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How Aloha Construction Gives Back to the Community

If you own a small business, you should always try to give back to the community. Aloha Construction always tries to do this. Dave from Aloha believes that a small business needs to give back to the community, because the community supported your business at some time or another. You should return the favor and help out those who need help. This will also improve your standing in the community, and it will also give you a good feeling.

There are other benefits of giving back. First of all, you can get a tax deduction on the charity that you give. Of course, it is good business and an excellent public relations strategy. It increases brand awareness.

So, how can you give back? Aloha does this in several ways, and you can do it too. The best way to get started is to help out a local organization. You should start building relationships with local charity organizations. There are many ways to give back. You can offer physical help with getting tasks done, or you can donate sums of money to the organization. For example, Aloha hosted an event with the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club. This event provided a good time and a night of fun to the kids in the community. Kids need that sometimes.

You can and should also start you own charitable foundation. This should be done after you already dipped your toes into the world of charity and you already have connections with organizations and fundraisers. Having a foundation lets you do even more good work, and it lets you be in control. For example, Dave, the CEO of Aloha, created the Dave Farbaky Foundation. They do things like sponsoring local events for kids and doing shopping sprees for families who need help with their livelihood. Kids in need were able to take home over seven thousand dollars worth of toys, which they would not be able to get otherwise.

Aloha Construction is a company in the Lake Zurich area. They offer all kinds of services, such as roofing services which include a nine step inspection process. They are also licensed siding contractors and are fully insured. They provide services for your gutters.

How You Can Make Money As A Wine Guide For Traveling Vineyard

A lot of wine is drunk around the world every year. Almost 25 million liters of wine is drunk every year and that number continues to increase each year. Every year another vineyard is grown by farmers who seek to have their grapes develop into the next great wine. If anything, the problem for wine drinkers is choosing from the vast sea of wine brands that are available for sale and read full article.

Given the vast sea of wine brands and bottles, most people could benefit from someone that helps guide them to bottles of wine that are great tasting and match the food they are eating well. Traveling Vineyard is a company that makes use of independent contractors who sell the company’s wine in wine tasting events that they hold in the homes of those that are their family and friends, at least initially. Before long many of these wine sellers, acting in the position of Wine Guides, branch out and start selling Traveling Vineyard’s wines in the homes of a never expanding list of contacts and associates and Traveling Vineyard’s lacrosse camp.

A lot of people are familiar with the idea of people selling their products at parties, including such items as cosmetics and kitchen accessories like corkscrews, spatulas, and other items that make life better. Many of these types of business ideas require inventory which is expensive and not a really good way of running a business. Traveling Vineyard is different in that as a wine guide you don’t have to maintain any inventory basically. When you hold a wine tasting event you supply the wine to the guests at your hosts home and from there those people sign up for the wines they really liked and want more of. Traveling Vineyard will then send those wine orders directly to those people, leaving you the commission without the inventory and what Traveling Vineyard knows.

When signing up as a wine guide, the new business owner gets a Success Kit which costs $189. This includes absolutely everything they need to get started including enough wine for their first two wine tasting events as well as all of the order forms and marketing material they need to succeed. The kit includes 10 bottles of wine which is just the right amount to complete your first two events and find out how well this new position works out for you and

Wealth Solutions; Personalized Financial Planning Services

Wealth Solutions Inc. is an investment advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. The firm offers personalized business financial planning to small business owners, families and affluent individuals in Austin and other areas like Marble Falls, Georgetown, and Houston. Wealth Solutions has a goal of making a positive difference in the lives of all of its clients. The firm was founded by Richard Blair, an investment adviser with more than two decades worth of experience in the financial service industry.


The WSI team is committed to fostering lasting relations with their clients, guided by their passion, honesty and an uncompromising pursuit of excellence. Richard Blair acts as the clients’ investment officer, ensuring that their financial concerns are dealt with appropriately. With constantly changing financial markets, Wealth Solutions believes that financial strategies must change and adapt to these changes. The firm is always in pursuit of dynamic investment solutions to enable its clients to gain from changing financial markets and at the same time minimize any associated risk. The firm seeks to help its customers develop a comprehensive financial plan that will be pivotal in sound financial management.


Having been brought up by his mother who was a teacher, Richard Blair experienced firsthand how teaching can positively influence one’s knowledge and confidence. This experience combined with his passion towards finance made him realize he could offer assistance to people with their investments and financial management. After graduating from college, Richard entered the financial service industry founding Wealth Solutions in 1994. He had the goal of providing objective advice, customized investment, retirement, and wealth preservation strategies.


Over the years, Richard Blair has gained recognition and numerous qualifications in the financial service industry. He is a registered Certified Income Specialist (CIS), Certified Tax Specialist (CTS), Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES), Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), and Certified Fund Specialist (CFS). Richard has directed his skills and experience in retirement planning specializing in bridging the gap between planning for and living in retirement. Guided by his goal to help his clients realize the vision of a successful retirement, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions provides strategies for a successful retirement income planning. Learn more:

About Talk Fusion

Talk fusion is the worlds first all in one video marketing solution. They are dedicated in standing out from their competitors, increasing their sales and profits, and in keeping their customers coming again and again. They also offer dynamic ways to market engaging, memorable, and persuasive with video. They are marketed in over 140 countries and their products are marketed from person to person by independent associates. They also offer a 30 day trail free period for the all in one video in marketing solution. That way you can have a free trail before you pay. A credit card isn’t even required. Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by a man named Bob Reina. This company holds a well commitment in giving back to family, friends, communities, and even animal charities that are across the world!


Since this company began in 2007 they have dedicated them selves to helping many dreams come true. They’ve helped people build futures and has helped changed the lives of many. The creator, Bob Reina has also dedicated himself to finding new ways in helping people reach their goals. He aspired to help charities and nonprofits across the world reach more people, spread the word, and further their cause. Bobs main interest is to hear the ways in which the company has changed lives. Bob gives personal donations and he also helped with the earthquake victims and individuals effected by the tsunami in Japan. Bobs mission was always to change the lives of many, and he has been successful in doing so. Learn more:

Bob Reina: Fearless and Motivated

In order to run a company and run it well, there needs to be someone in charge that is going to be driven, motivated, and fearless as well. Whenever someone starts up a company, especially Talk Fusion in 2007, there is always a little risk involved in it. Someone is putting up money for this, and they need to make sure all of their ducks are in a row and everything is running as smoothly as possible. There is also a chance of failure as well and losing money. There is a lot to consider in the big picture of things. Bob Reina was fearless when starting Talk Fusion since he was smart and prepared.


He saw how technology was changing the world in so many ways with text messages, emails, and social media. He saw a chance to do something positive with that. For other people, they only saw it as a chance to better themselves and get themselves exposed to more people. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself or get your name out there, there are also other ways to use video, voice, and data. It is why Talk Fusion has what they have: video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. Learn more:


Everything is about bringing people together as one and allowing everyone that uses Talk Fusion to fully embrace the person they are and what they stand for as a human being. They should feel free, as we live in the United States of America. We are all about freedom. Bob Reina wants people to feel free in their personal lives and in their professional lives as well. When they use Talk Fusion, they have that freedom and that freedom brings a lot of happiness with it. It is people not having to pretend and not having to be afraid anymore.


Bob Reina’s fearless approach is at the forefront of Talk Fusion. It is why the company has been around for ten years and why they have had the success in terms of awards and customers. Everything truly happens for a reason.


Daniel Mark Harrison: an Expert from Millennials to BlockChain

A lot is being written about Daniel Mark Harrison concerning his amazing professional attributes and contributions. In one of the articles, he was praised for being an innovating and entrepreneur trendsetter. Harrison is a businessman, an author, a block chain evangelist, Bitcoin 2.0 enthusiast, serial entrepreneur journalist, publisher, editor-in-chief, a FactoryBanking inventor, and more.

Harrison has utilized his education, skills, and talent to successfully create a successful empire. Since October 2015, he has been the owner, Chairman, and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd (DMH&CO), a global investment company. This company has offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. In this firm, he manages his family and his assets.

Other roles he hold include him being the managing partner for Monkey Capital. This is a block chain and fin-tech venture capital organization. He has been in this position since March 2016. Monkey Capital made history recently by being a successful pioneer that sells COEVAL trading, pre-ICO options, on the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

As far as his writings, he has contributed to CoinSpeaker for several years. Over 450,000 readers are now reading this publication per month due to his work. He assists the site’s optimization and managed the editorial team.

Other written contributions include him being the editor-in-chief and publisher of Marx Band, news publication with topics concerning general interest matters. From 2009 to 2015, he was a columnist for Motley fool. He also published books, such The Millennial Reincarnation and the Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World. His other contributions to reputable sites include, Forbes, Portfolio magazine,, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

The other article also took a deep look into his career. It mentioned all his positions already mentioned along with his written publications and articles. However, this article also mentioned how Monkey Capital’s ICO was branded by Huffington Post as the “billion dollar baboon.”

This article also mentioned how Harrison participates in volunteering as well. He did this by serving as a columnist for Asian Emerging Markets Motley Fool and He was a senior writer for Credit Flux in Debt issuance, and he worked for United States finance journals, among other things.

About Daniel Mark Harrison

Harrison earned a bachelor of arts degree at the University of Oxford in Theology in 1999. He also earned his masters of business administration from the BI Norwegian Business School in 2006 and a masters degree from New York University in Journalism in 2008.

With the education gained and his talent and skills, he owns Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd. (DMH&CO) in which he is the Chairman and CEO. This is a global investment company that has offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. In this firm, he manages his family and his assets.

Harrison wears many hats from being a publisher to being a BlockChain evangelist. His Blockchain Company, Monkey, recently acquired for $500,000.

National Steel Car- the largest manufacturer of train cars in Canada

National Steel Car is a company located in Canada and is regarded as the largest manufacturer of train cars in Canada. Headquarter of the company is situated in Hamilton, Ontario and is famous for staying in the top three car manufacturers throughout its existence. It was founded in the year 1912 and right from its existence; it has earned a lot of praise and fame. This has been possible only because of the efforts of Gregory James Aziz also known as Greg Aziz, the company’s existing chairman and chief executive officer.

The company’s success was not a single day story. It achieved success through years of hard work and loyal commitment of its employees. At the start, like all other amateur companies, National Steel Car also faced a lot of challenges, but the top management’s persistence and dedication towards the company led it to the path of success and growth. The demand for the production of rolling stocks increased right after the formation of the company. In the year 1913, the orders reached to a very high level. Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian Northern Railway were two its biggest clients that ordered several units of rolling stocks from the company in order to complete the Trans-Canadian railway. This company was established in the days when the Great Depression in the 1930’s occurred. At that time, the company saw a decline in their orders of rolling stocks, so they decided to make different products other than rolling stocks to survive. The business was revitalized at the time of World War II, and thus, they have been in progression ever since. The company was purchased by Dofasco, a Canadian Steel Company in the year 1962 but they changed their decision after seeing its declination. Afterwards, the company was handed over to Gregory J Aziz in the year 1994 who promised to bring the business towards success by beating the previous revenue records. He was quite successful in it.

Under the leadership of Gregory, National Steel Car managed to hire an additional two thousand and five hundred employees. The production capacity was also increased significantly from only three thousand five hundred train cars to twelve thousand five hundred train cars annually. The company manufactures and supplies train cars to Canadian and American Market for the industrial and commercial use. This has all been possible due to the hard work and perseverance of Gregory. Read This Article for more information.



Gregory J. Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is among the top tank car and railroad freight manufacturers in America. The company which also deals with engineering has been in the freight car business for more than century.


The secret behind the company’s success is how it treats its employees. The company values its employees immensely because the CEO acknowledges that without them all the innovation and dynamism that exists in the company will be dead. The company has managed to exist throughout the years by constantly challenging itself through achieving various milestones. ISO internationally certifies National Steel Car. The company’s customer care skills are also above par as it treats all its customers with respect as it values their input in the industry. Read This Article.


Nonetheless, the railroad company believes in always forging ahead and is focusing on its future goals. The company has excellent and professional relationships with its suppliers. Currently, the company has employed up to two thousand employees who are experts and full of integrity. The railcar company prides itself on having a strong foundation which is full of strong values.


About Greg J Aziz


Greg J Aziz started his career in National Steel Car in 1994. This was when he purchased the rail car company from Dofasco. The Canadian company owned the railcar company. Nevertheless, Mr. Aziz has been able to grow the company steadily into becoming one of the leading companies in the American railroad track. Greg invested in engineering and manufacturing departments of the company, and this has led it to be a strong company. When he first purchased it, the company had the capability of manufacturing only three thousand five hundred. However, by 1999, it was already manufacturing twelve thousand. When he purchased it, the company had the capability of employing six hundred people only, but the company has grown and currently it employs over two thousand people.


Before purchasing the railcar company, Greg was a career investment banker. This was partly due to his educational background in Economics which he studied at the University of Western Ontario. Before becoming a banker, the young National Steel Car boss had already started for his family business. Affiliated Foods was a fresh food company that dealt with importing foodstuff from Central America, South America, and Europe to major distribution wholesalers in Eastern Canada and U.S.


Besides being a major player in the rail car industry, the rail car company also gives back to the community where it’s based in Ontario. Some of the company’s major philanthropic drives include the sponsorship of major charities in the area among other notable contributions.


Eli Gershkovitch: The Fire Behind Steamworks

Craft beer is a large industry in Canada, and while the number of craft beer drinkers took a slight dip in 2016, the market is expected to rise once more in the coming years. Maybe that’s why there’s been such an explosion of craft breweries in Canada. While certain provinces are definitely leading the charge, the love for craft beer seems to be a national affection. The recent popularity of and interest in craft beer has spurred many passionate brewers to open pubs and breweries across Canada. But some entrepreneurs in this field have been going strong since before craft beer was cool ( Eli Gershkovitch certainly falls into that category.


Soaring to New Heights


In 1993, Eli Gershkovitch realized two of his dreams. He opened his first craft beer pub and obtained his pilot’s license. He’d always loved the idea of flying, and he pursues that passion to this very day. In fact, in the early 2000s he took a single-engine Cessna from Vancouver to Europe and back, truly earning his wings. However, soaring above the rest isn’t something Mr. Gershkovitch only does in the sky – he’s done it in business, too. Years after starting his little pub he expanded and soon became a formidable force in the craft beer industry.


Steamworks Group is Born


Eli Gershkovitch took his passion and expanded it into a full-on brewery. In interviews, he regularly discusses how difficult and challenging it was to transition from a pub to a full brewery, but he never let it phase him. Instead, he doubled down on his efforts to learn everything he could about the brewery business and called in international experts to help him with marketing and business growth. While he had been steadily adding to his business over the years, this transition was a pivotal moment for him. However, he rose to the challenge, fast becoming one of the most sought-after breweries in Canada.


Eli Gershkovitch is just one example of how passion and determination can fuel an entrepreneur to craft brewery greatness. If Mr. Gershkovitch was able to establish such a remarkably popular craft beer pub at a time when craft beer wasn’t even trending, only time will tell what he’ll be able to accomplish now.

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Glen Wakeman Success as an Entrepreneur

About Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a successful entrepreneur. He is also a global business executive, investor, writer, and mentor. Glen has worked in 32 countries. During this time, Wakeman lived in six nations. Glen Wakeman worked for 20 years as he progressed his career with GE Capital.

Education Background

Glen Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance. He acquired his Master`s in Business Administration from the University of Chicago. Glen is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt holder.

Glen`s Leadership

Glen Wakeman served as the CEO at a financial corporation. During his service at the company, Glen was actively involved in insurance agency operations and institutional securities. He was successful at the firm as he turned around, recapitalized and transformed the organization. He changed it from a mono-line financial institution to a streamlined community bank.

Glen Wakeman is the CEO and co-founder of LauchPad Holdings, LLC. It is a SAAS company that helps new entrepreneurs to grow by increasing their success rates. This is achieved through an online platform that facilitates business planning.

Wakeman`s leadership in these organizations has transformed various businesses. He has managed over 17,000 employees. Glen has also handled assets worth over $15 billion. His main activities were searching for new markets, facilitating exponential growth and initiating start-ups. He was also involved in integrations, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions and divestitures.

Glen as a Writer and Mentor

Wakeman`s writing skills are remarkable. He is a blogger who writes about global affairs, leadership, business transformations and emerging markets. Glen provides advice on angel financing, strategic management and capital raising. Glen mentors various C-level executives. He advises new entrepreneurs, such as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded, on start-ups.

How to Contact Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman has developed various internet channels that customers can use to contact him or gather more information about his organization.