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Orange Coast College- Recent Rowing Tournament

It was recently reported that the rowers of Orange Coast College (OCC) has been competing with top four year universities for their 12th national title. The team is known for their hardcore training and competing, and thus, is known as “brutal”.

They perform stringent workouts as was illustrated in the recent report showing picture snaps of them working out and returning their boat to the boathouse on May 18, 2017. This happened after working out that morning in Newport Bay. The sporting event was scheduled on May 27-28th in Gainesville, Georgia.

The team’s captain is Daniel Amado, age 22. Cameron Brown is the coach, and Steve Morris is the assistant coach.

About Orange Coast College

Glassdoor revelas that established in 1947 with classes starting in 1948, the Orange Coast College (OCC) is a 164 acre campus in Costa Mesa, California. Today, they have grown into being one of the biggest and best community colleges in the US with an enrollment of over 25,000 students per semester.

It’s also the highest ranking community college of Orange County with a plethora of students transfer to California State University and the University of California systems. Many of their students transfer to private universities and colleges in California and throughout the US.

At OCC, their exceptional facilities have the latest offers and technology of over 135 career and academic programs. They are also one of the country’s most acclaimed and biggest public nautical programs. And almost half of their students are enrolled in one of the technical and career programs.

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