making the United Technologies Corporation one of the most stable companies around the world.


Mike Baur: Switzerland lead the world in tech innovations

Zurich is one of the cities in Europe which has an established system of startup factories. There are other established systems in other cities across Switzerland. Switzerland is one of the most modern and neutral countries in the world. It is also the most globally advanced country in terms of technology. There are tech businesses all over the country. While many countries in the world are going through hardships coping with the global economic recess, the tech industry in Switzerland is booming with success. The country has advanced very well due to the startups that are cropping up everywhere. They have boosted the economy of Switzerland in such a way that it is one of the best in the world.


Startups businesses are popping almost everywhere in Switzerland. There are all manners of companies that are cropping up everywhere. Most of them fall under the fields of green technology, automation algorithm, software design among many other specialties. These startup businesses are creating job opportunities for the people around the country as well as providing consumers with solutions that they need in their life. For a fact, Switzerland is one of the countries in the world with the lowest rate of unemployed people.


Switzerland is an oasis of innovation in the world. Not many cities in the world are able to catch with the level of innovation that is happening in the country. To understand the reason why Switzerland is doing so well, you need to go deep into research about the history, governance, and culture of the people in the country. In this article let us take a look at a few reasons why Switzerland is way ahead of other countries in the world.


Good governance


Good governance is the number one recipe for innovation in a country. Stability in a country usually goes hand in hand with good economic development. Switzerland invests heavily in developing the infrastructure of the country. There is a lot of investment in the transport and educational facilities which are key supporting structures of any economic development.


About Mike Baur


Mike Baur was born in Freiburg, Switzerland. He attended Bern University and Rochester University. He studied masters in business administration and executive master in business administration. He then joined the banking sector for his career. He joined the Union Bank of Switzerland in 1989 and later moved to Clariden Leu. In 2014, Mike Baur left the banking sector and created the Swiss Startup Factory.

Bob Reina: He Is Serious About This

When it comes to matters involving happiness, it is important to take it seriously. That is exactly what Bob Reina does all of the time as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, a video communications company. As a matter of fact, the mission of the company has been to change lives. It has been that way since the company started in 2007 and it has only intensified as time has gone on over the past decade. Bob Reina has changed a lot of lives over the past decade, and he plans on doing it for decades to come, as he knows people need it and he knows people want it.


Talk Fusion is a company that comes with state-of-the-art video technology such as video chats, video emails, video conferences, and video newsletters. All of this is there for the young up and comer that is looking to make a name for themselves. It is also there for someone that is looking to start a new life, as the life they are living is not the life that is for them. It might have worked for a while, but they have simply lost the enthusiasm and the joy for it. It is gone, and they need a fresh spark in their life.


Bob Reina knows this is what is going to work for anyone. For example, if someone wants to start a business where they can have “how-to” videos and show people how to do thing around the house, they can do that with all that Talk Fusion has to offer. They can reach the people and show off their skills. There are a lot of people out there with a lot of unique and crafty skills. They have learned these skills from simply living and being themselves.


That is going to come across on screen to the world, and people are going to connect with it and really enjoy seeing it. They will learn a few things and a few tricks that are going to help them out. Meanwhile, the person behind the videos is making money working from home. Learn more:

Marc Sparks: Creating Disruptive Brands with Focus on Long-term Goals

Marc Sparks is well-known across the world as a serial entrepreneur with massive success in numerous industries. He is a hero of all aspiring businessmen and an inspiration for people who care about the society, as a committed philanthropist. Much of his deep understanding and insights both in business as well as philanthropy comes from his humble background. Also, Marc is known as a man of qualities, and he is credited for implanting those qualities into each of his business ventures. Currently, he is the CEO of Timber Creek Capital – also the founder of the firm. Timber Creek is a highly successful venture capital firm that has garnered the attention of the industry in a quick span of time, under the leadership of Sparks.


In his nearly 35 years of career, Sparks has developed at least 40 companies from scratches in various industries from telecom to business solutions. He is also known for investments in real estate, futuristic technologies, venture investing, and more. Marc thinks that every entrepreneur should focus on some qualities, and for him, those are Savvy of Monetization, Faith, Focus, Tenacity, Passion, and Sparks Speed – an outrageous sense of urgency developed by Sparks in throughout the investment process. He also focuses on fairly treating people – people should be treated the way Marc likes they treat him. Sparks goes for a mix of honesty and respect for keeping relationships warm and long.


Marc Sparks is not afraid of following his heart and always look for opportunities in every industry he focuses. He always keeps two questions in his mind: How does he do it? and is he afraid of failing or losing? Marc says that he is passionate about new ventures and not afraid to lose at all. Sparks also has a clear vision of creating a perfect grooming environment for startups. Due to that reason, he remodeled the Timber Creek Capital office into a highly conducive one for startup incubation in early 2015. The new facility offers all the technological and functional resources for the startups to develop. The industry experts confirmed the new office as the magnitude of Sparks’ entrepreneurial brilliance.


Sparks has written a biographical book, They Can’t Eat You, a wonderful reference for every new entrepreneur. He explains his thought processes, strategies, how he handles various failures in ventures, and more, in the book. Marc Sparks is also a well-known philanthropist in Texas, and his focus is clearly on community development and addressing the concerns of disadvantaged sections of the community. He regularly contributes and guides the management of The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter for mostly women and children. The facility offers accommodation, financial assistance, required training for jobs, and more to make them independent. Marc also founded Sparky Kids foundation to help economically-struggling children to come out of the poverty. Learn more:



Daniel Mark Harrison’s Exceptional Talent as a Leader

Daniel Mark Harrison; the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison Company, has been featured on various magazines. These include the Wall Street, Forbes, Portfolio Magazine,, and the Daily Dot for his excellent leadership in the business world. Harrison is also a famous media personality, author, and entrepreneur who owns and manages the thriving family business bearing his name. Additionally, he serves at Monkey Capital and Fintech as a managing partner. As a decentralized hedge fund, Monkey Capital invests in the Blockchain systems and SpaceX supply contracts.


As a leading contributor to CoinSpeaker; one of the most influential news sources, Harrison registered several successes during his tenure. For instance, he managed to increase CoinSpeaker’s readership to over 450,000 per month. He also led the editorial team and helped optimize the site as he prepared Google news syndication. Since 2015, Harrison has been the Editor in Chief and Publisher of Max Rand; a news publication that deals with general interest matters. The publication revealed how FBI undercover was leading the Ku Klux Klan during its initial bi-annual conception.

While serving as a columnist at the Motley from 2009 to 2015, Harrison was recognized for making recommendations relating to stock prices in the United Kingdom and United States. These recommendations were straightforward, entertaining, and detailed; thus attracting a large number of audiences. He also spearheaded the revelation of Nintendo woes in 2010 and in 2014 and uncovered Jelf PLC’s objective in pursuing an acquisition strategy.


Among the numerous positions that he has held in various companies, Harrison served as a Senior Manager at Minisuco Company; a leading leather and finished furniture manufacturer. While serving as a co-founder of Stanley Court; an asset brokerage and investment holding firm, he played a crucial role in marketing and fundraising for the company’s project that saw it rise to the top. Harrison earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oxford University, Masters of Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School, and Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of New York.


How Aloha Construction Gives Back to the Community

If you own a small business, you should always try to give back to the community. Aloha Construction always tries to do this. Dave from Aloha believes that a small business needs to give back to the community, because the community supported your business at some time or another. You should return the favor and help out those who need help. This will also improve your standing in the community, and it will also give you a good feeling.

There are other benefits of giving back. First of all, you can get a tax deduction on the charity that you give. Of course, it is good business and an excellent public relations strategy. It increases brand awareness.

So, how can you give back? Aloha does this in several ways, and you can do it too. The best way to get started is to help out a local organization. You should start building relationships with local charity organizations. There are many ways to give back. You can offer physical help with getting tasks done, or you can donate sums of money to the organization. For example, Aloha hosted an event with the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club. This event provided a good time and a night of fun to the kids in the community. Kids need that sometimes.

You can and should also start you own charitable foundation. This should be done after you already dipped your toes into the world of charity and you already have connections with organizations and fundraisers. Having a foundation lets you do even more good work, and it lets you be in control. For example, Dave, the CEO of Aloha, created the Dave Farbaky Foundation. They do things like sponsoring local events for kids and doing shopping sprees for families who need help with their livelihood. Kids in need were able to take home over seven thousand dollars worth of toys, which they would not be able to get otherwise.

Aloha Construction is a company in the Lake Zurich area. They offer all kinds of services, such as roofing services which include a nine step inspection process. They are also licensed siding contractors and are fully insured. They provide services for your gutters.

How You Can Make Money As A Wine Guide For Traveling Vineyard

A lot of wine is drunk around the world every year. Almost 25 million liters of wine is drunk every year and that number continues to increase each year. Every year another vineyard is grown by farmers who seek to have their grapes develop into the next great wine. If anything, the problem for wine drinkers is choosing from the vast sea of wine brands that are available for sale and read full article.

Given the vast sea of wine brands and bottles, most people could benefit from someone that helps guide them to bottles of wine that are great tasting and match the food they are eating well. Traveling Vineyard is a company that makes use of independent contractors who sell the company’s wine in wine tasting events that they hold in the homes of those that are their family and friends, at least initially. Before long many of these wine sellers, acting in the position of Wine Guides, branch out and start selling Traveling Vineyard’s wines in the homes of a never expanding list of contacts and associates and Traveling Vineyard’s lacrosse camp.

A lot of people are familiar with the idea of people selling their products at parties, including such items as cosmetics and kitchen accessories like corkscrews, spatulas, and other items that make life better. Many of these types of business ideas require inventory which is expensive and not a really good way of running a business. Traveling Vineyard is different in that as a wine guide you don’t have to maintain any inventory basically. When you hold a wine tasting event you supply the wine to the guests at your hosts home and from there those people sign up for the wines they really liked and want more of. Traveling Vineyard will then send those wine orders directly to those people, leaving you the commission without the inventory and what Traveling Vineyard knows.

When signing up as a wine guide, the new business owner gets a Success Kit which costs $189. This includes absolutely everything they need to get started including enough wine for their first two wine tasting events as well as all of the order forms and marketing material they need to succeed. The kit includes 10 bottles of wine which is just the right amount to complete your first two events and find out how well this new position works out for you and